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Violet Wand Virgin

Violet Wand Virgin

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Male · 54 · United Kingdom
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6 Years Ago
Category: First Time

Violet Wand Virgin

It was only a casual conversation in the pub‚ the lads drinking at the bar with the girls seated at a table behind chatting and giggling away.
As the girls chatter got racier‚ we found we were all turning our heads slightly to listen in on the juicy chat‚ that was how I heard Julie's comment about how she'd rarely had a full-blown climax with anyone.

As we mingled with the girls later at a night-club‚ I found myself chatting to the lovely Julie and carefully managed to turn the conversation around to my favourite subject; sex !
Now I could ask her if she had tried any Electrosex/ESM therapy‚ to which she looked suprised and admitted she had never heard of it. I explained as best I could‚ not sure she was all that interested‚ but ended up saying 'well its just one of those things you have to try and see if its for you'!
Our chat changed topic then and I guessed that was that! (I could hardly say 'Look if you want a great climax‚ try my Electrosex machine‚ could I' !?)

However‚ the seed had been sown and about an hour later Julie sought me out to whisper 'Could you just give me a demo of your Electrosex methods‚ it sounds a wierd fetish‚ but I'm just so curious'?

A short taxi ride and we were back at my place‚ Julies eyes widened as I layed out the equipment....The Violet wand‚ the ESM device and a Cattle prod!.
Now she admitted it was probably the drinks that had given her the nerve to try this‚ but I could reassure her it was very safe and for all the pleasure/pain‚ she could expect nothing more than a slight reddening of the skin at most.

After another drink‚ Julie was raring to try this and she quickly stripped and laid on the bed‚ Julie wanted the works so I blindfolded her and tied her arms and legs to the bed‚ she needed to trust me and I reassured her we would stop when she uttered the 'safe word'‚ tonight it was "Mushroom".
I started with the Violet wand on a low setting‚ Julie could hear the crackling volts as I waved the wand close to her ear‚ then away and back near her ear‚ teasing and raising her trepidation....
She shrieked in suprise as the first dancing sparks touched her skin‚ then relaxed and smiled as I moved the probe over her body paying special attention to her sensitive areas‚ nipples‚ ears‚ tongue..... even briefly touching her clitoris which made her groan and shudder with pain/pleasure....oh what a fine line between the two!!
Now she was ready for more and I turned up the volts‚ touching her body from head to toe‚ now her initial spasms were mixed with her groans of pleasure as she became more excited.

With a swift change of wand‚ I turned down the volts and inserted this 'virginal wand' into her pussy‚ slowly easing it in all the way‚ before turning up the volts again - this was the 'reverse method'.
At this point Julie felt little sensations as her whole body was charged with high volts with no means of discharging‚ I soon changed that! Now I could touch her sensitive areas with any part of me and she would discharge through my body!.. I started with a finger over her nipple‚ a brief crackling and a spark left her nipple‚ accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from Julies pretty lips.
I considered connecting her a different way that would allow us to make sweet/shocking love‚ by using my penis as the discharge path‚ but decided to save that method for another time!!
Now Julie was VERY aroused and with me touching and shocking her all over‚ her back arched as she had the noisiest orgasm I ever heard! For good measure (and to keep the noise down ;-)) I shoved my cock in her mouth as she orgasmed again‚ both of us feeling the spark discharge‚ and she writhed on the bed again and again...pulling at her bonds as her climax took complete control.
'That was Fantastic'! she finally said as we lay together‚ 'Wow... all those orgasms and I never knew a climax could be like that!!'

The next morning‚ we were enjoying the sex together‚ but I felt she was missing 'that spark' I was nearing orgasm‚ I grabbed the Violet wand and waved the high-volts over her nipples‚ she shuddered‚ sighed and then climaxed with me!
What a result!....Julie was now a convert and couldn't get enough!

My other shock ESM-device and cattle-prod were to be used another time....I'll write them up soon!