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Surprising Reaction

Surprising Reaction

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Female · 58 · United States of America
7 Years Ago
Category: First Time

Surprising Reaction

Here's a story I wrote over 9 years ago‚ a few months prior to my wife's first foray into extramarital sex:

Surprising Reaction

I would like to share a story that has profoundly affected the physical relationship between my wife and me. Let me say that we are very happily married and will soon celebrate our 20th anniversary‚ and while we had our share of struggles we've also had more joy and fulfillment than I could have hoped for. You see I got incredibly lucky the day I happened to ask my future bride to dance.

We fell in love quickly and after a whirlwind courtship married within 7 months. If you know what you want it doesn't take years to take action!

Our early lovemaking was special‚ and I remember making a comment like 'it won't always be this way'‚ to which she took strong exception. Well I was right‚ it wasn't always to be that way‚ but the fact is it (our lovemaking) got much better. It has taken me years to appreciate just how rare and special she is. But after a year or so of marriage our lovemaking took a turn for the better‚ and it didn't come gradually. It happened one night when we had stopped to get a quick bite and have a few drinks at a nice restaurant.

Somehow‚ the topic of penis size came up in our conversation. I hadn't thought a great deal about that‚ and thought (and still do) I was OK if not exceptional in physical endowment. I had usually made a favorable impression on my partners‚ all modesty aside. She thought back and with the drinks relaxing her well beyond her usual polite reserve said out loud "Should I say anything?" "About what?" I inquired. "Well‚ I don't want to make you feel bad‚ and I love you very much‚ but when I was single I dated this guy named Dan who was very large."

I immediately noticed a flow of adrenaline and testosterone as she related the story. She was divorced from an unworthy 1st husband and had tried a video dating service to get back in the swing of things. Dan had come across as a nice guy who also had recently divorced. She said they went out a few times‚ and there was mutual attraction‚ so things progressed to physical intimacy.

She said they were at his apartment‚ and after making out the time had come to undress‚ and when Dan pulled off his underwear she got the sight of her life. "Everything thing about it was large" she said. My mouth was going dry and I squirmed in my chair as I listened with rapt attention. An erection stirred as she spoke. "That's the biggest penis I've ever seen!" she had exclaimed. "I know‚ my ex wife hated it" he said‚ and hoped it wasn't a turn off for her as well.

"He was very gentle‚ and I was able to accommodate it‚ but it was uncomfortable" she admitted. I was uncomfortable too‚ totally aroused by her description of having her pussy stretched. I paid the check‚ took her home‚ and fucked just as hard as I could. I tried to reach the depths of her vagina as I was thrusting with unprecedented vigor. Our mutual orgasm was totally fulfilling‚ a breakthrough in abandon for both of us. I commented that her story had surprised me and aroused me in an unpredictable way.

I pressed her to tell me more details of their lovemaking‚ and she would occasionally share a few. One of my favorites was the fact that she had sucked him off before he had first penetrated her. She also mentioned a time at a bonfire when they had a few drinks and went off to the side (not that far from the fire) and he made passionate love to her. I think she must have cum particularly hard (and often!) that night‚ because it was definitely a memory she returned to.

But their romance ended shortly after that episode‚ as Dan got jealous of her ex-husband‚ who had contacted her in an attempt to reconcile. She still thought of the impression his extraordinary cock had made on her‚ though. Sometimes in her fantasies she admitted she returned to that bonfire.

Since then I have found myself drawn to watching her service a well endowed man for her own fulfillment. We have had many a torrid lovemaking session discussing how she would accommodate such a tool‚ and that she has a natural attraction to black men. She is very loyal and would never break her vows‚ but I told her that I don't consider such an act adultery; since it is sanctioned‚ hell encouraged by her spouse.

So that's where we are. I have posted my fantasy with an Internet group of adults seeking consenting adults. A couple of the responses have piqued her interest and led to serious passion on the home front. Will she cross the line and reach out to touch a really hung suitor? Time will tell‚ but I'm working on it!