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secret meeting

secret meeting

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Male · 41 · United States of America
7 Years Ago
Category: Romance

secret meeting

You walk through the door slightly closing it behind you. Your eyes, so beautiful and beckoning, gripping my attention as the latch clicks shut.You lean back slightly resting upon the door in your trench coat ( I can only guess what's under it). We stare at each other for a short few seconds. Our hearts begin pumping with an enthusiastic rhythm. The anticipation of the first touch carries a tingle from our core outward through our fingers and toes making everything in between glow with more sensitivity. As you step away from the door your coat seems to fall off your shoulders; then dropping to the floor exposing the beauty of your supple body. I can barely constrain my excitement. I just want to grab you and throw you down and fuck you right there. In your final steps we find out lips inches from each other and the perfume of your soft naked skin coaxes me closer. Enticing, Inviting. Our eyes focused intently into one another and finally... For such patience..The reward! The first touch.
Ah!, the sweet taste of your glossy lips. I taste them again this time with every part of my mouth. My hands now on your hips slide back and begin to slowly knead at your ass.Pulling you even so close that your breasts are pressed into my chest. Our tongues swirl, our lips gently entangled in a passionate display. You unbutton my jeans and reach in feeling the pulse of my immensity.Your hand slowly stroking up and down my shaft. Soft moans of ecstacy pierce our breath.I reach up grabbing a hadful of your hair forcing your neck exposed to the welcomed barrage that my lips and tongue provide. Kiss after kiss polute a trail between your perfky round breasts. My hand releases your hair and caresses down your spine stopping at the center of your back. My tongue slowly encircles the pink area of your nipples stopping at the small mole just below, then taking it into my mouth sucking, flicking. With your hand still grasping around my cock you kiss down my chest teasing my nipples for a shot and then, with the naughtiest of intentions you settle to your knees pulling down on the sides of my pants till my cock falls completely out almost hitting you in the face. Your eagerness to feel my stiff cock inside your mouth is now no longer a waiting fantasy. Your lips encase my penis taking all of me in then slowly you back off just long enough to give my head some added attention. A glaze of precum seeps from the head of my dick as your tongue follows down the sensitive underside. Over and over your hand strokes me followed by the warmth of your mouth. I guide you up to your feet and you lift your leg to my side. Our heated parts meet and rub easily together. My cock gliding over your clit. Hands firmly gripping your ass. Our breath quickens. Shallowed by the intoxicating rush of fluid sent by our bodies melding together. Then, a brief pause.....pressing forward with your hips you force my shaft to slowly penetrate your lips. Our breathing delayed momentarily by the exuberant sensation as I go deeper and grind into you. Errogenous sensations precede the arousel an animal instinct I back you against the wall pinning you , your right leg held up by my arm as I steady our sweaty bodies. Sharply I thrust back into you spreading you open again, over, each time with a little more force than the next. Your warmth teases and watching your body stretch with a pleasured glow brings me that much closer to cumming. I pull away to forcefully toss you to the bed face down.. I forcefully grab onto your hips and pull you up on all fours. My phallus slides between your cheeks rubbing my precum all over your ass. I give your cheeks a spank turning them red. Then I ram my length into you. My fingers wrapped around your front stimulating your clit as my head massages your G-spot. I can feel your muscles grow tense as your body starts to shake at the intensity of a full on orgasm, Loud moans of fullfillment echo from your mouth. The feel and sounds of you cumming shoots a maddening sensation throughout my body. My strokes grow longer and harder. the pressure builds inside seconds away from cumming. With one last great thrust a vivacious flow of orgasmic energy surges out of me with a powerful release, and waves of hot cum cover you.

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