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£60.00 or 3 points .

£60.00 or 3 points .

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Male · 62 · United Kingdom
7 Years Ago
Category: First Time

£60.00 or 3 points .

I was stopped bt the police at the weekend‚ first time ‚ so I was a bit worried‚ a lady got out and examined my bike‚ very nice she said ‚ after a short chat she told me to follow her to the back of a load of storeage compartments ‚ where she proceeded to get pretty personal .

Being a law abiding citizen ‚ I was only to pleased to help ‚

My protective trousers were off in a moment ( telling me she had done this before )‚ when we had finished - she was not the only one with a smile on her face I can tell you .

She kissed my tool . & told me to watch my speed . I never did get her name ‚ but any bikers out there ‚ head for lemington way storage area‚ you may get lucky ...

And thats a true story believe it or not ...