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A fantasy of mine

A fantasy of mine

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Male · 37 · United States of America
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5 Years Ago
Category: Non Consent

A fantasy of mine

I want you to know that we are going to have some fun‚ or at least I am‚ and then I'll send you back home to your wife and you won't be able to touch her. You see I know what you are into and if not‚ you will be. Would you like to know what I have in mind? Oh but of course you do‚ and this is why I am going to tell you‚ your wife. I love women you see I am one and out of what ever it is that she sees in you‚ I want you to know that you have one last night to please her in such a way that I won't need to meet you. But oh the fun I'll have at your expence.

I know that you think you have a will of steel‚ that is nice‚ though it will be fun to melt it down and use it against you. You see seduction isn't about sweet talking some one to do your will‚ but enticing one to do what they secretly want to and then I like to give a push. I know men‚ I know what they really crave‚ power. So I am going to take power away from you. And it will go out and you will serve me even after you pass out because you will have no power left in that shell you call a body‚ I will have the power to do to you‚ what ever I well please. I will tease from you every drop of blood‚ sweat‚ and tear. You will be mine.

When you revive your self‚ you will find your self restrained‚ if you have the mind to fight‚ after all no man can just give up his will it must be taken‚ some by persuasion‚ others by force. The body can be taken easily‚ it is a thing. The mind can be tricked‚ we do it every day. But will must be given up‚ it must be won‚ turned‚ surrendered.

Next I am going to make you scream‚ not from joy‚ not from an orgasmic bliss‚ not from pain. I will instead remove your senses‚ first your sight‚ you will not see‚ the caress‚ the sting‚ or me. You will try to anticipate the next touch. Your hearing is next‚ I will remove every thing you use to gather some clue of what ever is next‚ you do like music‚ nice‚ quiet‚ soothing music‚ it will get louder‚ so to protect your hearing I will put in your earplugs‚ this will allow me to talk amongst the people who will witness your breaking.

I will not remove your sense of touch after all I want you to feel. Next you smell and I find that offensive‚ I will plug your nose‚ (you see I am human‚ I can make a joke) not just for smell but it will help later. Taste‚ by this time you should be thirsty‚ ready to drink from me‚ and your voice should be very horse from your vocalisations. Can you taste it? What I can't hear you‚ oh is my cunt in your way‚ cutting you off from the delicious oxygen rich fresh air? Maybe I should remove your blindfold‚ so you can see your vision start to go grey‚ I might let you have some air but I love the hardness that men get as they sufficate on my puss. It just's make you more vulnerable to me.