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I am 24 with huge tits. I am very flirty <3
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Male · 26
Lynden‚ Washington‚ USA · United States of America
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Favourite Position: all kinds of doggy
Metal head musician/guitarist. Been playing for 2 1/2 years and over that short amount of time‚ I guess you can say that I'm good at what I aim to play. Being musical for quite sometime‚ I also have experience with symphonic any woman with an interest to learn music and/or fuck all sexy and sweaty like....I'm definitely the right man you've been waiting for. I'm smart/logical/musical/funny/sarcastic/and very fucking HORNY!!! My humor and sarcasm can be a bit callous when need to be‚ but it's all good...thinking logically before I say is a habit of mine.
Now what I prefer in a woman in a relationship or for just a good fuck here and there (everywhere?). 2 things I require....must be Caucasian and she must be slim‚ but not way to slim‚ around the waist. I would also LOVE TO FUCK a cute girl with that nice round ass that compliments her perfect slim body. I also like to have fun with a beautiful female who has a nice face to stare into as I'm on top while romantically fucking the shit out of her...and yes ladies‚ I wear protection only if it's safe otherwise. One thing that I find weird about my sexual preferences? I fuck THE BEST with the lights off or very dimmed...any fetish questions or whatever...send that message
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