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Cum Cup

Cum Cup

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Male · 23 · United States of America
5 Years Ago
Category: Humor And Satire

Cum Cup

I think this is actually funny.

Me and my girlfriend at the time had sex every night for a month straight (If you read my story "Close Call" in the "General" section‚ it's that girl). We had sex one night and it was after we fucked so many times already. After every time she always sucked and swallowed my cum. But‚ one night she was riding my dick and I was watching her ass bounce on me which I loved. I told her I had to cum really bad and I stood up and she started jerking me off and then sucking and I started to cumming‚ and cumming‚ and cumming‚ and cumming‚ and cumming. It was 5 big shots of cum that went into her mouth. After it I asked her how much she thought I just came. She was shocked and amazed about it and said "I think you could have filled a cup" and I responded "you just swallowed my cup of cum" and she loved it‚ and told me she did.

I never came that much again‚ but I bet I could if a girl rode me!