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Sexy Cousin Fucked Me.

Sexy Cousin Fucked Me.

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Male · 25 · Malawi
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3 Years Ago
Category: Incest And Taboo

Sexy Cousin Fucked Me.

I've never been a fan of alcohol‚ for some reason.
But this one time I went to my cousin's party and was asked to drink‚ she and her friends circled me and forced me to drink a couple of shots lol.

So I didn't want to be rude or anything..I said okay and drunk the beer‚ it was bitter (the next day I vomited a lot).
Anyway‚ the party was over and everyone was going home. My cousin asked me to stay (she was staying with her big sis but I mostly clicked with her). Since I was a lil drunk I said alright I'll stay.

They showed me to my room‚ I went on the bed to sleep. I wanted to feel a lil sober‚ now I heard that water helps so I went to take a shower but it didn't help much.
I went back to bed‚ a few minutes cousin (the young) came into the room (it wasn't locked).

I thought well she's coming to mock me for being drunk lol. She wore a short see-through night dress‚ she came and touched my head asking if am alright. She then sat on the bed‚ her thighs exposed (I could see her undie).
She said she wanted to check on me coz she was concerned‚ since it was the first time that I drunk. She covered me and went to switch off the light‚ I thought she was going but she came back.

She asked if I sleep with clothes on‚ I said no I don't (I really don't sleep with clothes on‚ they are uncomfortable). She removed my shirt and then trouser‚ now she noticed that I had a boner. (Natural phenomena I guess)
She laughed and asked "what's this?" while touching my dick (I wore a boxer)‚ I didn't reply and then she touched my dick again it got harder. I couldn't respond much coz I was a drunk but I was conscious of what was happening.

She came under the covers‚ she started to rub my legs with her feet. I could feel her thighs on me‚ she was moving her waist slowly...she took my hand and slid it inside her undie. She pressed my fingers on her clit‚ moving her waist...she lay down on her belly‚ and on top of my hand. With every moan she pressed my fingers harder on her pussy‚ she got so wet.

She then pulled her night dress up and removed her undie‚ she came on top of me and pushed my dick inside her pussy. She fucked me so hard‚ it went on for a while (She must've been really horny) . I still hear her moaning when I close my eyes‚ and I must admit it makes me so horny.

I don't think she realised that I was a lil conscious‚ I could sense what was happening. The next morning I didn't want to say anything about it‚ I just acted like I don't remember anything.

It was good for both of us...
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