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Elite and Horny Columbus Ohio

Elite and Horny Columbus Ohio


Started: 7 Years Ago
Category: Location
Slogan: Buckeye Blind
Get in where all members are real‚ local‚ and active. You don't get in without a majority vote from the current members who are match what you are looking for. Straight women and Bi-women vote for straight and bi-men‚ straight and bi-men vote for straight and bi-women etc. I will be load-balancing as soon as I get some votes in so that we don't have the "all poles and not enough holes" syndrome.

Group Members (41) View All

mudfurry995: I'm looking for a girl or guy to suck me off and or have sex with
1 Year Ago
bbc0726: Is there still anyone looking
2 Years Ago
justmeonly: Southern Ohio anyone?
4 Years Ago
klutch: Finally‚ a group of people in ohio who aren't afraid to say what they want! What's up??
5 Years Ago
ezbeau: Any woman who joins and is approved by me will get to pick the next guy to join out club. So if you are a woman who wants significant influence the quality of men that get in then please join!!
6 Years Ago
ezbeau: Okay‚ so thus far we have a serious imbalance of men to women. I am waiting on the only woman‚ shaved4uinakron to get back and vote for her favorite man to be in the club or alternatively for another woman to join and do the same thing. Point is‚ we can't move forward until a woman member picks a new male member. So if any of you know a woman who would be interested have her join!
6 Years Ago
bigmack93m: hey im interested
6 Years Ago
shaved4uinakron: I'm kinda far away‚ but I don't mind driving...
6 Years Ago
FunFlowers: Wife and I would like to join.....We havent figured out how to add pics yet‚ but we're in columbus‚ looking for girls or guys‚ or both to join in on some fun!
7 Years Ago
Jackhamma: Heeey Wazzup I'm new here..Hope lots more ppl join in‚ I'm from the Columbus area ofcourse.. yea I'm a guy..
7 Years Ago
ezbeau: We are just getting started on this. The first people that get in will set the tone for this club. And members-only website will be forthcoming. All members are real‚ local‚ active‚ and interested in one thing atleast ;)
7 Years Ago

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