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me91: do u like blow jobs
4 Years Ago
longo12460: i in love with blow jobs
4 Years Ago
mikey2013: Looking gor girl for blow jobs sex discret horney bi
2 Years Ago
probert: Just looking around for a surprise!!! :)
4 Years Ago
islandflava: Surprise me
9 Months Ago
aroosterpooter: very open minded n love tryn new things, somebody surprise me!! u wont b disappointed!!! lol
4 Years Ago
hand jobs: I like to give and receive hand jobs from women. any age
48 Years Ago
Rockhrd1: who wants to blow me
5 Years Ago
slongage1: Need a blow job
48 Years Ago
armyguy313: I want a blow job so bad right now
4 Years Ago

Surprise Blow Jobs

Blow jobs rock I love blow jobs. · Blonds blow jobs amateur girlfriend
Blow Jobs Photo gallery: Blow Jobs · London blowjob blow job oral pleasure love to give receive
Blow jobs Bend, OR (USA) · Men Seeking Women · My name is Jason I am 40 years old. I am the sweetest and nicest guy you will ever meet. I am I need of really good blow jobs.
Blow Jobs General Discussions · Blow Jobs · who wants to blow me
Post by me91 do u like blow jobs
Post by longo12460 i in love with blow jobs
chris Who wants it · Big cock tight pussy 60 blow jobs
Post by mikey2013 Looking gor girl for blow jobs sex discret horney bi
mikey2013 Male · United States of America. Looking for blow jobs sex horney don't care about age
WGood95 Male · Champaign, United States of America. I love blow jobs
younge 18 year old guy will take a cock in the ass wont give blow jobs or hand jobs guts can lick my ass hole as well and fuck any girl hairy pussy shaven pussy fuck them in ass wil lick pussy and girls ass hole will fuck guys in ass as well message me im open - younge 18 year old guy
sex707 Male · Santa Rosa, United States of America. I'm looking for a girl who loves to have sex. Someone who can give nice blow jobs. Let's be permanent fuckers! :D
Blow Jobs Given Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (USA) · Casual Sex · Men-- are the women in your life not doing for you what you want done the most? yeah, talking head, blow job, polishing your knob..many women don't even want to do it and when they do , since they dont' have the corect anatamy they do it all worng..and most women just hate to do it becaue it's "icky there" ..Men, i can help you out with that. I know what they are supposed to feel like, I want to suck your cock and I will take my time and do it right...and just as importantly..I dont' spit. hmu...let me show you what a real sucking feels like.
jasonlaz Male · Spokane Valley, United States of America. I love to get blow jobs and have sex. Love big tits.
bj lover Male · United Kingdom. If you want my pic you will have to ask as discretion is a must for me, I won&#039;t disappoint, oh and I love receiving blow jobs :3
Why Are You Using Your Your Hand To Nut? Why are so many straight guys going horny? With are so many having to use their own hand, to release that built up load of hot cum, and if they get a blow job from most females, who does not really like sucking cock ( which means way to many straight guys are only getting piss ass poor blow jobs, because how the hell can any female who does not like or want to suck cock, be worth a fuck, when it comes to even giving a half way good blow job? But there are some female who love sucking cock, and they are as good as any faggot is, but that is only a very few females, because most female, do not like sucking cock ) but the worst part is most straight guys think they are getting a good blow job, and that is sad, just because a female puts a guys hard cock in her mouth, and sucks some does not mean the guy got a blow job worth a fuck, that almost laughable, if it where not so fucking sad, that they think they got a good blow job,if any straight guy ever uses a faggot to suck his hard cock, he very soon finds out what a dam fucking good blow job should be, and then he most time looks for a female that sucks cock like a faggot can, but if any straight guy has not tried them a faggot to suck that hard cock, and to see if this is bull shit, or if this faggot does not know what the fucking hell I am talking about? But I guess some straight guys will just stay in their own little world of make believe, that they are getting a good blow job? When they really are not! - Why Are You Using Your Your Hand To Nut?
booty calls Photo gallery: booty calls · sex xxx. fat ass big titties blow jobs etc.thick redbone
jobs Male · India. This is the member profile for jobs
Public toilet head jobs Public toilet head jobs · General · I am Bi curious and I generally hang about certain public toilets in Perth and Karratha were I either leave a phone number on the wall or msg the ones already there. I than exchange pics of each others cocks to ensure we like what were about to suck than I meet the other guy in the public toilets in the day time and we exchange blow jobs till we cum in each others mouths than we leave. It's undesirable how good the blow jobs are and how hard you cum. When I was in Perth last year I was near the toilet block opposite the burs wood casino and I just sat in my hire car and scoped the toilet and to my delight there was this unknown red headed guy kinda nervously going from each cubicle to the next so when he went to the last one I ran over and walked in as the door was ajar. He was super nervous and so was I as it was totally random. So I flipped my semi hard cock out and said for him to also get he's cock and when he did fuck me it was huge and fat as. He had this ring around the shaft and it was cupping he's balls and it was full of blood and throbbing so I leant down inspected he's cock and started to suck him off. I am not kidding this was a massive mouthful. He pumped a massive wod in my mouth as I squeezed he's arse cheeks than I stood up were I was hard as fuck and he literally made me cum in seconds. My hands were shaking I was so nervous as this toilet is outside in a park and I never met him before. I ran and jumped into the hire car and went strait to the nearest sex shop were I bought awesome lube, condoms and 3 anal dildos. The first one was the male g spot bend around one than a tapered cone style than one that was like a coke can to impersonate that massive cock I just had. It wasn't an anal one it was for vaginas but hey I needed the girth. I than spent the next 3 days be tween the few toilet blocks in the area hoping he would return cause I wanted to experience that giant cock in my arse. The few cocks that had been up my arse previous were Transexuals so they were not that big. The one toilet near the river has a disabled toilet were I would get totally nude than fuck myself for hours with dildos hoping for someone bi or gay to turn up. Sorry to say they didn't neither did big red. So Big Red if your out there reading this champ hit me up. I WANT MORE. Anyone in karratha looking for toilet fun hit me up.