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farhan: Any hot Girl or desperate housewife here for hot sex hat or dirty talks ???? Hot Male from Karachi ... Add me right now and come on chat ...... I am online ........ Just to serve you romance love and sex My Bitches..... No Age limit No rest rictions on beauty... You just have to be damn hot‚.... And passionate about love‚ romance or sex...... So what are you waiting for ......???? (Karachi girlsfor real sex and other can also for sex chat and freindship)add me ... I am waiting for you with me horny‚ my cell 03313810513
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antrimman2013: am online now should could share a cam chat/sex with you!!
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Rajrahul25: Anyone online can call me for hardcore sex...females only of any me at eight...8...nine...five..2...5....7....2...7...0....
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DR DUKE: Who is online? I want a good sex
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kuniva 0700: Would anyone would like to have a chat or online sex
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ajju: i am online
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Nicoleric8783: Who's online
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hornypussy25: I would love to have some fun online
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Backwards Sex General Sex Advice · Backwards Sex · Last Year my email was becoming a big can of hypnotherapy spam. After receiving 500 or so offer's to become a certified hypnotherapist I decided why not. I paid the $395.00 and I received a password and access to all the online books etc etc. Breezing over the course outline I spotted the section concerning sex modification and I thought okay this will be the be all or end all to my curiosity about hypnosis. How to make her cum in 90 seconds 101a. This method does not require a induction script and is very effective when the female orgasm is very hard to achieve. Step 1. Assume her favorite sexual position doggie style‚ missionary‚ etc. Step 2. Instruct her to begin counting from 100 down to 0. Beginning the count as you are withdrawing your penis 100 . push in‚ 99 pulling out‚ pushing in‚ 98 pulling out she will begin to stumble on her countdown so help her when she does. You will notice that as she nears the 70 count she is making real bad mistakes on her numbers when that happens 1 or 2 deep thrusts will cause her to lose it. In the meantime it has yourself in control like you have never been previously. As soon as she begins to recover switch to another position and then have her start the countdown once again. She will lose it around 79 or 80 this time and you are the man. This cycle will without a bit of exaggeration let you stick it in and out 1‚000 time easily before your decide it is time to blaster off. Enjoy and if you have any type sexual dysfunctions hit me up and chances are I can walk the both if you thru the hang up online by the way those ads bragging about how you can hypnotize any woman or man into submission is bullshit...
LiamBx Male · Wigan, United Kingdom. hey! my name is Liam‚ I'm 26 and love sex. I will literally do anything you want. I love to be teased and I love covering you with my cum. I'm looking for a girl to have some online fun with - webcam‚ pics‚ chatting etc‚ even texting. If you live near to me then I will be interested in meeting for sex once I get to know you online. Looking for a sexy fuck buddy with no strings attached (for now‚ maybe a chance for a relationship in the future if everything works out good). I'm friendly‚ nice‚ caring and well mannered. I guess you could say I'm the perfect gent in public but a freak in the bedroom :p feel free to message me‚ WOMEN ONLY‚ any ages‚ size‚ race etc.... Male · India. This is the member profile for
online Male · United Arab Emirates. This is the member profile for online
Post by farhan Any hot Girl or desperate housewife here for hot sex hat or dirty talks ???? Hot Male from Karachi ... Add me right now and come on chat ...... I am online ........ Just to serve you romance love and sex My Bitches..... No Age limit No rest rictions on beauty... You just have to be damn hot‚.... And passionate about love‚ romance or sex...... So what are you waiting for ......???? (Karachi girlsfor real sex and other can also for sex chat and freindship)add me ... I am waiting for you with me horny‚ my cell 03313810513
Swinging or M F M threesome? General Discussions · Swinging or M F M threesome? · When we started swinging we were in a nudist club where their was a lot of swinging and swapping going on‚ when the wife went with another guy for the first time‚ even though I was not present her first time I had set her up with a friend that I knew she was keen on and had been flirting with for a while (he knew my feelings on it all) hoping it would happen‚ my wife knew she had my full permission to play if she so wanted to‚ “remember it was her first time ever with another guy” a very big step for a 35 year old Catholic woman to take. When it did finally happen we were welcomed into a well established swinging scene with open arms “and legs”‚ Search Light and Ribald which were our local sex contact sex papers were just about our bible at the time where we also met other swingers “and our swinging neighbors through” (another story). After about 5 years swinging with our swinging friends from the nudist club and others we met through the sex papers we had a major personal upset with family that caused us to leave the nudist club and the swinging scene all together‚ “it had nothing to do with sex or swinging at all”. Some 5 years further on things had settled down with our family life and we started dabbling with the thought of playing around again‚ we were older and things had changed from the old days‚ rejoining the nudist club was not an option at the time because of children’s ages and other personal reasons. We started looking at Search Light and Ribald again (things had also changed health wise as far as swinging and casual sex went) all our sex was and still is bare back sex so we were wary as to what sort of people we were meeting which also put a damper on it a lot for us. We had a few total wipe out’s meeting couples which was very frustrating for all concerned‚ and even when we did find a couple we got on OK with it never seemed to last after the initial lust had worn off where the four of us got along long term‚ it had us really thinking was it all worth it? Then we got talking about M F M threesomes‚ which we had a few of when we were swinging the first time around‚ I got off on seeing her going with other guys “and so did she” lol and I just love going silky seconds‚ we had some replies from single guys who had answered our ad’s for swingers trying their luck wanting to meet us so we went through them and picked out some guys that the wife thought she might find a turn on and we started meeting them‚ it was a lot easier meeting just guys I can tell you‚ the wife also surprised me by saying that we were just meeting for sex not a life time commitment (yes just sex not friendship) we decided that as long as she found the guy reasonably attractive and he could hold a conversation why not go ahead with it! We worked a formula out where we would arrange to meet at a local hotel‚ it has a nice quite area (at the time we were meeting guys) where we would meet the guy‚ after some small talk the wife would give me the signal if it was a go or no‚ “they were not many no’s I can tell you as we had vetted them out pretty well before arranging the meeting”‚ and if it was a “YES” then we would invite him back to our place to do the deed‚ if it was all OK then we would invite him back again‚ and if we really hit it off again‚ and again‚ one guy was a regular for over three years. One funny time that comes to mind‚ we had arranged to meet this guy at the usual place‚ he was travelling some distance to meet us‚ just as we were ready to walk out the door our daughter who still lived at home arrived home‚ she had a job where she slept over through the night and did not arrive home until late morning‚ this night she had taken sick and had been sent home. It was too late to contact the guy (this was before mobile phones) so after making sure the daughter was OK we decided to go and meet him‚ explain what had happened‚ and if he was OK to us (and us to him) the next meeting would be at our place. We met him and after the wife had given me the nod that he was OK we explained the situation to him‚ he was disappointed but it could not be helped‚ I went off for a round of drinks and when I returned he was sitting next to my wife very close and I could see his arm was around the wife and his hand was under her top (we were lucky we had the bar to ourselves) I wondered off on some pretext to leave them alone for a couple of minutes and when I returned he had made big steps forward and my wife had her hand under the table and on his lap‚ when it was time to go I left the wife to say good bye to him while I got our car‚ by the time I arrived with the car they were just about doing it in the car park and the wife said they wanted to go some place where the three of us could be alone‚ I knew of a parking place not too far away so we went to it‚ we had a station wagon at the time and they were already going for it by the time I got the seat down‚ the three of us had a good session in the back of the wagon before we were disturbed by another car arriving for the same reason we were there so it was time for us to go‚ he became a long time lover of the wife. I gather this is not your cup of tea kind of sex but it takes all kinds! I really get off on seeing the wife going with other guys (specially the first time) and joining in‚ I have done all the time ever since we first started playing‚ and would still do today if she was still into it‚ the best we do now is going into a chat room where she will come on cam now and then‚ but I guess I cannot complain after almost 50 years being married and playing on and off for 30 of them‚ I know there are a lot of guys out there that wish their wife would play.
SalmonS Male · Korea (south). I want skype sex. online sex cyber sex
cyber sex anyone wanting to hook up online look no further. post your info bellow and have fun. - cyber sex
sex feelings Hobart, TAS (AU) · Men Seeking Women · I am looking for an online sex partner or real meet
Women wanting a*** sex oral sex kinky sex any kind of sex Modesto, CA (USA) · Casual Sex · I love to please a woman any women out there that like the pussies licked their ass licked anal sex sex sex I'll do any desire for your pleasure I love to please and I have party treats and I have lots of party treats to hit me up today I live in Modesto California my phone number is 209-872-8514 I'll lick your pussy and ass all night I'm lou
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Howdy College Station, TX (USA) · Casual Sex · I want to fuck a slut that I met online
Paris new to town (big spring) Odessa/Midland, TX (USA) · Casual Sex · hello fellas I am. A African Americanbeautiful Barbie doll and I'm online tonight looking for a company I am a very playful playmate I love to stay activeI also have a great body I'm blessed up top and I have hips safe as a Georgia Peach if you are interestedin spending time with me you can reach me at 325 207 9136
frook Male · AIN DEFLA;MILIANA, Algeria. i am a boy and i search for a girl online for sex or a girl in Algeria‚ain defla‚miliana for a dating...
crepuscularrussian Male · Chestnut Hill, United States of America. I'm looking for some discrete sex or online/sexting fun with lots of fourplay and energy
johnasta Male · Thailand. My dream is acting in porn.. I hope some porn production take me and give me chance. I willing act outdoor/stage/online/public/indoor.. I Willing be experiment for any product for sex drug.. I straight... But can do 3some/group/gangbang.. Orgy/party... Any production in Asia interested with me please.. Message me.
Horny on La Porte Women Only · Horny on La Porte · I'm so tired of online "hookups" that only want my cc info. All I'm looking for is real‚ casual sex with a woman who wants same‚ and nothing more. I'm rarely home‚ but today is the perfect example of a weekend that could be filled with fucking‚ but will probably end up a weekend of cocktail in hand instead. If there are any real women in LA porte‚ TX‚ who really want to fuck‚ please contact at Johnny one three eight at msn. com‚ or feel free to call me at eight three two‚ two two one‚ four nine seven four‚ and we can exchange pics and go from there. (Especially hunniebunniex‚ if you happen to read this. I'm real‚ I would not say I have a huge cock‚ but I would say big‚ and I've never had complaint. Regards‚ Johnny.
Looking for a regular / ongoing online friend or fuckbuddy Adelaide, SA (AU) · Casual Sex · I'm 42 and married. Slim build cut 7-8 inches d&d free and had a vasectomy. V Horny guy A little kinky too. Seeking like minded women or couples
Post by rioissa i like to having sex online with a girl
Post by asiancock011 is any girl online wanna wc sex with me please..give me ur yh nick or skype or anything u use that can turn on a so horny rite now