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3 Is A Magic Number

3 Is A Magic Number

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Male · 27 · United Kingdom
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6 Years Ago
Category: Group Sex

3 Is A Magic Number

It was around 4 P.M I got the phone call from Vanessa. “Hey baby‚” she had said‚ “Maria's going out tonight‚ so how about you come round to my flat and we erm... watch a film?” She said this knowing that I would agree to coming round to hers and that a film would not be going on and even if it did‚ that the pair of us would be naked before we'd even pressed the play button. Vanessa wasn't my girlfriend‚ but that made what we had even more special in my mind. Fucking awesome sex‚ but none of the nonsense in between.

Vanessa wasn't conventionally beautiful‚ but she was pretty‚ had pretty average sized boobs‚ 34C at a guess I'd say and she was a size 10/12 and 5'8. But damn did she have a great ass and hips that she swayed so much a rope bridge in a tornado would be impressed. She also had one of the nicest pussy's I’d ever seen‚ tasted or fucked. And she always made sure it was clean shaven in case she had any visitors down south.

I headed home so I could shower as I had been out in town‚ getting some food and the like in. Dumping it all in the cupboards and fridge I sprinted upstairs and stripped‚ jumping in the shower. I'm not exactly the tallest or the bulkiest guy‚ but my abs are slightly defined and I work with what I got. As I washed my cock (which is about 7.5 inches) I considered jerking off before going to Vanessa's. Then I thought‚ that she loved the taste of my cum so much that she would just scold me for doing so. The thought of her silky soft lips wrapped around my head and shaft sent a shiver down my spine and planted a grin on my face. She could deep-throat better than any porn-star I’d seen. She would take me all the way in‚ barely gagging‚ and then start swirling her tongue around my balls‚ until I shot cum in her mouth and she sucked me dry. If my cum wasn't in her mouth or pussy‚ she claimed it was wasted.

After towelling myself off and getting changed‚ my phone vibrated and Vanessa told me the coast was clear‚ so I could head on over. I put my shoes on and decided to walk the short distance to her house. It was about 7:30‚ so when I was leaving the sky was a nice tint of orange as the sun slowly descended to its resting place on the west of the world.

I reached her flat and pressed the buzzer‚ and I was instantly let in. As the door swung open I could hear running. Cautiously I walked through the door shouting “Vanessa?..V?” The reply I got was dipped in honey and sugar “In here darling‚ cum and make yourself cumfortable!” I rounded the corner into her lounge and saw her trim figure draped across the sofa‚ wearing nothing but a black bra‚ stilettos and a mini skirt with no sign of panties underneath. I instantly felt my cock get hard at the sight of her‚ and she looked up‚ fluttering her eyelids and showing me her beautiful green eyes. She flicked her obviously dyed raven black hair and stood up. Sauntering over to me.

“Why don't‚” she said still in that honey dipped voice and removing my hoodie and shirt all the while “We get you a little more... Naked?” And with that she ripped the rest of my buttons open and kissed me with such ferocity that she pushed us back into a wall. When my back had connected with a solid surface‚ I began to return the kiss just as forcefully‚ our tongues dancing in a swirl of passion‚ meeting‚ moving away‚ exploring each other’s mouths‚ meeting again and the process continued. As we kissed I could feel her nails‚ like claws dragging down my back and she moaned into my mouth as I brought my hands forward and squeezed her tits together.

By now my shirt was on the floor and I decided to make things fair and unhooked her bra. This skill had taken me a while to master‚ as all men know it is a tricky business‚ particularly when you're being turned on and as excited as I was‚ but I managed it and she shrugged her shoulders so it fell to the floor leaving her wonderful breasts exposed. I took full advantage‚ kissing and biting down her neck until I took her right nipple into my mouth‚ sucking it and flicking my tongue at the same time being rewarded with an “ooooo fuck yes Matt... don't stop.” I continued to flick my tongue but instead of sucking I clamped my teeth down hard‚ making her squeal with delight. I kissed my way over to the other breast and she continued moaning‚ undoing my belt and slipping my jeans down‚ rubbing my cock through my boxers. “Well... hello big boy.” She said before pushing me away and dropping my boxers to the same place as my jeans. “Come on Matty... Feed me that gorgeous cock of yours. Then I want you to ram it in my pussy hard!” She squealed running over to the sofa and propping her head on her hands on the arm‚ mouth wide open and eyes closed. I was only too happy to oblige.

I walked over to her slowly and quietly. “I'm waitingggg!” she called teasingly. “You're such a filthy slut” I said teasingly and in response she said “I’ll get you for that” At least‚ she tried to‚ but before she could finish‚ I had rammed my cock down her throat and all I got was “I’ll ge -mmm mmmmm.” She began taking me in slowly and I could feel the pulse in my cock get stronger as her warm‚ wet mouth slid up and down my now rock hard cock‚ her hand sometimes following her lips up and down‚ making me closer to cumming all the while. Her other hand gently massaged my balls‚ driving me wild. Then all of a sudden she took my cock out of her mouth and replaced them with my balls instead‚ which is something she'd never done before! The pleasure was immense and it instantly brought me closer‚ having her sucking hard on them‚ her tongue swirling her hand working furiously on my cock when I said “Fuck V‚ you're gonna make me cum!” She stopped just as abruptly as she'd started. “told you I'd get you. Now fuck me pretty boy.” She manoeuvred herself so her legs were spread off the sofa her back resting on it. “Right you are V.”

I moved round to position myself right in between her legs‚ but before fucking her I decided to tease her a bit more. I kissed up her thigh gently tracing my tongue all the way up it. “No...stop... you... bastard” she moaned without any conviction whatsoever. I reached her centre and slid my tongue up her now soaking wet pussy‚ which tasted divine. I made it to that magic button that is the clitoris and nibbled it making her grab my head and shove me in further‚ so I let my tongue flick as well “fuckkkk youuuuu!” she exclaimed as her hips bucked involuntarily. I got up‚ and smiled “now how bad do you want me inside you?” “Very bad Matty... pleeeeease fuck me?!” She asked with mock innocence and fluttering her eyelids again. “well as you asked so nicely” And with that I slid my cock inside her dripping pussy.

As I felt the heat and tightness of her pussy I let out a groan which was matched by her moan of pleasure “ooo that’s what I wanted... right there. Now fuck me hard!” I began moving my hips backwards and forwards‚ building up a steady rhythm‚ until I was going as fast as I could manage and she wrapped her legs around me. Her pussy contracted and expanded as her orgasm built up even more and I could feel my cock pulsing ready to shoot my load inside her. I struggled to hold it off until she climaxed. Then I had an idea‚ I decided to just gently rub her clit. Gently‚ but quickly. It worked. Her orgasm started. She screamed with pleasure as I felt her pussy tighten and her whole body lock up‚ which in turn made the familiar heat run through me and my balls got hard as I shot my load inside of her six or seven times.

“What the hell?!” I turned round. Maria was stood in the doorway‚ looking shocked. “Oh fuck” Vanessa said. I couldn’t quite tell whether that was to do with the size of her orgasm or the fact that her flat mate/best friend was stood in the door way watching her have sex. “Maz‚ I can explain” Vanessa began. “It's quite clear what's going on here Vanessa‚” she said haughtily. “You decided to take advantage of the fact I was out of the flat.” “How long were you stood there?” I asked. “Long enough‚” Maria began “To know that I'm more annoyed that I wasn't invited to this party than I am that you were doing it in my lounge on the sofa where I sit to watch TV!” Vanessa and I looked at each other‚ stunned. “You mean you're not mad?!” “Oh no I am. But I won't be once you two have paid me back. And it starts right now. Matt get your sorry ass over here.” I pulled my still semi-hard cock out of Vanessa and went over to Maria‚ not wanting to waste this opportunity. “Now I'm going to taste that slut's juices off your cock.” And without further ado‚ she dropped to her knees and began licking and sucking me noisily‚ making me hard all over again. She couldn't take me in nearly as deep as Vanessa could‚ but at the same time‚ her tongue work was much better and it felt amazing. Just as I could feel my orgasm building up I heard Vanessa shout “HEY! I want some too!” Maria stopped. “Yeah‚ cos you're a whore. We'll finish this up in the bedroom. Both of you. Come on through.” This was like a dream come true for me. I'd always fancied Maria‚ and now I was going to get to fuck her.

Maria was much shorter than Vanessa‚ particularly when V had her heels on. She was about 5'4‚ but her boobs‚ were huge‚ to match her ass. They were 34 G's and they were amazing to see even caged inside a bra. She was of Spanish descent so she had slightly tanned skin all the time and she could even speak a bit of Spanish (even though she was born and bred in south London‚ she still had a twang in her accent). “Now‚ you two‚ Strip me.” We did as we were told‚ Vanessa and I working her body as we took items of clothing off‚ kissing up her body‚ licking and sucking her nipples‚ neck‚ stomach and kissing her every once in a while. Once she was naked she said “Right. Matt. I want to fuck you. But at the same time‚ I want you to lick Vanessa's pussy like you never have before. V‚ you're going to be facing me so I can watch. Matt? Lie on the bed. V‚ over his face. Now please.” We didn't need to be told twice. I lay flat on the bed and Vanessa sat over me. I began to flick my tongue up and down her slit‚ making her moan with pleasure. Obviously satisfied‚ Maria proceeded to sit on my cock and began moving up and down. I could just see her tits bouncing through V's legs‚ making me even harder.

The two women moaned louder and louder as they both got closer to orgasming. Maria said to Vanessa “Kiss me!” And as they kissed almost as passionately as Vanessa and I had done earlier‚ I slipped my tongue round to V's anus‚ sliding my tongue inside her making her moan into Maria's mouth even louder‚ before I moved back to her clit licking furiously and bucking my hips to slam my solid cock in to the wet‚ warm hole that was Maria’s pussy. Both women orgasmed simultaneously and this in turn set me off and I moaned into the rush of Vanessa's cum as I squirted my hot cum inside Maria's wetness. She kept going for a while before saying “Vanessa‚ I want to feel your tongue on my cunt. And I want to see him fuck you while you lick me out. So he can do you doggy style... And Matt hunny‚ when you're close‚ I want you to finish in my mouth. Then I'll see what I do with the cum.”

We re-arranged ourselves so that I was behind Vanessa and I could see Maria clearly for the first time since our little sexcapade began. Vanessa wasted no time diving head first into Maria's pussy‚ licking and rubbing everywhere‚ making Maria moan loudly and squeeze those huge tits together which got me hard enough again‚ to begin taking Vanessa from behind. Her moans indicated that I was hitting the right spots as I slammed my cock in and out of her again and again. We were all getting worked up into a frenzy. Maria was forcing V's head into her crotch‚ I was slamming my cock into V‚ we were all in a world of pleasure. Then I decided to spice things up.

I slid my cock right out of V's dripping wet pussy‚ my cock slippery and warm from all her juices‚ and I pushed it into her ass‚ making her moan louder than she had done all day. Which was an achievement being muffled as she was by Maria's sopping wet cunt. I pushed harder in and finally her ass accepted my rock‚ hard cock and I began slamming into her almost as hard as I had been into her pussy. The tightness was unreal‚ I could feel every fibre of her asshole trying to reject my cock and yet at the same time‚ me forcing my way into her fighting it off. I felt incredibly powerful‚ and very turned on. My hand flew to her clit yet again and I began rubbing‚ which very soon made her cum all over my hand. I then offered my hand to Maria‚ which she sucked gently‚ relieving my fingers of the prized possession that was V's sweet nectar.

“I'm getting close Maria‚” I said as I realised that I was beginning to feel my cock tense up just like it usually did before I came. “Come here then. Vanessa keep going. I want to taste his cum and your ass while you taste my cum. I'm too close for you to stop now.” Vanessa groaned and carried on licking and biting‚ making Maria gasp for breath. “Slide your cock into my mouth Matt. I want to taste your thick‚ creamy cum.” I did as she had requested‚ feeling her tongue dart out to flick over my head‚ sending a jolt through my body‚ making me stiffen up even more‚ which I hadn't thought even physically possible. I watched as she gobbled my cock up‚ pushing me into her cheek‚ grazing my head with her teeth but that tongue was what was driving me wild. I squeezed her tits as I said “Fuck Maria‚ make me cum baby‚ please‚ make me cum in your hot mouth.” Maria took my cock right out of her mouth except for my head‚ and sucked hard. She moved her hand up and down my shaft so fast I thought she was going to hit herself in the face but she appeared to be a pro. With one last squeeze of those amazing tits‚ I groaned as I shot my load into her mouth. While the amount of cum had dropped since I had cum twice already in a short space of time‚ there was still a reasonable amount‚ and Vanessa looked up enviously as I spurted in to her friends mouth.

Maria beckoned V up to where she was sat on the bed. With a sly look at me‚ they began to kiss passionately‚ sharing my cum between the two of them pushing it between their mouths‚ tongues swirling through it‚ until Maria let it drop on to her tits‚ which she was squeezing together and told Vanessa to lick it off her and feed it back to her. Vanessa did so and saved half of it for herself. They both looked at me and swallowed. “Well‚” Maria said “I can certainly see why she goes on about you. You're good! And you have some of the nicest cum I've ever tasted! Would you like to stay the night Matthew?” I grinned and nodded. Suddenly‚ my fuck buddy was now fuck buddies. I thought to myself “I think I'll come here more often!” and got into bed‚ with the two gorgeous women that I had just fucked and watched eat my cum‚ before drifting to sleep‚ with one of them on each arm.
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