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One Night Stand With a Nigerian MILF

One Night Stand With a Nigerian MILF

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Male · 48 · Nigeria
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4 Years Ago
Category: Mature

One Night Stand With a Nigerian MILF

I was a young lad just out high school. I had lived all my life in the South. Then‚ I went to the North to check out a university for admission. When I was done‚ I checked into a cheap lodging house to pass the night and return to the south the next day.

I had a restless and lonely night. I badly needed some sex but could not get any. If you have ever endured a long night of wet dreams‚ you would understand my situation. I was only glad when daylight finally broke.

Now the lodge had no bathrooms ensuite. You had to go to a block of cubicles in the middle of the fenced compound to get your bath. I had just finished bathing and was going back to my room when cupid struck.

A tall‚ black middle aged woman met me and requested to use my bathing soap. I obliged her and told her my room number so she could return the soap.

I still had my boxers on when I heard a faint knock on the door. I ushered her in‚ my heart racing a little. Her black‚ oval face was still dripping clear beads of water and she had a towel body up to her chest.

"You are very beautiful‚" I said
"Thanks for the compliment . . . and the soap " she said‚ smiling.
"Oh‚ never mind the soap. What are friends for?"
"Friends already?" she asked.
"You can say that again‚" I said‚ slightly squeezing her right hand.
"You?" she said‚ gazing into my eyes.

I pulled her closer and kissed her lips. "You are so beautiful."
"Are you sure? I'm already a granny."
"It doesn't matter. You are irresistible‚" I replied as I undid her towel.

Her long‚ flat breasts had obviously seen better days but they looked sexy in a strange kind of way. One after the other‚ I began to suck and massage her nipples. She moaned softly as she put her hand inside my pants‚ masterfully rubbing my erect penis.
"O‚ how you remind me of long-forgotten pleasures" she moaned‚ her tongue roaming my mouth in a passionate kiss.

We collapsed into the bed in a tight embrace and I entered her deep‚ wet and tight pussy‚ pounding away the missionary style.
"Give to me boy‚" she moaned. "It's been a long time I've felt like a woman.
"Strike it deeper‚ boy. O yea. There. Right inside. Just the way I want it. O boy‚ you're so good."

Her hands were all over my back‚ clasping and scratching. When she sensed I was about to cum‚ she clamped her legs tightly behind my buttocks‚ pushing my dick deeper into her pussy. I felt a strong sensation and in a loud moan‚ shot a huge load of cum into her now throbbing pussy.

"Kai! You're a rough rider‚" she said as we dressed up.
"Thanks for making my day‚" I replied in appreciation.
"Hope I meet you again?" she asked‚ holding my hand‚ looking into my eyes.
"My pleasure‚" I replied‚ kissing her forehead

Just as I was shutting the door after she had left‚ she came right back inside.
"I want to show you some old tricks."

Before I could say wow‚ she pushed me down on the bed and started to suck my dick. I soon got hard again and she got on top of me and started to ride my cock. I rubbed her waist as I watched her flat tits flapping up and down. When she leaned back and started making grinding circular motions around my groin‚ we both were moaning madly as my fingers found her hardened clitoris.