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Naughty little wife

Naughty little wife

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Male · 24 · Australia
6 Years Ago
Category: Wives

Naughty little wife

So I was at the club enjoying a night out with the boys‚
Recently single so naturally was looking for some fun
When I spotted this hot older woman pointing and winked at me
I was flabbergasted‚ I had to check this shit out ‚
I introduced myself
"Hi I'm J"
Forget the formalities
"You want in or not" she said with a smile
When and where I asked
We left the club at 2.30 am both a little tanked but managed to get back to hers
We tumbled in onto the floor she on top grinding against me‚ I take her left nipple in my mouth‚
The sound of her moaning drove me mad with lust
So I pick her up and carry her into the room‚
I strip down and literally rip her panties off her she says she wants me
I laugh and tell her that I need to taste her
She giggles as if she's 19 again
I trace my tongue slowly down her stomach ‚ over her naval and down to her pelvis then gently tickle and rub her clit with my tongue
She moans as I flick it to the left then start rotating my tongue clockwise around her clit‚
She tastes so good I plunge my tongue inside her for a better taste
I then move back to her clit rotating it anti clockwise now and sliding 2 fingers in her pussy
She's dripping now ‚ so I take this opportunity to rub her nice little rosebud‚
She claws my back saying don't stop baby
Ahh ahhhhh ahhhhh
I'm cuming
And with that I slide my finger in her arse
She screams in pleasure grab ping me by the hair saying now you have to make me cum with your dick
I chuckle and pick her up ‚
I slam her into the wall knocking over a picture
I hold her arms above her head and move her legs apart
I enter her nice gushing pussy all the way balls deep
Mmmmm haven't had one like this in a looong time baby‚
I start with slow long deep strokes
She mimics my movements gyrating against me
She increases her speed and I increase mine
She steps back pushing against me with her arse so I can sit on the bed she rides me cow girl style
Pulling my hair and biting my ear lobe
Tracing her to the back and forth between my neck and my lobe‚
Fucking wild thing I'm thinking to my self by this point I start to get close
I grab her by the hair and roll .... Accidentally forgetting we were close to the edge so we tumble off well her actually and she's lying there with her back flat on the floor with her arse in the air
Legs spread wide apart
So I enter her putting a leg over each shoulder
And hold her as I lift her up
I start to piston fuck her
She moans like crazy
And tries to gyrate
Now this was t intentional but I'm glad it was
I went to enter her hard as she's gyrated and jack hammered straight into her arse she screams but at this point I think fuck it
You can take it
She moans and claws my back till it bled
She bites my ear and says I'm cumming again
This sent me over and with the final few strokes pumped my load into her arse
And with that we had a shower and she asks if I wanna crash and we can spoon and continue in the morning
I am sore as a bitch in heat she said ‚ handing me a corona
I'm not the type to fuck and run unless its mutual
And we spooned and managed to pump her tight little arse again before we passed out
Me still inside her
I woke up early due to my alarm going off
I forgot about taking the Sunday shift at work
So I left a note with my thanks and my address
Asking if she wanted to come round after work or whenever she felt the need to release her frustration
I gather my stuff and go to leave
When I see the picture she knocked over
So I picked it up to put it back and that's when I saw it
A beautiful picture of her.... And her husband !
So I went back to the note and tore it up and wrote another
I know your married
No need to hide it
Here's my number
Let me fuck you better than him any night ;)

I got a call 2 hours later from he asking when lunch is ;)
But that's another story
Hope you all enjoyed
muddyboggy: I fucked a girl for almost a year and when I began to car pool with a guy from work I met his wife and it was her! She blushed so much I thought he was going to figure out I had fucked her that morning after work.
5 Years Ago
kenkan: wow yu got lucky.
5 Years Ago