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coxy1121: Anyone want to view my forum please please please please please. View my forum and leave a comment if you want. I also created a group if any of you people out there who wants to join my group please please please please please please.
3 Years Ago
mikael85: Sex in Turnpike Lane...i need girls! for me :D
5 Years Ago
shiverZ21: Any girls in portales looking for a NSA FWB kinda thing? If so text me 5052369722 name is lane
5 Years Ago
Delsex4u: Im from USA Looking for hot sex overseas
49 Years Ago
leeguy: Man 41 searching for no strings sex duscreet in orl fla. Usa want details hmu ;-)
4 Years Ago
Pattyperu: I've just come back from the USA the women are so dirty I want some welsh sla
7 Years Ago
peterboy: hey I'm in Nixa MO‚ USA‚ and am a virgin :) Hit me up for an energetic young guy! I'm athletic‚ so I can most likely keep up with you girls ;) I'm straight. And I'm 5'6" and I'm a gentleman
6 Years Ago
mah90e: hey im in truo form usa want to hook up
6 Years Ago
maher50: im an egyptian live in ill usa
6 Years Ago
Fun_Funner: Looking for you in Silom Springs‚ Ark‚ USA
6 Years Ago

Lane-City Sex Forum TX USA

Lane-Morgan69 Male · United States of America. This is the member profile for Lane-Morgan69
lane Male · United States of America. This is the member profile for lane
cuckoo lane Male · United Kingdom. This is the member profile for cuckoo lane
Ian lane Male · United States of America. This is the member profile for Ian lane
cooney lane Male · United States of America. This is the member profile for cooney lane
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Post by coxy1121 Anyone want to view my forum please please please please please. View my forum and leave a comment if you want. I also created a group if any of you people out there who wants to join my group please please please please please please.
Looking for fun in mason city... Mason City, IA (USA) · Casual Sex · 36 m mason city here looking for fun people
Mothers and Daughters Hard Core Sex · Mothers and Daughters · My special fantasy is mothers and daughters.I am in my fifties and once was phone sexing with a 27yo who used to call late at night to talk sex and rub herself off while I pulled mine.It took me ages to persuade her to agree to a meet.When we did meet we had a drink and oddly she then took me back to her family homep where we sat in the lounge with her widowed mother.Eventually her mother made appropriate noises and left and I made my move on daughter. It didn't take long to get her bra off but took ages to get into her panties. What a struggle. When I did she immediately gave in and suggested going to her room to do the deed. I duly made sure the foreplay was appropriate then after she had come a couple of times I got the OK to ride. It was a good tight screw and very sensual. Afterwards we lay for a long time playing.After a while she went for a pee and was away for some time. When she came back her mother was with her in an old fashioned long nightdress. Before I could move she asked if mother could join us. I of course said yes without sounding as ecstatic as I felt. My girl climbed back into bed and her mother took off the nightie and climbed in the other side next to me.Daughter then suggested I do mother first so the light went off and I moved in on mother. She turned out to have some wicked moves with her hands and before long I was in the saddle and pumping her. She was small‚ but lively and very noisy. So there was I pumping her with her legs over my shoulders while daughter rubbed her boobs on my back and slipped a finger in my ass. It didn't  take too long before I had unloaded in mama and got her to suck me clean‚ ready for another go at daughter.After about half an hour of having four hands and two mouths working me over I remounted daughter‚ who was by this time very much up for more cock. However mother then put on the light and announced she wanted to see daughter penetrated. I managed to perform‚ but with mama holding daughters hand and gently encouraging her to give her all. I really thought I must be dreaming‚ until in the morning I woke up with the mother gently tugging me again so I  would do her again before leaving while daughter showered.I spoke with daughter on the phone many times but never met either of them in person again.My second tale was of a lady who worked for me‚ was divorced and in an unhappy affair with a married man‚ and wanted some no strings fun on the side. As I was working away from home all week at the time it suited me fine. The lady had a daughter so while we did our screwing in her home‚ we mostly restricted it to nights daughter was away although daughter was well aware mother was getting it.One day mother asked if I would give daughter a lift in my car the - 150 miles to where I lived as she was visiting friends nearby. I was happy to have company so said yes. After about half an hour in the car daughter (22) started putting her hand on my thigh. I protested that nice though it was it was inappropriate. Daughter argued that her mother was getting it and she fancied some as she had been excited hearing us at it. I asked her what her mother would say whereupon she told me her mother had dared her to try for it. Hearing that I was off the main road and up the country lane as quick as I could. It's not every day you get a gorgeous slim 22yo volunteering to lie on her back and take it. The next week I visited her mother as usual and daughter was at home. Mother teased me rotten about slipping it in her daughter but then baldly said that the three of us should henceforth share a bed. So for a couple of months‚ when daughter was at home I was doing them turn about and that lasted until daughter got a serious boyfriend. I did the mother for several years after that and the odd arrangement caused no embarrassment at all.If you get the chance - go for it
facts Fresno/Madera, CA (USA) · Men Seeking Women · I pound hard and stay im my lane#whatz up babe
anyone in for some fun in cedar city USA Only · anyone in for some fun in cedar city · bored in cedar city looking for some fun...any takers?
mikael85 Male · Turnpike lane, United Kingdom. i love to have sex..and fun!
Post by mikael85 Sex in Turnpike Lane...i need girls! for me :D
Just for sex in Nairobi City Centre If you need decent and healthy sex in Nairobi town or nearby‚ then this is the group you need. It comprises of professionals - Engineers‚ Architects‚ Doctors‚ Administrators etc who really know how to f__k well. This takes place in decent rooms with hot shower. If you need special medical examination before having sex‚ then you will get it. Serious ladies and gents‚ send mail to smartpetermoses@yahoo‚ soonest - Just for sex in Nairobi City Centre
invincible Male · lane cove, Australia. This is the member profile for invincible
Demon79 Male · Knoxfield, Australia. Looking for fun easy going adventurous spontaneous ppl to explore and live life in the fun lane.
jason7xx Male · London, United Kingdom. Gorgeous black male who knows how to treat a lady right. 6ft2‚ lovely brown eyes‚ kissable lips‚ cute bum and naughty. Luv to meet people in around London area for NSA fun‚ I'm up for it if you are. I work in Chancery Lane area so can meet up after work. In a relationship so discretion required. Get in touch‚ say hello at least‚ blow a kiss!!
ddadO4jaaj Male · Jamestown, United States of America. I pray I save your life. I feel it is my responsibility to advise the whole world that GOD will save their life in a miraculous way! I hope GOD and I save your LIFE with this advice. I feel the need to advise you and all humanity not to buy a product. If you heed my advice your life may be saved! My advice is NEVER to buy a RIO. On December eight two thousand and three‚ I was driving a RIO‚ up an Icy Hill Just northeast of Midwest Wyoming! Near the top of the hill‚ I Noticed a Ford Pickup sliding out of control. The Pickup slid clear across My Lane & Hit my RIO! My RIO had a head-on collision a‚ at about 25 MPH! The airbag and seat-belt did not function. I was immediately in a two and one half Month coma‚ when I woke up I was told I HAD TWO BROKEN FEMURS‚ TWO SHATTERED KNEECAPS‚ A BROKEN FOOT AND A TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). I am the father of 4 wonderful young-ones‚ the two boys are Eleven and Sixteen and my two girls are Thirteen and fifteen. Their mother says I died in the accident and we finalized our divorce settlement on November 18‚ 2008. Everything that happens is the will of GOD!
Post by shiverZ21 Any girls in portales looking for a NSA FWB kinda thing? If so text me 5052369722 name is lane