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Our first of many.

Our first of many.

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Female · 30 · Australia
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3 Years Ago
Category: Group Sex

Our first of many.

It was late one night after my bf finished work. I went to pick him up as he was having a few drinks with a work mate. Heading in i thought i might have a quick one myself before heading home. As i was there alking with my bf and his mate‚ his partner also showed up.

After a little chatting we really hit it off. We had to get home as i was driving so i invited them back to ours for a couple of drinks. They gladly accepted. After getting home and making some drinks we started chatting some more.

The topic soon got a little frisky. Hannah (that was her name)suggested we play truth or dare. Starting with a few low key dares of course it soon heated up. Hannah dared me to give my bf a hand job. With a little koaxing i started grabbing at my bfs pants. He gladly helped of course. As i pulled it out Hannah smiled with delight. My bfs 8" cock was good to look at.

It was my turn to go next. I dared her to suck my bfs cock. She went at it like a pro looking into her partners eye the whole time. Very soon we were all naked playing with each other and forgetting about the game.

We decided to go to the bedroom. Continuing there we started really going at it. Both men licking our wet pussies as Hannah and i enjoyed each others tits. I don't think the guys could handle this for long. The turned us over and fucked us deep from behind.

Swapping a couple of times the guys really enjoyed our tasting pussies. Hannah was about spent by this stage but i wanted more. I told the guys to lie down with their cocks together. Straddling both i lowered my wet pussy over both cocks. The guys together lifted me up and down.

Feeling both cocks in me took me over the edge. I exploded everywhere. Spilling over both cocks as i cum. This made Hannah bf cum but my bf pulled out and trust it into my throat. Filling my mouth with hot sweet cum.

We are married now with a couple of kids. We still swing often. Never thought I'd be into that scene but ever since that night. I just love watching my husband fuck other people. Not to mention all the fun i get.