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Wrong Entrance

Wrong Entrance

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Male · 61 · United States of America
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3 Years Ago
Category: Wives

Wrong Entrance

OMG!!..It started years back‚.I been married for over 30 years now‚and never showed a sign of being unfaithful..

It all happened when my sister inlaw brushed against me accidentaly.We were all in the kitchen having dinner when this happened.
The Kitchen was small so she had to squeeze by me‚and when she brushed against my manhood I felt the urge of lusting for her to do it again.
She must have read my mind cause as she returned to the table she looked at me and made a quick glance down to where my cock was yearning and growing big‚ hard‚ and ready to bust out of my pants to imagine how it would feel to fuck my own sister inlaw.
She moved slowly across my path‚then innocently and softly brushed her right thigh against my manhood.
As she felt my hard cock‚stiff and yearning to fuck her‚.She‚.said‚.Oh Darnit!! I forgot the salad in the frig‚.Again she looked at me and this time instead of her back towards me she faced me and as she passed she said‚.Excuse me Sunny‚. then she lunged her cunt against my hot‚hard‚stiff cock‚..
I was so hot I wanted to fuck her right there in front of everyone‚.In front of her sisters‚in front of her husband‚. Wow! Speaking of erection‚. that was the stiffist I had evr got in a long‚long time.
As time went by‚. she did that often and no one ever knew what we had in common‚. The next episode will have to wait‚.So‚ if you would like to read more‚.nine two eight two seven eight three one four five‚..Me and I will tell the rest of the story‚..