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Brutus licking my pussy K9 fun

Brutus licking my pussy K9 fun

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k9 play girl
Female · 33 · Cambodia
6 Years Ago
Category: General

Brutus licking my pussy K9 fun

It was a stormy evening and my boyfriend had left for the whole damn weekend.
I was to stay home in charge of the dogs.
The bitch‚ was in heat and had to be caged‚ every few hours I would
swap her for the male in the back-yard‚ and let her have some freedom.
I had just put the bitch back in and was watching the male.
He was highly charged with sexual energy.
I looked up and down Brutus‚ his large‚ black‚ muscular‚ great dane body.
My boyfriends words began playing back to me. Something he had said a little
while ago‚ that had piqued my curiostity‚ but I had not dared to let on.
"I saw a chick at a party getting fucked by a dog‚ and she was loving it!"
I was shocked and excited by his words.... how could she do that?
And let people see...... "You'd be surprised you might like it too"

There were other hints... He's pointed out to me how big and strong brutus'
cock looked when he was aroused in our presence. Once or twice after sex I had
seen my boyfriend offering his sticky fingers to the big dog‚ who eagerly licked
all my pussy juices from his hand. And now right here in this moment‚
I was very quickly‚ catching on to the idea.

Whenever I had the house to myself‚ I would shut the doors‚ and find a quiet
corner to have a long masturbation session. Things were not good with my boyfriend‚
we hadn't had sex for weeks and things had become tense between us.
Inspired by his words‚ and intrigued by the sight of the dogs cock‚
my imagination ran wild.

Brutus was a huge beast. Three quarters great dane‚ one quarter mastiff‚ short hair‚ kept lean‚
toned and muscular‚ jet black and shining all over. He was broad with muscular legs‚
a slim waist and a giant head that was as wide as his shoulders.
He stood taller than my waist.
As a hunting doh he was incredibly obediant and well trained. I had also spent
time building a good relationship with him‚ and used several silent hand commands‚
to command his obediance. I trusted him‚ and enjoyed his quiet steady nature.

I let him in to the house and commanded him to sit at the foot of my bed. I told him
to stay knowing he wouldn't dare move a muscle‚ unless I said otherwise. He relaxed and watched me
as I climbed onto the bed and undressed. I propped myself up on pillows so I could gauge
his reaction. As my fingers brushed across my clit my excitement grew‚ the big dog was
watching intently. and it only took seconds of clit tickling and pinching before my pussy was dripping.

I watched as the sweet odour of my pussy drifted into Brutus' nostrils‚ he snorted and
started breathing noisily‚ leaning forward to catch more of the sweet scent.
I started plunging my fingers into my slick hole‚and watched as long strands of saliva
started dripping from brutus lips. He startd hungrily lapping the air and sniffing...
He was looking at my cunt and licking his lips‚ drooling as if he had a prime cut t-bone
just inches from his nose............

How long would it take‚ I wondered. How long would it be before his animal impulses took over
and broke his training? Why hasn't he come to me it looks like he wants to so badly‚
but what will he do to me? I realised no matter how aroused he got he wasn't going
to move unless i told him to.

I got down on the floor and slowly‚ on all fours backed my wet cunt up towards Brutus face.
Nothing. He stayed still. I rolled on my back and gently rubbed my pussy. "Cmon now" I cooed
Brutus leaned forward and sniffed my pussy "Good boy!" I coaxed. He gave my pussy a tender little
lap with his tounge and drew back‚ waiting.... Oh he thinks he's going to get in trouble! "Good boy‚ good boy

who's a good boy" I spread my pussy lips a little and nodded to him. Once more he slashed his tounge across my

twat. Oh good boy I panted. He needed no more encouragement and began at once.

His huge tongue slashed my clit‚ as he slowly dragged it acoss my puss‚ languishing at the
entrance of my tunnel. Alternating from licking my from ass to clit‚ to gently nibbling at my clit.
As I startd to loose myself in reckless abanondon he suddenly stopped.

He stood over me panting‚ I looked to down to see his large cock protruding about half-way from it's
sheath. Suddenly he began licking my erect titties and then my cheeks‚ face‚ mouth‚ lips‚ I let go and opened my
mouth his huge furry tongue began lapping at mine‚ and I lapped back enjoying a long doggy kiss with
the huge black beast. He barked playfully and nipped my neck and breasts in a fiesty way. And moving lower

returned to my breast covering the surface of the entire tit with one swipe of his enormous tongue.He began

nibbling my nipple as he had done to my clit‚ but now with a little more force.
I was so turned on I didn't even realize‚ but at some point he had become my master and I was under his control.

He was super observant to the response in my body‚ every twitch and moan was keenly observed and interpereted by

the k9. He returned to my pussy and began again the oral assault on my snatch. First eagerly lapping and gently

nipping at my clit and mound. By now I was so wet my juices were dripping onto the floor and as Brutus moved lower

his big toungue finally discovered the true source of his desire. He started hungrily lapping at my labia as the

tip of his toungue slid‚ just slightly into my hole‚ he started a low quiet growl. Increasing in speed and

ferocity his hungry tongue dug down into my pussy hole‚ the wide flat muscle showing it's true strength as it

squirmed it's way down to my cervix‚ and the source of the wetness and scent‚ that he was so hungry for. He had

now forced his whole tongue inside of me.

Slowly but firmly he licked the inside of my pussy‚ tongue fucking me. I begin to moan and he increased the

pressure‚ his nose now buried deep in my snatch he strains to slide his giant tongue muscle deep as it can go.
It's coiled inside me‚ squirming like a serpent‚ writhing tenderly‚ lovingly stroking every crevace of my cunt‚

every love-button in my body. And when he hits a good spot and I squeal and moan‚ it only serves to excite him

into further tongue lashing me. He brings me to several orgasms‚ and then as he's eagerly licking every drop of

creamy cum from inside me‚ I get started again‚ which only spurs him on more.

His cock is fully extended now‚ bulging and huge I take it in my mouth and he begins humping‚ then suddenly

explodes all over me‚ in buckets. Instantly his huge knot grows before me. I can't believe my eyes his cock is

throbbing still pumping cum‚ but with every pump it doubles in size until it's the size of a small fist. I touch

it and it's rock hard‚ Brutus lays down and I help him clean his cock with my tongue‚ while contemplating the

enormous knot I had only just discovered. I played with it until it shrank and then settled in to sleep with

Brutus in the bed.

About half was through the night I felt him. Nudging my worn out cunt his wet nose rubbing on my clit. His hot

breath at the entrance to my love-tunnel. I was so tired and my pussy was raw and tender from hours of licking.

But he lightly dragged his wet furry tongue so gently across my nub that I opened my legs as if by reflex. I

sighed as he ever so slowly and gently began loving on my clit. It was so gentle‚ a tender rythmic lappping with

the tip of his tongue. I felt a charge ripple through me‚ and I fired up. I raised up on my elbows and began

giving him whispers of encouragement "You like it Brutus you like my tasty little pussy cat?" "You know just what

I want don't you?" "You're a good boy what a GOOD BOY"He responded eagerly> I opened my legs a little wider so he

could delve at the entrance to my hole. A little wider and he was dipping his tongue inside. It was like honey to

him‚ his tongue wanted to scavange every drop of my sweet pussy nectar. Wider again and now I was fully spead

eagle‚ I used my fingers to spread my inner labia‚ giving him full unhindered access to the depths of my pussy-


He let out a grunt and his tongue snaked down into my eager chamber. His rough tongue exploring every millimetre

of my vagina walls. I squealed and clenched as it hit my G-spot‚ and Brutus concerntrated his efforts there.
Occasionally he would turn his attentions to my clit or asshole‚ for just long enough until my pussy was begging

to be filled. I saw he was fully erect again and lusting for the huge bulge I had witnessed earlier‚ I got on all

fours‚ with a few pillows for added height.

He mounted me four times before he penetrated. Once the huge beasts cock hit home in my slippery hole‚ he began

powerful thrusting‚ with his muscular hind-quarters rippling‚ he bore down on my cunt with such force I was

afraid. He curved into me and blew an enormous load inside me I pushed back onto his growing bulge trying

desperately to keep it inside me. As the massive knot formed it pushed it's way out from my tiny kitty hole

throwing the big dog free.

We tried a fucking a few more time but never did get to tie that big knot. But 4 years long gone and Brutus was

still the best pussy licking I have had in my life I often lay awake dreaming of how that dog used to lick me out

so masterfully‚ eagerly‚ carefully‚ perfectly. After that first time I would lay around for hours with that dog

just milking my pussy for it's juices‚ for hours‚ he never lost interest. As soon as I removed my panties and

signalled him he would lovingly growl me out for hours on end‚
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