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First Time Meeting.

First Time Meeting.

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Male · 23 · United States of America
5 Years Ago
Category: General

First Time Meeting.

I know I post a lot of sex stories‚ but shit.. Who doesn't like them?

Me and this one girl started talking because of a post she said saying "Who wants to hang at the mall" and I wasn't doing anything so I messaged her. We were hanging out and we found out we were really close to each other houses. My mom picked us up after we hung out and we went to my moms and then we were left alone. Of course we cuddled and kissed‚ but literally 5 minutes later my dick was in her pussy. Damn‚ how her pussy felt... Oh baby! We were going at it for an hour and a half non-stop just pounding and really going at it. Honestly‚ the only reason why we stopped was because the movie we were watching ended and we wanted to just walk around outside. We were just walking around and then I had my mom drive her home. She walked over the next morning‚ and I wanted sex so bad. I got told... I made her really sore and she couldn't fuck at all for that day. Then we had a fight and never spoke again.

At least through this experience.. I can really pound some pussy and make it sore!

If you want to talk anymore‚ just message me and Kik me at... NoRatchets2301