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The Ice and the Banana

The Ice and the Banana

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Male · 32 · United Kingdom
4 Years Ago
Category: General

The Ice and the Banana

Oh what a treat I was in for when I got home from work the other day. Where my 10 relationship had been withering away. My ex attempted to surprise me yet again. As I stepped in the door‚ she quickly mentioned our Daughter was still at the Nursery.

She wore her office dress black and white‚ slim yet complimentary *which I know her colleagues had the pleasure of gawping at at work*. I couldn't resist as she lunged for me with passionate gropes and kisses sending my hands lifting her by the buttocks and kneading them as she gyrated her hips into mine. I looked over and saw our daughters skipping rope and proceeded to kiss her while tying her hands to the light shade. *its quite a weak thing so faintest of tugs would send it crashing off the windowsill* Leaving her unable to move. PERFECT I thought.

I went to get an ice cube and a still peeled banana. Poor thing could not move and her eyes widened in a look of both excitement and concern. As I had missed lunch and was rather hungry‚ I put the two items on the window sill next to the lamp shade. Beginning at the top kissing and sniffing her beautifully shampooed head. She give a giggle as she saw my throbbing member bulging from my trousers. Unable to open this present yet. I continued to gently drag my lips across her forehead to the ears. Teasingly wisping the lobe with hot breaths and licks. Slowly ever reaching lower down the neck and across the collarbone. Nibbling the top parts of her breasts which lead me to slide her top down slighty to appreciate her succulent nipples caressing each with bites licks and slurps as the other hand begins to creep up her skirt. She parts her legs in eagerness which caused my teasing hand to begin to move further away. "No no no" a whisper into her ear warns. "It's too hot down there we need to cool it down". I reach for the ice cube only to find it has melted‚ and make way to get another one.

Upon returning to find her grinning spread eagled‚ still hands above her head proudly nursing the pricey item she is bound to that has not moved an inch. Beginning at the ankles I massage her muscles with the ice cube slowly approaching its destination around the outside of her neatly trimmed garden. The firmer I push to part the lips she sends out a squeal and cannot take the teasing at all. POP in it went and I quickly grabbed the banana‚ peeled it and up it went to stop the ice cube melting and dribbling away onto the sofa. This enabled me to take my time and appreciate her with tantilising kisses and french kisses all around and at the same time biting little chunks out of the banana as it slowly slunk out of her with each squeeze or spasm of delight.

When finishing the banana I realised the missus had been a while and really needed to be picking our daughter up. Yet again I was reminded why I am not with her :-P
dramaqueen7: hmm that actually sounds like fun
4 Years Ago