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His Mummy's Boyfriend

His Mummy's Boyfriend

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Male · 48 · Nigeria
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4 Years Ago
Category: Humor And Satire

His Mummy's Boyfriend

Johnny had a close boyhood friend‚ Andy. They were always together and shared a lot.
Now‚ Johnny as a truck driver was always on the road. Whenever he was around‚ Andy was also
around and they shared meals at Johnny's home. Johnny‚ did not mind that Andy once in a while stopped over at his home in his absence to look in on his family.
On a cloudy Saturday evening‚ why Johnny was away on a long trip‚ Andy called in at his home.
It happened that Bob‚ Johnny's three year old son had the flu. He watched Cindy‚ Johnny's wife administer the drugs and rock Bob to sleep.

Cindy was a black big and beautiful woman with huge rounded hips. As she bent to lay Bob down in his bed‚ Andy saw her massive tits almost spill out of her light blue top. Instantly‚ he felt a bulge in his pants.

As Cindy sat back in the sofa‚ their eyes met and he felt uneasy. He could see her sexy round lips as she shyly asked‚ "is everything okay Andy?"
"I guess so‚ Cindy‚ " he said.
"Common Andy. I'm not a baby."
She joined him in his sofa and began to rub his bulging dick.
"O Cindy "
"O Andy"
They moaned as they were locked in a long‚ passionate kiss. Then Cindy pulled out his dick and began to deep-throat it‚ saliva dripping from her mouth with every upward stroke. Andy moaned ceaselessly as he rubbed her huge breast with his left hand and her massive buttocks with his right. Every now and then‚ his fingers went into her big‚ wet pussy and she gave a suppressed moan.
"I never thought this day would come‚" he said‚ pulling her face up‚ kissing her deeply.
"Me too‚" she said‚ rubbing the tip of his penis with her fingertips.
Then he turned her around and entered her big‚ wet pussy doggy style.
As he rammed in one long thrust after another‚ she moaned passionately‚ her huge ass rising up and down as her massive tits flew back and forth.
"Mummy! "‚ Bob cried‚ sitting up on his bed.
"Come on Bob‚" Cindy cried back. "Go back to sleep‚ Mummy is catching a little fun."