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Close Call

Close Call

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Male · 23 · United States of America
5 Years Ago
Category: General

Close Call

Ok‚ this may not be so funny‚ but I think it is pretty funny.

Me and this blonde girl were dating on and off‚ and I was 15 when this happened. She snuck over to my house every night and we fucked 3-5 times a night for a month or two straight. Luckily my dad never walked in on us in the middle of the night fucking... or I'd be fucked. In good news‚ I was fucking and getting some good exercises (And the crowd goes wild). Anyways‚ she was out of school‚ and I had a few weeks left. This may sound weird‚ but sometimes I slept in my closet because it's small and actually comfortable... On to other levels‚ I slept there because I could put a blanket over because it was an open closet with no doors. Me and my girlfriend (at the time)‚ we fucked and cuddled after and we cuddled naked because we were too tired to put on our clothes. This happened twice... we fell asleep on a school night... my dad came in to wake me (remember me and my girlfriend sleep naked together)... The blanket covering the closet was over me and her and we were sleeping under blankets. My dad just woke me up by talking but not moving the curtain blanket over the closet opening (luckily). She almost responded out loud to my dad's voice because our voices were deep and sound alike‚ luckily she didn't because I would be fucked. But I said alright‚ and he walked out and closed my door. She asked what time is was‚ and it was 6 in the morning. She was scared because she lived a few miles away and her parents wake up early and check on her. So‚ she got dressed quickly‚ and then I turned on my morning shower‚ and went to my room and saw her dressed and alone waiting for me‚ I just went up to her and first thing... grabbed her ass and boobs and sexually used my tongue deep in her mouth‚ and then we ended up getting horny‚ I bent her over and licked her pussy up and little booty too. I fucked her really quick which lasted 10 minutes. Then after like usual‚ she sucked and swallowed it. Then she had to go before my dad woke up or her parents walk in to her room and discover she is gone. She hopped out my window‚ flashed her boobs‚ and then ran home. I hopped into my shower‚ and thought... the was a close call.