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School Bathroom Sex

School Bathroom Sex

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Male · 23 · United States of America
5 Years Ago
Category: One on One

School Bathroom Sex

Since I love to fuck‚ I have so many stories‚ but these might be some crazy place and things.

Once in High school‚ I was texting this girl and I was so horny all morning‚ probably because I was sexting another girl when I woke up‚ and got some naughty pictures from her. Then this girl I recently met over the internet (I found out she went to my school)‚ we texted about fucking. I was asking her if she wanted to ditch class and just go fuck somewhere‚ but I didn't ditch. I decided the best thing to do is just fuck in the school's bathroom. She agreed. I met up with her in front of the bathroom‚ walked in... It was clear. We walked in and went to the stall furthest from the stall. Right away I go in for a kiss and ended up very sexually using tongue‚ and getting rough (I like rough). We were rubbing up and down each other which boosted the excitement and adrenaline. I turned her around‚ pulled her pants down to her knees along with her panties. Spread her ass and pulled my pants down and stuck my finger in her hot‚ moist and tight pussy. I told her to suck my dick for a second‚ and she did. I couldn't express how good it felt to get head from her. I couldn't take it so I pulled her up‚ and bent her over and shoved my dick deep in her little tight pussy (She was short and so skinny I thought she'd scream and I might rip her). I pounded her pussy against the stall wall and her pussy was amazing! I looked down and she was cumming over my dick which made me want to cum on her. I pulled out after a little bit and then put her on her knees and came straight into her mouth. She moaned as I pulled out and moaned when my cum came all over her tongue. She swallowed and sucked me a little bit before we go to class. As we pulled our pants up‚ we talked about fucking again. We walked out together and the halls were clear. We kissed and hugged and I walked back to class. I felt kind of nervous to walk in because I though the teach would say something about me coming 15 minutes late because I told him I was just going to the bathroom. Anyways‚ that bathroom sex was really good‚ but me and her did it 3 other times in a bathroom‚ at our school softball dugout‚ and between two sheds behind my school.

I just love to have sex‚ and I would do it almost anywhere with any girl I find attractive.