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Ore-City TX USA sexy-women

Ore-City TX USA sexy-women

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Ore-City TX USA sexy-women

The Teacher's Tale The Teacher's Tale · General · The Teacher’s Tale “And for next week I want you to read chapters 16 to 20 alright?!” My last sentence of class was met with a cacophony of noise. The bell rang, chairs scraped, bags zipped, voices grew louder. Lunchtime at Pembury High. I sighed and picked up my own books; heading to the staff room to get my lunch. I always brought packed lunch. It was a force of habit – something my mother had always done for me when I was at school, it made me feel… nostalgic in a way. I said hello to my fellow teachers and opened my locker. Inside was something incredibly shocking. A detention slip! It read “I need to see you in my office at the end of the day.” Under ‘reason’ was simply “;)” and it was just signed “LDE”. LDE was the acronym that our school’s dance teacher used. Her name was Lara Diane Edrel. I was both confused and excited. I had fancied Lara since we had joined the school together last year. We were only a year apart in age but she seemed so much like me that the age thing never mattered. She was not the tallest, nor the shortest of women, she was a perfect height and a fantastic build, her legs were lithe and sexy – years of dancing had toned them up, her stomach was flat, her arse had a fantastic curvature almost perfect and her breasts… her breasts were incredible. Large and round and succulent… I just wanted to taste them. I suddenly caught myself and rushed back to my classroom hoping the day would pass quickly. I myself was not very tall – at the age of 21, I was 5’7” quite slim in build with a big smile and big round brown eyes. I had caught several of my sixth formers staring at me and it worried me to think about how they talked about me and my fellow teachers – knowing that I had only myself been in their shoes three or four years previously. I had to be careful about what I thought for the last period of the day. Year nine’s were a tricky bunch at the best of times, never mind when my head was over in miss Edrel’s office between her breasts, or better yet between those gorgeously sexy legs, licking her sweet pussy… I shook myself and carried on with teaching my class about Romeo And Juliet despite the fact that they clearly had no interest in what I was teaching them. I stuck on a youtube video and let the class run to an end, not even setting them any homework and as the bell went, I was racing across the grounds to get to Lara’s office. When I got there I saw her silhouette through the frosted glass on her door. I hesitated, taking in her gorgeous figure then, after a split second, I knocked. “Come in!” her voice floated through the door, it was music to my ears. As I pushed the door open I spoke “Hey Miss Edrel – you wanted to see me? Very nice with the det slip by the way!” I tried to act jovially, even though I was nervously excited and could feel my cock stiffening as I looked at her amazing body. She was wearing a figure hugging summer dress – her legs were bare, as were her feet so she had obviously removed her leggings which she would have been wearing all day and her full beautiful breasts were almost spilling out of the top of her dress. She flicked her strawberry blonde hair as she turned to look at me with her staggering green eyes and a smile on her face. She walked with a sway in her hips that I had never seen on any other woman and god dam it was sexy. “yes… I wanted to see you” she said in a silky voice, locking the door as she did so, “and by the look of things,” she gazed down at the solid lump that was my cock “you wanted to see me too!” I suddenly became very flustered, stumbling over my words “I – I can… I can explain!” She just giggled and said “explain what? That you’ve wanted to fuck me since we met? Oh hunny, I know… I wanted to see how long it would take you to make a move… but I got bored of waiting…” Before I knew what was happening, she had pulled down her dress so I could see her magnificent breasts fully for the first time – they were every bit as beautiful as I had imagined and then she had her hands in my boxers, pulling them down and grabbing my cock as she did so, sliding her hand up and down slowly at first. “well… it’s nice to meet you” she said, before swallowing all 8 and a half inches whole. I swear I almost came right there and then and my hands flew to the back of her head, pushing my cock as deep down her throat as I could and she grabbed hold of my thighs, before moving one hand to gently carress my balls as she deepthroated me. I moaned and she groaned as she throatfucked me. I was getting closer to orgasm and she could clearly tell this so she squeezed my balls harder and sucked me faster and faster until I groaned loudly and gripped her hair tight trying hard not to shout as there were still students milling around the building, I shot my load deep in her throat. She swallowed it all down, licking her lips. She stood up and covered up saying “well… that was definitely worth the wait… however… you owe me now!!!” I was too shocked to speak! She wrote something on a piece of paper and slipped it in my shirt pocket whispering in my ear “my address… swing by later tonight… I’ll have a real treat for you then… off you go!” And in a flash, I was out of her office, still dazed and amazed by what had just transpired… I rushed home unable to get my head around what had happened… Apparently, she had wanted me too! And had just been waiting for my play?!!? Well had I known that I would have acted a fuckload sooner!!! I ran up the stairs to my flat, fumbling with the keys before I finally managed to let myself in. I was met by my cat and I had to say “Sorry old friend, but I have another pussy to play with tonight!” The cat looked slightly hurt (if cat’s can look hurt) and stalked away with her tail in the air as if I’d personally insulted her. I’d buy her some tuna to make it up to her later, but right now, showering and getting back out was more important. I stripped down and turned the shower on, embracing the cold water before it finally turned to hot. I thought that the sheer cold might make me think twice about what I was going to do that evening but instead it only refocused my mind on what was going to happen. As I was washing myself, I thought about her lips wrapped around my cock and felt myself getting harder and harder. It was no good, I began to stroke myself, gently at first, the water crashing down around me. I was imagining her breasts enveloping my cock, her squeezing them tightly around it and sucking the end every time it went near those incredibly sexy lips. I stiffened even more as I thought about sliding my head between her pussy lips and how good she would taste… before I knew it, I had shot my load and it was washing away down the drain… Now all I had to do was wait for her text message to say she was ready for me to come over… Well that and get changed. The text message came whilst I was playing xbox. I felt my phone vibrate against my leg and almost dropped the controller. The text simply read “I’m waiting big boy ;) x” Well, I’d kept her waiting once, so it would be rude to do it again! I chucked on some jeans and a tee, grabbed my hoodie, keys and phone from the side and was out my door no more than three minutes after receiving that text. In my pocket was the piece of paper with her address on it. She only lived three or four streets away from me!!! I was getting nervous again but I was excited as well, the blood was pumping in my ears. It was an odd sensation, but I knew the blood would be pumping somewhere else soon enough. I arrived at her front door within about ten minutes and I rang the door bell. When she answered, my jaw almost hit the floor. She was stood there in a French maids outfit and black high heels. Again her breasts were almost fully out – the outfit made them look even bigger than they actually were and the skirt was so short that I was sure if she bent over I would see her panties. “Good evening sir” She said in the same silky voice she had used earlier. “Please… Come in”. I was more than happy to oblige and after I’d stepped across the threshold she shut the door behind me, spun me around and pulled me towards her. I kissed her passionately, my lips finding hers with incredible ease; our tongues were not far behind and we were exploring each others mouths. It wasn’t long before I was kissing down her neck, grazing my teeth, carefully, so as not to leave a mark – I knew what kids could be like in school and didn’t want her to have to face any of the flak she would get if she had a love bite – and I moved closer and closer to those incredible breasts. Finally, I managed to get my lips onto them kissing closer and closer to her nipples. It was just as I raised my hands to remove her top that she pushed me to my knees and forced my head towards her pussy. She didn’t need to force really but it felt good to be wanted down there… She smelt incredible, I could tell her juices were flowing but that didn’t stop me from sliding my tongue all the way up her pussy, teasing her arsehole before reaching the top and flicking over her already swollen clit. My teeth closed around it as my tongue began to swirl and stab and flick and my fingers plunged inside her. I could hear her moaning as I did this and a sudden surge of inspiration came to me. The next time I withdrew my fingers I slid one into her arsehole and two into her pussy, all the while my tongue and teeth working on her clit. This made her grind her hips towards my face and she began to moan faster as my fingers penetrated her two holes. My cock was throbbing but I didn’t stop; I wanted to repay her for earlier. It wasn’t long before I was going to get my reward – her moans got louder and quicker, her breathing more shallow; then, all of a sudden, her hands gripped my hair stupidly tightly and I could feel her pussy and arsehole tense around my fingers. I licked her until her orgasm subsided then she pulled me up and licked her juices off me. “Well,” she said “I guess that makes us even… Shall we get on with the evening’s entertainment? I thought we’d skip dinner, as you’ve just eaten and I intend to eat something myself a little later….” She winked as she finished her sentence, grabbed me by the hand and dragged me towards what I could only assume was her bedroom. What I saw upon entering her bedroom shocked and excited me all at once. Attached to the four bed posts were shackles and laying in the middle of the bed was a huge red dildo… Must have been at least ten inches. I was wondering what was about to happen but realised that with Lara, I would be able to explore a sexual side of myself that I had never been able to before. Whilst I was taking in what I saw on the bed, Lara began to strip and I realised she wasn’t only pantiless, but braless too. I watched as she got completely naked, bending down to take off her heels and showing me her beautiful trimmed pussy and her arsehole, still pink from the assault against the door earlier. As she took off her second shoe she spoke. “I can see from the look in your eye you’re a little surprised… but from the look of your trousers excited too!” She laughed softly as I looked down and saw that my cock was as stiff as iron. She walked over to me and kissed me as she had earlier, this time sliding her hands up my top and dragging her nails down my chest. The pain felt good in a twisted kind of way and just as I found myself wanting more and my cock throbbing, she stopped. She took my top off and unzipped my jeans, pulling them and my boxers down but waiting for me to remove them fully as she wandered back to the bed, perching on the edge. I clumsily removed the rest of my clothing and almost sprinted over to her. “Woah there!” She said, “I want you to do something to me…” “Anything!” I replied. “I want you, to take this big red dildo, and force it down my throat… then, I want you to put it in my arse and fuck me hard from behind… I want you to treat me like your little slut, all my holes, are yours… I want you to use and abuse me… all I ask, is that this dildo is in my arse for the first few orgasms and after we’ve fucked once… you chain me up. Other than that, you have free reign. Deal?” My response was to grab the dildo and her throat, almost in the same action. Squeezing her throat I said “Open up.” She obliged almost instantly and I relinquished my grip slightly sliding the dildo in, inch by inch to her wide open mouth watching as she took it just as easily as she had taken my cock earlier on that day. When she had it all the way in I held her throat tighter, closing my fingers so she could barely breathe. She began to cough and splutter and I again loosened my grip and began to remove the dildo from her throat, before ramming it deeper again and making her gag and splutter from the surprise. I smirked, pleased that I had caught her out and this time as I removed the dildo from her throat I brought it all the way out, telling her to bend over. She obliged almost instantly and I forced her head into the bed before spreading her perfectly rounded arse cheeks. I spat on her arsehole to make it wet then slid three fingers inside her straight away. She bucked slightly then stayed still. I’d never done anything to anyone’s areshole before tonight, so I was very excited to have free reign over it after fucking her like this… I pulled my fingers out and before putting the dildo inside her, I shoved them in her mouth and she willingly sucked them clean. I began teasing her anus with the dildo before she slowly but surely squeezed it in. This time she did buck and moan and rock onto it, her moans getting louder as it got deeper and deeper. I pulled it out about half way before slamming it back inside her, making her yelp with a mix of surprise and pleasure once again. I smiled again realising what I was about to do and I slid my fingers inside her dripping wet pussy, making her moan and slide her hips backwards and forwards. It didn’t take long til my cock was solid again and I pulled my fingers out and slid it in slowly, inch by inch, just like I had the dildo. Her pussy felt wonderful around my cock, warm, tight and wet… Just perfect. She moaned louder and louder as my cock went in and out of her, slowly and gently at first but then faster and harder and faster still, our hips moving in a rhythmical movement. Suddenly she said “Spank me!” So I pulled my hand back and spanked her. “What the fuck was that, are you man or mouse? I said fucking SPANK ME!!!” She screamed the last two words as my cock drilled into her again, this time I was taking no prisoners, I pulled my hand back as far as I could and brought it crashing down on her arse cheek. The noise was incredible but nowhere near as incredible as the one she made after I made contact and my cock slipped deeper. “mmmmm fuck yeah! Keep going you’re getting me close!” My hand stung from the spank but it was a good sensation so I did the same to her other arse cheek. She moaned again and our movements became faster and more intense, as we drew closer to orgasm I brought my hands round to her front, squeezing those beautiful breasts hard and pinching her nipples, making her squeal with delight, then, my fingers found their way to her clit. I could see the dildo poking out of her anus as my cock rammed her pussy again and again and my fingers assaulted her clit. Without warning she cried “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she bucked so hard into my hips that it made me shoot my load deep inside her. We rode out our orgasms together then I forced her onto the bed and shackled her up, once she was in place I slid my cock into her mouth and began licking her clit again, so we were in the 69 position. Once again she took my cock with little resistance all the way down her throat moaning onto me this time as I licked her throbbing clit again assaulting it with my teeth and sliding my fingers inside her, letting the dildo in her arse keep that hole filled. I was about to do something I’d wanted to do all night, I turned around and put my cock between her tits, squeezing them together around it and began fucking her chest. Just as I had imagined, she began taking the tip of my cock in her mouth everytime she could reach it and kept telling me how good it felt between her tits. This turned me on immensely, however I decided to release my grip on one of her breasts, holding them both with one hand covering my cock and the other hand once again closed around her throat. Her moans turned to simply squeaks as her airways closed and I moved down her body, sliding my cock inside her widely stretched pussy with ease once again. She tried to moan but again she could only squeak and barely breathe as my cock was pounding her pussy for the second time that evening, this time with me on top of her, feeling those glorious breasts against my chest, her erect nipples rubbing against my body as I fucked her harder and harder. I watched her face as I fucked her and I could see the joy she felt from having her breathing restricted and her pussy pounded, and I kept it up, pulling my cock all the way out of her, before slamming it back in, harder and faster I pounded and tighter and tighter I squeezed, until I saw her eyes glaze over, at which point, I let go of her throat and instead began attacking her boobs. I slapped each one in turn hard, then bit down on each one of her nipples like I had done her clit earlier on, and flicked my tongue, ramming her pussy continuously with my throbbing cock. I began removing the dildo from her anus whilst flicking her nipples with my tongue and grazing them with my teeth and then rammed it back in, three maybe four times before pulling it all the way out of her and stopping my attack on her nippled just to slide it down her throat again. Before she could so much as moan, I had removed my cock from her tight pussy and slammed it into her now massively stretched arsehole. The feeling was sheer ecstasy. Her arse clenched as soon as my cock was in there and I couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure as I felt the joys of anal sex for the first time. I couldn’t help but think how fucking hot she looked with my cock in her arse, a dildo down her throat and her pussy dripping both of our cum… I took the dildo out of her throat and slid it inside her pussy, once again allowing my hand to tighten round her throat, after slapping her face hard. She moaned loudly again and I slapped her again with my free hand, then concentrated on fucking her slutty little arsehole. It felt so good to be burying my cock deep in her anus I couldn’t help but feel my balls tighten and me get closer to orgasm. I didn’t know how many times she had cum so far but I could tell she was getting insane pleasure from what was going on and her hips were moving as much as her restraints would allow. She managed to whisper “Cum… in … my … arsehole … please… fill me…!” She didn’t need to ask me twice, no sooner had the words left her lips, my balls tightened totally and my load went inside her again, making her let out a low stifled moan and me a loud groan. This is what I had been missing… I wouldn’t be missing it again!!! I continued fucking her arsehole for a few minutes, then as I pulled out, I pulled the dildo out of her pussy and pushed back into her anus, not allowing my cum to escape. I clambered up the bed and fucked her throat again to get myself hard once more. I was in no way done with fucking this stunning specimen of the female gender. Once I was fully hard again I rushed back to the end of the bed, and slid my cock in her pussy, thrusting gently whilst I undid the shackles around her ankles. She gave me a quizzical look but I slapped her round the face again before she could speak and slammed my other hand into her throat making the words catch before she could say anything. I pounded her pussy a few times to make her slip back into the reverie she was in before and then I let go of her throat again, put her legs onto my shoulders and then leaned forward, making the most of her flexibility and putting them on her shoulders, fucking her as deep as I could, I also made sure her dildo was as deep as that could go too, before I resumed choking and fucking her, my free hand rubbing her clit. Her hips bucked and she came again and again, but as I had already cum four times throughout the day, I could go for ages. I spanked her hard and rammed her dildo in and out of her arse with my free hand making her squeal again and again with pleasure until finally, I felt my balls begin to tighten again. I moved her legs back to be flat on the bed, climbed up again and unshackled her hands, I slapped her again and said “squeeze your tits together, I’m gonna cum all over them” she did as she was told and as I fucked he magnificent breasts I pulled her dildo out of arse and slid it down her throat again. She moaned onto it as my cock slipped between her breasts – her pussy juices were still dripping off me as I was between her tits. She moaned louder and louder bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, before finally with one final thrust, I shot my load all over her chest moaning as I did so. I rolled off her, exhausted, but she wasn’t done. She pulled the dildo out of her mouth and ate up all my cum. She attempted to clamber on top of me but I whispered “not tonight… I need a break!” She looked stunned, but nodded and proceeded to fuck herself with her dildo until she came one more time. Then she went and had a shower, inviting me in but I said “Let’s save something for next time” with a wink and a smile. She laughed and went to shower and when she was done, I did the same. We slept together naked, our hands exploring each other’s bodies before we slept, I knew that from now on, life at Pembury High and life with Lara were about to get a whole lot sexier… TO BE CONTINUED… The Teacher’s Tale Part 2. It had been nearly a week since I first fucked Lara, the Dance Teacher at Pembury High – the school I also teach English at. Life could not have been better since then. Whenever we saw each other in the corridor we would smile knowingly and nod in recognition of the other – knowing that in a few hours time we would be at either one of our houses, fucking each other senseless. I couldn’t help but smile remembering one such moment during the Saturday sex session; she had had all three of her glorious holes completely and utterly violated. I was close to finishing as I pounded both her pussy and anus in turn, trying to make myself cum, she was moaning loudly and egging me on, she wanted it, I could tell she wanted it she was almost begging me to cum inside her. Never not wanting to surprise, I threw her too her knees, grabbed her throat and fucked her face hard and fast, knowing she could take me all the way in. She even stuck her tongue out to tease my balls when my cock was buried in her throat. This brought me closer than ever and just as I felt my cock stiffen completely and my balls tighten I pulled out of her mouth and shot my load all over her face and chest. When she opened her eyes and began licking her lips and cleaning herself off, she looked incredibly pleased with herself and rather happy that her face and chest had got a glazing of my cum. She did look fucking hot with my cum all over her… It’s a picture that will stay with me forever. I once again found myself heading to the staff room at lunchtime, to grab my lunch from my locker, when all of a sudden, I felt a tug on my sleeve. I turned in bewilderment, but this soon turned to delight as I saw Lara peeking out of a broom cupboard and shaking the keys at me. I shook my head, double checked no one could see me and I slipped inside. I heard the lock click and as soon as it did I had her up against the door kissing her passionately, my tongue sliding inside her mouth, my hand flying to her crotch to find her once again pantiless underneath her summer dress. I slipped my fingers inside her and used my thumb to massage her clit as she unzipped my trousers and began rubbing my quickly stiffening cock through my boxers. Her lips moved around to my ear which she bit down on hard, making me slam my fingers inside her faster and harder and begin to tease her anus with my little finger, knowing how much she wanted it inside her and how much she enjoyed it, but not wanting to cave to her that quickly. Next thing I knew, she was on her knees in front of me, taking me deep into her throat. “Oh no you don’t!” I whispered at her in what was a low growl. I picked her up by the throat, slammed her back into the door, and lifted one of her legs onto my shoulders, (her being a dancer was handy and sexy), and slipped my hard and now wet cock easily into her dripping pussy. She let out a moan as my cock and her cunt moved together in perfect harmony and I could feel the warmth and the familiar tightness of her beautiful pussy as my big, thick, hard cock powered in and out of her. She moaned louder and louder and I could feel her nails dragging down my back, spurring me on. I could see the familiar signs of her getting close; her chest was heaving, her breathing had become ragged and irregular and she had begun gripping and clawing at my shoulders trying to bring me closer to her as I was fucking her. I slammed my cock into her again and again pulling nearly all the way out apart from my head and then ramming it back inside her as fast and hard as I could, sliding my hands down her back to her arse, I slipped two fingers inside her anus too and this, it seemed, was enough to push her over the edge. She bit her lip to stop herself screaming, helped by my hand quickly closing around her throat to stifle any other noise that could come out, and she clawed my shoulders so hard I was almost certain she drew blood. When her pussy relaxed around my cock, I once again forced her to her knees and felt her lips lock around my cock, the familiar, amazing feeling as my cock went deep down her throat and she held me in there, massaging my balls waiting for me to cum. It didn’t take long before I too had reached climax and she’d swallowed it all down. She retrieved her panties from a box on a shelf just behind me and before she could put them on, I snatched them off her and said “I think I’ll keep these… I’m coming to pay you a visit later and I don’t want any obstacles!” She looked slightly annoyed at first, then I saw the now familiar playful look she got in her eye when she thought about us having sex and she said “Fine. If you want all the year 9 boys to see the pussy you enjoy fucking so much!” She made to unlock and go out of the door, but I used my body to block her and pin her up against the door again, this time her face up against the wood. Her breathing became shallow again as she felt my cock between her arse cheeks. “Don’t be so disgusting or so silly… we both know that pussy is mine and no one else’s… although, I’d be willing to share with your new intern, maybe you should get her to wait in your office after school today…” The playful look in her eye suddenly turned to a fire of desire, there was a sudden sparkle in them as if to say “oh my god yes.” Instead, what she actually said was “I’ll meet you in my office at four. Give me a bit of time to lull her into a false sense of security.” I spanked her as hard as I could and dared with students just milling about outside the door then said “You’re a filthy little slut… And I love it. See you at four.” And with a quick peck on the neck, I allowed her to leave the cupboard. It wasn’t long before I followed her, sniffing her panties before I left the cupboard and stuffing them in my pocket, making sure that the red lace could not be seen from any angle. The rest of the day flew by and when 3 o’clock came and the bell rang, I stayed in my classroom, claiming to be doing some marking. In fairness, I was actually doing some marking, but my mind was far from it. I’m sure I even missed a misspelling of “their” as “there” (shocking behaviour for an English teacher), but I didn’t care – Lara was seducing her intern and hopefully, I’d be fucking them both very shortly. At five to four, my phone buzzed on the table. I dropped my pen and picked it up as soon as I heard it and saw the words “Sorted. Come and get us!” Once again, I was rushing through the now thankfully deserted corridors towards Lara’s office. When I got there I could hear giggling, I stopped outside for a second, trying to decipher whether it was Lara or Kellie, and then when I heard a voice I didn’t recognise and the same musical laugh, I knew it was Lara. Seemed like her laugh was just as beautiful as the rest of her. I smiled to myself and then steeled myself for what I knew was about to happen, what I had orchestrated, and walked boldly through the office door. “Afternoon ladies!” I said as I walked in. Lara looked up and smiled at me, but Kellie looked confused. Lara chucked me the keys to her door and said “Draw the blind as well hunny, we don’t want anyone else to see this!” The look on Kellie’s face darkened even more. She started to speak “wh..what’s going on here?!?!” She stuttered. “Well,” Lara said in a sing song sort of voice, “we’ve noticed how… gorgeous you are… and we wanted to exploit that… and we wanted to do it right now… in my office. Okay?” Kellie looked taken aback but before she had a chance to answer Lara was kissing her and caressing her breasts, almost straddling her in the chair. Kellie seemed to struggle for a minute or two but then Lara slid her hand up Kellie’s leg and began rubbing her pussy through her leggings and Kellie started to moan softly into Lara’s mouth. Lara began kissing down Kellie’s body before stopping and looking at me saying “Well come on then! This was your idea!” I couldn’t help but laugh as I stripped off my shirt, trousers and boxers then walked over to the two gorgeous women making out with each other. Lara had begun to strip Kellie, her top and bra was already on the floor and now Lara was working on her leggings. I looked down at Kellie and saw her stunning figure. She was very lithe and skinny but had big breasts too, not quite as big as Lara’s but big enough to stand out in a crowd. She had a very flat stomach and incredibly slim legs. Her pussy was beautifully shaved and was glistening with Lara’s saliva and her own wetness from being so turned on. I looked at her face and saw that it was slightly long but not unattractive – she was pretty in a quirky, alternative way. She had deep brown eyes that you could just fall into and she would definitely be a hit in the clubs with all the horny boys. She could be no older than eighteen. For a split second, I felt wrong doing this to her, but then, I heard her let out a loud moan of pleasure as Lara’s tongue found her clit and then my cock stiffened again and found its way into her wide open mouth. She couldn’t take it as deep as Lara could but as soon as I put it in there I felt the cold metal of her tongue stud on my head and this instantly turned me on even more. She was moaning on to my cock as Lara attacked her pussy with her tongue and gagging every so often when my cock hit the back of her throat. She brought her hand up to start jerking me off, but I pushed it away, holding the back of her head and fucking her face as hard as I was about to fuck her pussy. I pulled out of her mouth and kissed her gently before moving behind Lara and beginning to lick her sodden pussy. She had been rubbing herself whilst fingering and licking Kellie’s pussy and was already absolutely dripping wet, but I added my own saliva to the mix, first of all sticking my tongue in her arsehole then sliding it all the way up her pussy to her clit, sliding my fingers into both holes simultaneously making her moan onto Kellie’s pussy. I felt her begin to buck her hips against my fingers and tongue and I spanked her, leaving a massive red mark on her arse, the ones I’d left before only just fading. I pulled away and said “swap with Kellie… I wanna taste her and fuck her… get her to lick you out… her tongue is amazing!” Lara could barely speak so she helped me move Kellie to the floor and then Lara knelt over her face, I watched as she felt the tongue stud against her pussy for the first time and she moaned louder then she had all day as I began to assault Kellie’s clit, pussy and arsehole. I began to slide my fingers in and out of her just like I did with Lara, and she squirmed a little at first, but then her hips began to buck just like Lara’s had… Turns out she was just as much of a slut as Lara was… I felt my cock stiffen and I looked at Lara’s face, it was contorted into the look of sheer pleasure that occurred just as she was cumming. Good, I thought to myself. Out loud I said “Lara, 69 her whilst I fuck her pussy.. I want you to be able to take both of us in your mouth…” Lara obediently bent forward and I heard a spank as Kellie got more into what was happening. I knelt up and felt Lara suck me into her gorgeous mouth and all the way to the back of her throat again, just to prove her supremacy at giving head, then forced my cock into Kellie’s tiny tight pussy. She almost screamed into Lara’s pussy as my cock penetrated her time and again with Lara’s tongue lapping at her clit. Every so often Lara would stop to cum all over Kellie’s face again and then keep licking her. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm and for the first one, I wanted them both to suck me off. So I put Lara to her knees and told Kellie to do the same. They both willingly obliged. They took it in turns to suck my dick and balls respectively, first Lara on my cock showing Kellie just what she could do, then Kellie trying to imitate her and gagging so using her hand to compensate. This brought me close to orgasm and when I said “I’m gonna cum!!!” They both opened their mouths wide and my load shot across both their faces. They spent the next five minutes cleaning each other up, then sucking me til I was hard again. This time Lara was going to be fucked by me whilst Kellie licked her clit. They swapped positions and I began to fuck Lara’s sweet pussy looking into Kellie’s eyes as I did so. She looked so helpless, being fucked by two people she respected and worked with and yet she had the look in her eyes that begged for more. So I told Lara to destroy her arsehole, which apparently she started doing as Kellie started squealing and flicking her tongue over Lara’s clit as my cock pounded in and out. We stayed in like this for what felt like hours; my cock in Kellie’s mouth, then back in Lara’s pussy, then her arse then back in her pussy again, before finally, I pulled out of Lara’s pussy, pulled Kellie towards me and rammed my cock into her mouth spurting four or five times before finally being done. The two sexy dance teachers kissed and shared my cum then licked each other clean, before the three of us collapsed in a heap on the floor. After what felt like an age I stood up and said “We best get dressed and out of here before the cleaner’s turn up… we could all lose our jobs!” Lara gave me a sour look that said simply ‘I wasn’t finished!!!!’ So I carried on “Lara hunny, I’ll make it upto you this evening… I’ll be round yours in an hour… Kellie… Would you be willing to do something like this again? You’re incredibly sexy and I for one enjoyed tasting and fucking you very much…” Kellie seemed taken aback, but she nodded a couple of times. I smiled at the two of them sat there totally naked and couldn’t help but feel aroused again. “Lara, I’ll be at yours in 90 minutes…” I said as I finished getting dressed “you two… best finish up here!” I finished with a laugh as I unlocked the door and headed out to go home and shower. Sure enough, after waiting around for twenty or so seconds, I heard the lock click and soft moans issuing from the room once again. Fighting every fibre of my being, I left the drama class room and headed for my flat. I had a wild evening in planned for Lara, and I hoped it’d be one she’d never forget. * Ninety minutes later, I rang the doorbell to Lara’s house. She took a little while to answer but when she did she was just stood in her white dressing gown, swinging the tie in one hand. She was blocking the way in. “That was a nasty thing you did earlier… Leaving me and poor Kellie while I was still so horny…” “Lara, you’re always horny… now if you don’t move out the way and let me in, you won’t be able to have my cock again tonight now will you?” I said with a cheeky smile. She pretended to mull it over then said “This had better be good yano… You owe me!!!” I simply smiled and walked in, heading straight to her bedroom, undressing as I got there. She was right behind me and she helped remove my trousers as I slid her gown off her sleek body. “Lara.. This may be an odd question, but how many dildos do you have?” She looked slightly taken aback and then replied “At last count… twelve. Why?” “No reason, Just get me your two biggest or thickest ones.. There’s a good girl.” She looked at me again in a quizzical fashion, but did as she was told and got her dildos out. She placed them on the bed next to her then said “Well… What are you waiting for?!” I leapt across the room to where she was laying and instantly picked up the red dildo from the week before. I began sliding it up and down her pussy gently and teasingly at first just to get her wet and excited and she tugged at my hair as I did so, meaning that she wanted more already and for me to hurry up. I looked up at her whilst rubbing this dildo up and down her pussy and circling it around her entrance and she was getting more and more agitated, before her eyes widened as I slipped it inside her moving it in and out gently at first then faster and faster. She began to squeeze her breasts then moved one hand to her clit which she started to rub, matching my rhythm with the dildo. It didn’t take long before she was moaning loudly and I was getting excited. Now was to come the fun part. I pulled the dildo all the way out of her pussy and then deliberately turned her over. I spread her arse cheeks wide and slid the now soaking wet dildo deep into her arse. She once again moaned and gripped the bedsheets but she stayed still, not quite sure what was about to happen. I spanked her for good measure, then took up her second dildo. This one was a dark blue, not quite as long as the other one, but a bit thicker. This time I took no prisoners, slamming it straight into her pussy. She let out a cry of surprise and pleasure then I slid underneath her and she began sucking on my cock for what felt like a heavenly millionth time that day and I began to clamp my teeth down on her clit, flicking my tongue between them. It didn’t take long to get me supremely hard, so I spanked her, pushed her down flat onto the bed and lined my cock up with her pussy. Her dildo was still buried deep inside her and she felt me brush my cock up against her pussy once or twice. She started to say “Oh, My, God.” But never got beyond “Oh” ‘cos as soon as she started speaking, I slammed my cock into her pussy, along with her dildo. The feeling of the rubber was an odd one on my cock, but not unpleasant as the fake and my real cock worked inside her, she began to moan incredibly loudly. Seemed like she loved having her pussy stretched to the limits. I pulled out and flipped her over. I wanted to see the look on her face as the two cocks worked inside her pussy. I wasn’t disappointed. Once again she was biting her lip this time so hard a slight trickle of blood began to slide down her face. She didn’t seem to care. The pleasure of having two cocks in her pussy was so intense she was just focussing on her orgasm. It wasn’t long til I felt her pussy clench and her legs wrap around me. It was the tightest it had ever been during orgasm and she screamed the loudest she had ever screamed. I had to stop thrusting just to keep myself from cumming inside her. I wasn’t ready yet . her arsehole needed the same treatment as her pussy. She seemed to read my mind, as both her legs were moved to my shoulders by what seemed to be a mutual unspoken agreement, and I spread her arsecheeks wide once again, squeezing my cock inside her. I thought her pussy had been tight, but this… this was incredible. Every movement felt like it was gonna make me explode. Lara kept wincing, I couldn’t tell whether it was with pain or pleasure but she grabbed my hips and made me thrust harder so I guessed it was pleasure. She couldn’t hold on for long though and it wasn’t long til she had another screaming orgasm. This time, I came as well, filling her arsehole even more than it already was. I kept thrusting until I was done, moaning and groaning as I did so, then rolled over to lie next to her. She pulled both her toys out of herself and began licking them clean. I didn’t think it possible, but this made me even hornier than I had been all day, watching her lick her and my cum off of those cocks… She then proceeded to do the same to mine at which point I said “all better now?” She looked at me with her staggering green eyes and said “No… I need to clean you properly!” And with that she held onto my cock and dragged me to her bathroom where she turned on the shower. We began fumbling around with the soap, having a bit of a laugh to begin with, lathering each other up and washing each other down, doing the generic couply thing in the shower. Then I pulled the shower head off of its attachment and plunged the whole thing deep into her pussy, whilst it was switched on. She nearly cried with pleasure and I began fucking her arsehole again using the water from the shower and my spit as a lube. She couldn’t keep the shower head inside her for long however, so I pulled out of her arse hole, pressed her face against the glass, and began fucking her pussy, holding the power shower over her clit. This really did drive her wild and she was trying to claw at the glass, anything to show the pleasure she was feeling. Before too long, I abandoned the shower head completely and we fucked as we had in the broom cupboard earlier, before she propped herself up between the wall and the glass of the shower door and I fucked her in a sitting position. She had to have me hold her up on several occasions as she lost her grip when she came, but everytime she did she dug her nails into me urging me on. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load inside her, burying my cock into her swollen dripping wet pussy, and once again she dutifully sucked me clean, looking at me the whole time. After this we actually showered properly, giving each other a proper wash and clean and then had fun towelling each other off. This gave me another idea. I curled the towel and whipped her on the arse. She screamed and then tried to fight back, but I knew as well as she did if I kept whipping her, it would turn her on again and she soon submitted and begged “Take me back to the bedroom… I want to fuck you again before we sleep!” This girl was a machine!!! We went back to the bedroom, naked and hand in hand and this time she placed me on the bed. “I want a bit of control now!” She said and before I could do anything, she had lowered her pussy on to my cock and she was grinding against me. I couldn’t help but let out a groan as I watched her tits bounce up and down whilst she was fucking my cock – the feeling was amazing, and I could feel how deep I was going inside her, the gravity of her being on top helping with the force of our sex. She clawed down my chest occasionally and I reached up to squeeze those magnificent breasts. I sat up and began biting all down her body and neck as far as I could reach but she slapped me and pushed me back down, before standing up turning round and fucking me in reverse cowgirl. I began spanking her arse and clawing down her back but this just made her bounce up and down on me faster and harder. I reached around and began rubbing her massively swollen clit and she started moaning and groaning and reached her hands round to claw at my face and tug my hair. I started to match her rhythm with my cock pounding in and out of her as her pussy lifted up and down onto it. The feeling was ecstasy for the pair of us and I could already feel my balls tightening once again despite the amount of times I’d cum already that day. I squeezed her breasts together and with one final push, I began to cum inside her pussy once again. She rode out mine and her orgasm as mine had set her off then she continued to ride me for a little while before she was fully satisfied and clambered off, joining me in laying on the bed. I looked at her and smiled. “I like this new arrangement we have!” I said laughing. She looked at me for a long time before saying “Me too… I just wish you’d done thing’s sooner!” I nodded trying not to laugh. And then she said “And next time we have a threesome, I want two cocks, you hear me? Otherwise it’s not fair! Today you got two pussies, two mouths and four breasts! I got one cock!” I tried to defend myself “HEY, you got Kel’s tongue too!!!” But she was having none of it. “Fine,” I finally conceded “You find a guy, and we’ll have a threesome with him…” If truth be told, I did wanna try both ways, and I knew from what happened earlier tonight she’d love to have more than one cock inside her at a time… maybe even having two in each hole… She rolled over, grabbed her phone and texted someone saying she knew just the guy. I smiled then kissed her on the lips. “Night Lara… Try not to wake me up too early…” “You’re the one that always wakes me up!” She said laughing “You always prod me in the side or the back with that thing down there!!” We both fell about laughing, and started to go to sleep, both thinking about what the next couple of days and sexual encounters would bring! TO BE CONTINUED. The Teacher’s Tale Part 3 “Fuck.. Fuuuuuucccckkkkkk!!!!” This was the sound being made by the gorgeous girl I was fucking and had been for the last few weeks as my balls collided with her anus whilst I pounded her pussy as hard and fast as my small frame would allow. She was clawing down my back (I couldn’t count the number of scratches I had accumulated), but nothing was going to stop me. I brought my hand down upon her face and thrust deep into her again as I shot my load into her pussy again. I felt her tighten around me as I did so and she dug her nails in as deep as she could as she too let her orgasm go. “Fuck me.” She said, “That was good!” I smiled wryly at her. I couldn’t help but feel that I needed to spice things up some what – Lara had such a huge sexual appetite that I felt I had to whet it somewhat just to keep her satisfied. She was the best thing I had ever had or experienced sexually but if I was to slip up then I would lose her forever. “Hunny… Whats up?” She asked looking at me with a worried look in her eye. “Wasn’t I good enough?” She seemed so downtrodden and disheartened that I just couldn’t bare it. “No of course not gorgeous you were amazing as ever… It’s just…” She looked at me “Just..?” she egged me on. “Nothing… We’re going away for a weekend. I’ll book us the hotel tomorrow morning and we’ll go tomorrow afternoon and just have a fuck fest somewhere different yeah?” I finished beaming down at her. She smiled back and said “OKAY! Anything you want me to bring???” “No,” I said “just let me pack a bag for you before I leave and then you have to bring it… but no peeking!” She smiled and said “Oooo you’re so sexy when you’re mysterious…” As she said this she sauntered towards the bathroom. “Coming…again?” She winked and I… I couldn’t refuse. “You bet your life I am.” And I sprinted after her taking her into the shower once again. * Lara was driving and listening to the instructions the Sat Nav we had christened “Sally” was giving her. We had gone as far away from Pembury as we could get without it having to take us a whole day to travel. We did stop at a service station and yes, we did have a quickie in the backseats of the car where a policeman came and knocked on the window and I thought we were going to get arrested til Lara asked him if he’d like to join in and bring his female partner over to as well and he looked kind of sheepish and said “don’t do it again” and ran off back to his bike. This was a source of great amusement for a good hour of the journey we both fell about laughing Lara trying to concentrate on the drive after I had made her legs shake from the sex we had had not too long before. The bags I had packed were sat in the boot full of toys and other things that I wanted to use on Lara later that evening and she had kept badgering me about what was in there but I just smiled and would say “Wait and see” and go back to reading my book. When we reached the hotel I gave the name that I had booked it under and then I ran upstairs with Lara. I could tell she was horny as she couldn’t keep still and I smirked as we got into the room and the first thing she did was throw off her clothes, sprawl on the bed and say in her sexy little voice “Come and get me big boy…” An offer like that one did not refuse. I went over to the bed, taking my top off as I did so and making sure that I had locked the door. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign swung lazily on the wrong side of the handle as my face fell into Lara’s pussy. Her legs spread wide and my tongue dived inside her, my fingers slipping into her arse hole. “Oooh… It’s been too long…” She moaned quietly gripping my hair hard and pulling me deeper into her pussy my nose rubbing against her engorged clit. She smelt and tasted amazing as ever and my cock was rock solid as my tongue moved in and out of her and swirled inside her, my fingers pumping her anus and my free hand squeezing each of her magnificent breasts in turn. I pulled my tongue out of her deciding my cock needed to be buried balls deep inside her and I rolled her legs up so her knees were by her face. She just went with it and allowed me to slide my cock deep into her pussy whilst I perched on her thighs. I dipped my cock in and out of her faster and faster deeper and deeper my balls against her clit, bouncing on it and making her moan gently every time my cock buried itself inside her. She was moaning and clawing my back again and squeezing my arse trying to make me cum. I pulled out of her pussy and deliberately missed, slamming my big wet cock into her arsehole making her scream with pleasure and pain all at once and she rocked backwards hard. I pulled out and forced her legs as far back and as far wide as they could go and began to pound her arsehole hard and fast so much so she began to cry with pain as I plunged deeper, harder and faster than I had ever done before. She screamed as she reached orgasm and this spurred me on, making me slide four fingers inside her pussy, spread as wide as they could making her close her eyes and moan even louder as my cock and fingers worked in tandem to bring her closer to another orgasm. She was moaning and groaning and pushing her holes onto my appendages. She groaned as another orgasm hit her and my balls began to tighten up. This was a now very familiar feeling every time Lara and I were in a room together. I pulled out of her arse hole and began to pull her down but I didn’t need to. She was on her knees in a flash and taking me in her mouth, this time thought only sucking my head and jerking the shaft faster and faster. She kept eye contact the whole time and began to swirl her tongue on my tip. This was nearly enough to set me off except she decided to swallow me whole then slide all the way back up my cock and play with the tip again. This sent me into overdrive and I shot my load deep into her throat which she swallowed and sucked up greedily. I looked down at her and stroked her hair smiling. She smiled back and licked her lips her tongue smacking against them as if to say “give me more!” I couldn’t believe this girl. She was utterly amazing in every aspect. Sexy and a sexaholic. Perfect. Instead of giving her what she wanted however I went into one of the bags and pulled out a slutty police officers uniform, some stockings and some heels. “Why don’t you go get a bath… and then come out wearing this? And then the room will be ready for you and us and our… session for later…” I said with a wink. She hurriedly took the clothes and shoes off of me and went into the bathroom. I heard the lock click and said “You better use the shower head on your clit cos if I don’t hear you moaning I’m not gonna fuck you later!” She made a noise that sounded like “Duh.” And I laughed as I prepared the room, picking up the phone and calling room service. “Hi, Yeah, I’d like to order some food up to the room… and could you please make sure it’s a guy that brings it up? My… girlfriend is fussy about who brings her food!” I hung up the phone and began to light the red candles I’d brought. They would go nuts downstairs if they found out I had candles but I didn’t want them to be lit for too long. I grinned as I lay out her toys on the bed along with two sets of handcuffs, a whip, a blindfold and two of her leather shackles. I grinned as I heard her moaning loudly (even if she was faking it, she had at least tried to please, and lets face it, she was such a nympho she probably was using the showerhead on her clit like I’d asked), and finished laying everything out, sitting on the bed in just my boxer shorts waiting for her to come out of the bathroom in her outfit. I wasn’t waiting long. Out she stepped of the bathroom and it took every bit of self control to stop my jaw hitting the floor. This unfortunately for me meant that my cock was unattended and sprang to life at the sight of her. Her full beautiful breasts flowing out over the top of the far too tight policewoman’s top cum dress her stockings finishing just below the bottom of the outfit, her legs looking sleeker and sexier than ever in the heels that I’d given her. She had a cap on hiding the top of her head and she looked up at me from under the peak. She gazed around the room. “I think I’ll have to place you under arrest. For having a too hard cock and for not fucking me quickly enough.” And upon seeing the candles she added “And for being a romantic fuck.” She swayed towards me and dropped to her knees, literally ripping the boxers off me and took me into her mouth for the second time that evening. I pulled her top down slightly and her breasts fell free and I looked down to see my cock almost between them. It was like she read my mind and slid her breasts around my cock, sucking it occasionally to make it wetter and to allow it to slide better between them. It was at one such moment that there was a knock on the door and I forced her to swallow my cock, lodging it at the back of her throat and shouting in a clear voice “Come in. I’m in the bathroom. Come and leave it on the bed.” In walked the guy I had asked for to come and deliver me the food I’d requested. He saw what was happening and made to run out but I shouted “WAIT!” And he stopped. “Do you not find my girlfriend sexy?” He looked and I could see a definite bulge in his pants. “We don’t have any money to tip you with… So let us tip you another way… A very good way… Let her fuck you…” He looked again. I looked down at her and whispered “Pull up your dress hunny” Which she did so with incredible speed, spreading her legs ever so slightly to give him a full view of her pussy. Within seconds he was behind her, his cock out and sliding into her pussy from behind. She moaned onto my cock, her vocal chords vibrating against my head and I smiled down at her and whispered “surprise!” All she could do was moan as the hotel boy slid his cock in and out of her. She took me out of her mouth and began to jerk me hard and fast but I pulled her hand away and said “On the bed. Both of you. Lara, on top of me…” She obeyed and I slid my cock into her arse while the other guy slipped his cock inside her pussy. In tandem we began to fuck her holes. I reached around and began squeezing her throat as both our cocks filled her as deep as they could. He was moving fast and hard as was I and I could tell he was squeezing her breasts and I could feel him pulsing and throbbing inside her every time he thrusted inside her she bucked her hips and I could feel her grind her anus onto my cock. She tried to moan but I squeezed almost all of the breath out of her throat and she bucked harder and harder and I smiled, releasing her throat slightly so she could breathe and she let out a long loud moan. After she orgasmed I told her to turn around and let him fuck her arse hole. She did as she was told and got on her knees before laying face down on top of me, my cock inside her pussy and he was just about to slip into her anus before I said “put the red one in her first” He looked down at the bed and saw the red dildo “oh and pass me the blue!” He looked and saw them both next to each other… He thought for a split second then slid the red dildo deep into her arse causing her to moan gently and passed me the blue dildo, which I slid into her pussy alongside my cock. I looked at her and said “Four cocks you little whore. You’re taking four cocks. And you’re going to cum harder than you ever have and it’s all because of me. You are mine and I own you and your pussy and the only reason you’re being fucked by all four cocks is because of me.” Before she could answer my hand reached her throat again and the other nameless guy slid his cock into her anus along with the red dildo and I could feel the scream build then die in her throat as my hand caught it. Both of our cocks worked her pussy and my spar hand worked on her clit. I could feel her pussy close around my cock and tighten again and again as she came repeatedly from having the four cocks – two real, two fake in her slutty holes and I could see tears roll down her cheeks. I could feel myself getting closer and judging by the powerfulness of the other’s thrusting so was he. “She’ll take it in her mouth.” I threw her to her knees then picked her up by the throat. “toss him off into your mouth. Do it like you did to me earlier.” And she did as she was told and she began to suck his head and jerk him into her mouth. “I want to see him cum in your mouth. Let me watch.” She opened her mouth just as the guys face contorted and his cum shot inside her. “Keep it in your mouth and toss me into you too.” She did as she was told, rubbing my cock harder and faster making me closer and then she began to fondle my balls which made me spurt right in her mouth. I looked her dead in the eye. “Now swallow it you dirty little slut.” And she did. She swallowed every last drop of cum in her mouth and I smiled. “Thank you sir, that will be all. Please enjoy the rest of your evening and remind the rest of your staff not to disturb us unless we invite them. Thank you.” Before I had even finished the first sentence he had gone out the door and down the corridor, pulling his trousers up and belting them so as his manager didn’t see anything wrong. The dildo’s were still inside Lara and she made to take them out. I looked at her and said “Don’t you dare!” And she replied with “That. Was fucking hot. And very naughty…” “Not anywhere as hot or naughty as this will be. On the bed. Now.” She obeyed without question and I saw the dildos being held tightly in place and affecting the way she was moving. Once she was on the bed I said “Spread ‘em!” She immediately did as she was told and I cuffed both her hands to the bars at one end of the bed and shackled her legs to the other end. I put the blindfold on her and said “Now you are truly mine…” All she did was smile and I blew out the candles, grabbing them as I did so. I made her suck my cock again to get me hard, then I began fucking her pussy again, making her moan and groan as I did so. This time however I poured the hot melted wax from the candles onto each of her nipples at the same time. She tried to buck but she couldn’t so she moaned loudly instead. With what was left of the wax I dripped the rest of one candle onto her clit with my cock still pounding her pussy and then with a moments hesitation, I slid the still hot candle deep into her arsehole. This sent her into a pain and pleasure overdrive. She spasmed and moaned and screamed and bucked and grinded on my cock making noises that no human has heard since the stone age as her most primal instincts came out and I slammed her throat and buried my fingers in her mouth to stifle some of the noise. I pulled the candle and the dildo out of her arse and then pulled my cock out of her and began to fuck her anus again. She was breathing very heavily and I could see tears glistening on her cheeks. I spanked her arse cheeks and bit down on her nipples, tasting the wax and making her raise slightly off the bed. I put my cock into her arsehole gently at first and I saw her visibly wince. This just made me want to fuck her harder so I did so. My big hard cock pushed against the walls of her arsehole which were roasting hot and tighter than they had been before I ever fucked her and she cried with pleas
A night in With Miss J A night in With Miss J · Erotic Couplings · We sitting outside next to the pool sipping on our favourite wine, the sun is going down and the view is bringing a romantic atmospher among us. I ask u how was ur day, u said it was fun to catch up with ur friends but u missed me a lot..I smile, hearing that it makes me feel important, I replay that I've missed u too... Baby I say, with the lust in my eyes, I want u to dress for me tonight, I want u in ur lacy panties, a see through shirt and stocking I whisper in in ear licking and blowing ur ear, I run my fingers through ur hair and pull them sensually, and I want u to tie ur hair in a ponytail....and wear that pearl necklace........ I got something for u tonight........ And I smack a deep kiss on ur mouth, sucking ur tongue while my hand caress ur right shoulder and the other one hold ur chin...daddy needs to take care of u good tonight, call me when u r ready and wait for me standing next to the mirror in the bedroom. I was expecting u to call me baby, but I couldn't resist anymore so I've been spying u Miss J u r really, really hot. I say holding u from behind. Now I want u not to look at me, just look outside the window, I hv a surprise for u sexy baby... I walk out the bedroom removing my shirt, I'm left just in my jeans, the light blue ones that u like so much, baby I say, don't forget to wear ur see through shirt...I'll be back soon, and I close the door behind me. I want u standing in front of me, wearing those sexy lacy black tiny panties, hold ups and black heels and nothing else, ur arms r straight down on ur hips, ur scent is filling the room, and I'm there just in my jeans looking at u, my eyes r on fire, they looking u deep. I'm holding a red rope on my left hand, I make it swing near ur legs, ur breathe is deep and ur mouth is drop open.... U know where we r going tonite...........on my right hand I hold a silk blindfold, I take a step towards u, I blow a sensual kiss on ur mouth, and I let the rope fall on ur feet. I start rubbing ur boobs playing with ur nipples, and I spank ur ass with the blindfold 3 times.... My hands running and gliding on ur body feel ur pleasure arising, u look so sexy Baby Girl and I kiss u right above ur breasts....I lift my hands towards ur face, caressing ur cheek I whisper, u can't c a thing tonite, I will make u completely mine tonite Miss J. I grab the blindfold and I put it on ur eyes, u can't see a thing, ur senses expand trying to understand what is coming to u next.... Ur mouth is so sexy and wet by ur tongue mmmmmm I love the way u lick ur lips.... I push u down on the floor, I make I sit grabbing ur arms and putting them behind ur back, I tie ur wrist with the red rope, then I start kissing ur lobes, sucking and licking them, ur voice is saying please please.......mmmmm that sound sexy, I let my hands rubbing ur legs they're so soft and smooth, I want to kiss them now.. My mouth is now on ur hips, kissing and licking softly, my hands r all over them, I keep on going down spreading ur legs apart, feel my tongue how is wanting u... It's all over ur thigh, my hands caressing it hard yet sensually u feel how much I want u, u keep on lifting and lowering ur legs, tending to close them u so like it, u r so aroused....I better keep them spread with a bar tying ur ankles... Now so tied I will lift ur legs and start licking and kissing u right on the back ur's so sensitive ur hips r moving but I hold u still with my strength and keep on licking there, ur moans fill the room, I'm so turned on to c u like this. Ur tiny panties looks so sexy with ur legs wide open, I c a little stream coming out from there....Miss J u r so soaked of pleasure.... My hands r now massaging ur feet, my thumb is pressing against under them while my fingers rub between ur toes, they're so soft and smooth....mmmm I feel like kissing them now....I remove ur stockings slowly they're gliding away from ur soft legs. My mouth keep kissing ur calf while my tongue leaves a trail of saliva on it...finally I reach ur left foot my kisses become more passionate and deep, u feel so good in my warm mouth......I let my tongue run through ur toes, u jump as it tickles but u love it, feel how my tongue is licking u deep, it pushes apart ur toes and u spread them even more....i blow on ur wet feet and u shake and pant, God!!!! U r so beautiful... I'm kissing ur legs, every inch of ur sensual skin, I won't leave a single bit untouched by my mouth, my hands now r going behind ur neck, lift ur head baby I softly say, I remove ur pearl necklace and I kiss u repeatedly on ur mouth, I caress ur face and kiss u again, this time I let my tongue sink inside ur mouth, I want to feel u deep, while my other hand slide right inside ur tiny black panties getting all soaked by ur pleasure....Baby, God!!! U r so in a lake....I love that I say kissing u and while my mouth leaves urs u pull ur head up trying not to let me go....Ah Baby! I say, daddy is taking care of u good enough? I ask... U almost sobbing in pleasure while feeling my fingers penetrating ur juicy pussy, say "daddy please please I want u so bad inside me........ I untie ur wrists from ur back and kiss them gently, u hv light marks on them but I just tie em again over ur head on to the bed rail, I take ur pearls and make u suck and lick them leaving them in ur mouth....I lift ur legs still tied on the bar and kneeing in front of u I put them on my shoulders, then I let myself lying towards ur spree legs with my head and pull ur panties down to the hips, my chin is keeping them away from ur drenched pussy and with my fingers I scored her wide, u feel my tongue rattling hard on ur swollen clit, my lips closes around it and suck it hard ur body is moving sideways, but I hold u down, u squeal in ecstasy letting ur necklace drop from ur mouth....Miss J I say....this has to be kept somewhere, I grab it and slowly I insert it inside ur wet swollen pussy with my tongue....feel how it's getting inside u, my big tongue pushing in every single pearl until all of them r inside u I let my tongue lick again real good ur clit, then down till I reach ur ass and slowly circling and twisting it on ur hole......u contracting and moaning ....please daddy please make me cum u say.....i start slowly but continuously pulling the pearls out from ur pussy, I let my mouth get close again to ur pussy, take those wet pearls in my mouth and start pulling them out... Don't worry baby I say, u've been good, very very good and u deserve a good reward.... My erection has been pushing in my jeans for too long now I can't take it anymore... With my mouth soaked by ur nectar I get close to ur mouth and greedily I kiss u deep holding ur face in my hands. Taste how good u r my little Baby Girl, feel what daddy made to u I tell u with a firm and so turned on voice... Oh daddy!!!!! We taste so good u reply. I want to hv u like this baby, still restrained and blindfolded, I want to make u feel between ur legs what u did for and to daddy....I unbutton my jeans, and make u feel my hard pulsing cock on ur face, I c ur mouth looking for it, and finally when it's on ur lips u wrap around it and take it inside ur warm lusty mouth... I hold ur head and in a pull push movement I make u eat my shaft, feels so nice to touch the back of ur throat with it, u suck it deep sticking ur tongue out trying to lick my balls.... I love when u push ur head towards me taking in all as much as u can, ur head is being moved by me I control ur movement, ur moans r so sexy. I let u suck just the tip of my cock now, ur mouth around it looks so hot....u tongue feels so good licking on to the hole.... I turn u on all four, ur panties r stretching down to ur knees, ur beautiful ass is pointing upwards whilst ur face on the pillow, I start caressing it, my hands feel it all under them.... I glide them on ur back touching it all up till ur shoulders, then back down again, I caress ur plump ass, mmmmm round and round until.......SMACK!!!! I hit ir right cheek with a straight slap, ouch u moan, I told u baby that this ass needs some colour, snapping ur left one, u jump a little but u love it, then again I slap both cheeks another 4 times each...mmmm Miss J now it's getting the colour daddy likes it, I bend and kiss it letting my tongue feel the warmth of it.... I kiss it again and lick it all over the shanked area, I caress it, I feel u throb, u know u can get more, but u relax, u love daddy touch don't u? SMACK again!!! Three times this time in both of them, I move in front of u and kiss u softly, baby tell daddy who u belong to I say....I'm ur daddy all urs u say with throbbing voice...please please let me feel u inside me I beg u daddy please....kiss me first Baby and I let my lips next to urs.....ur kisses r so hot, u almost caring as u can't be no longer without cock inside u......I lift ur chin and lick ur u r fantastic I say. I get behind u kiss ur sore bum and lick it again....I love the bright pulsing red colour u hv now, I grab by ur hips and finally fill u with my cock......ahhhhhhhhh u scream in pleasure My Miss J, finally we r one thing..... Me and u connected by our lust and ur pussy is so wet and warm, I love the sound of it when my cock goes in and out fro u, I keep inside u all the time, my hands r fm sinking in ur hips, my thrusts r so hard and deep, I want u all always Baby I moan... Yes take me whenever u like daddy I'm all urs u reply, I grab by ur hair with one hand and pull ur head backwards while my cock keep on sinking inside ur dripping pussy...... I'm sliding in and out in out in out from u, feel me slapping my body in urs every time I get deep in u, I love the sound of it, it's so sexy....I grab ur shirt by the neckline, and with both hands I rip it open letting ur boobs falling out.... Mmmm I keep thrusting u hard, u quiver, and moan loud and louder....I pull ur head backward again and pound u hard, yes baby girl tell daddy how much u like being fucked like this shameless and senseless, SMACK, I hit u again then again on both cheek at the same time....feel how daddy is fucking u hard u dirty girl..... Ur boobs r slapping on to each other....such a lovely sound, u bite the pillow and hold it in ur mouth biting it, ur moans get so loud now, u r all sweaty and sexy my Baby, while my cock keeps fucking u deep and deeper all in a sudden u give a push back against me with ur bum then u start shaking pulsing and throbbing hard, I feel ur contracting pussy on my cock, my hips get soaked by ur squirt and its dripping now between us, u keep shaking as a deep orgasm hits u making ur belly jump and ur mouth release a scream full of pleasure I wrap my arms around ur belly and feel u throbbing, I love that, when my dirty girl comes so hard and loud... I kiss ur back and ur sore bum gently, until the shakes end, then leaning on u I get close to ur face with mine, and say, now Baby tell daddy where u want his warm nectar, yes baby u've been real good I let u decide how and where daddy can come... Exhausted u ask me, please can I be untied now? Please please please u beg....Yes baby, I will untie u now, I finally release ur legs, massaging and kissing ur ankles then ur wrist, doing the same thing, massaging and kissin u on ur marks, our marks I say smiling, then finally and turning the light lower I get the blind fold away from your eyes, they're so narrow and lost, but they look happy when they lock with mine....I kiss them both gently and looking at u I say:"Miss J u were great"and I kiss ur mouth, the I take a look at u, with ur panties still on ur knee and that shirt ripped I really look fucking hot!!!!!!!! I am a lucky man I think smirking at u while I lay on my back in the bed...... The blind fold falls, U look at me and say "hi daddy there you are" as our eyes connect.. I lay back hands folded behind my head, my words whisper daddys all yours baby.. As u crawl up towards me u stare into my eyes, u don't want to be anywhere else but into my eyes.. Gently u grab my balls and lean over and kiss on the head of my cock, ask me if I'm ready, I nod and say yes Miss J daddys ready.. U stroke my cock with ur hand as u slowly take me all in ur mouth watching at me the whole time watching the look of esctasy over come my face... "Oh your cock is so good, I love having it in my mouth" u say... I feel your tongue rattling while ur lips suck me hard, I begin to contract and my body start to quiver... U suck harder, my body is throbbing and is telling u that I'm there.... you are making me cum u sunk all of it in ur mouth... I'm pNting and moaning, my breath is heavy and deep, I'm exploding Miss J, I'm coming in ur mouth.......U taste the drops of my warm sap beginning to drop in ur mouth... I moan and whisper out yes baby yes ... U crawl and lie on my body kissing me while my arms wrap around u holding u very close to me.............
threeforfun Male · Palo Alto, United States of America. Searching for one woman (bi or bi-curious) to be a couple with me, as we enjoy the company of other women for very sexy and passionate threesomes. I think that sex should be more then just good, it should be a mind blowing experience every time. A threesome with 2 women is the most amazing for everyone, so much more, and better orgasms than just two people. My incredibly hot sexy loved threesomes GF has moved on. I would like to meet a bi/ or bi-curious women to join me for threesomes with other women. You and I will likely lots of have amazing sex together by ourselves, we might hang out, do fun things on the side (piggy back rides, water ballon fights), but will sometimes meet women for drinks and take them to a hotel or my house for absolutely incredible, mind blowing, ever lasting memory creating sexual adventures. This is not happening all the time, maybe 1-2 times a month, and if we meet someone we really like then will see them multiple times. No worries, I will find the women, and you have complete approval rights over who we meet. If you approve them, then you speak to them over the phone or on cam to make sure we are real, and arrange a meeting. This is what our ad on AFF or CL might look like; We are looking for a passionate, bi or bi-curious and sexy woman to join us for an amazing experience. She is bi, loves to play with other women and loves to watch him with others. NO jealousy issues, no drama. She's a very hot, sexy, passionate person, is 43...5'5", with an incredible body. He's straight, attractive, successful, very open minded and fun, 46... 6' 200lbs, firm toned athletic, very well endowed (magnum XL). We're both professional by day. We're very sexually adventurous, experienced, both VERY orally talented and have VERY high stamina, very clean and disease free. Open for one time thing or something on going. We are very respective of your boundaries. Looking for someone fun, fit, open minded, sane, with a naughty side ;) . Lots of pictures to send when we receive yours. You: Good sense of humor with a tinge of sarcasm, witty, honest, very into amazing sex, fit, open minded, sane, with a naughty side ;) Me: I am 46 in a younger body and passionate about my kids, life, sex and my free time. I am 6 feet 200 lbs., do yoga, and work out 3 times a week, clean and disease free. I love the outdoors, have traveled the world, lived overseas, and built a large non-profit from scratch. I speak in full sentences, have lots of stories, yearn to overload your senses and mine, and love to laugh. I am honest, fun, adventurous, and keep my promises. As you can see I have a large sexual appetite, and can't wait to explore my and your limits with you. Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing back soon.....
Living room Living room · Erotic Couplings · Come on the sofa with me, I sat down and I pull u down in my lap, I let my fingers pull back ur hair behind ur ears, I want to c ur face, I want to c ur smile and ur bright eyes properly, I let my index caressing ur cheek with the back of it, circling around ur mouth, feel ur soft lips, ur breath while with my other hand I hold u by ur waist... I look at u, u r so beautiful with that blue shirt, ur panties and nothing else...I pull u against me and still caressing ur head I start kissing ur nose, small and fast kisses r covering ur face, every inch of ur face is being kissed by my mouth, I love the feel of ur hands on my head ur fingers r grabbing it, seems like u won't let me go...mmmm feels nice, u pull ur head backwards showing me ur neck, I start kissing and let my tongue liking it slowly making sure every part of it is being taken care of..I hear u moaning...mmm My hands r now rubbing ur back, pulling u even more against me, I love hvng u sitting on my lap, ur naked legs on mine, my erection pushing on u, our mouth clamp together our lips r all over each other's, our tongues writhe in passion, twirling, they're so wet of lust...I want to feel ur body against mine ur warmth ur scent I want it all on me...I take ur blue shirt off letting u stay just in ur white lacy panties....I grab ur head between my hands and once again I let my tongue inside ur mouth tasting ur excitement.... I put one hand on ur sensual smooth breast while my tongue licks ur nipple area, I squeeze it and stroke it with my lips, my other hand is rubbing ur lower belly sensually and caressing ur bum from the side.. Then I bury my face in ur beautiful tits, licking them, every single inch, I want to c them completely covered in my saliva, my cock is hard and throbbing against ur bum, and ur juice is dripping from u covering it so good, feel how I want u my baby girl... I kiss u deep and hard, my hands r spreading ur bum cheeks, I slap them lightly, mmmm the sound turns me on even more, I nibble on ur nipples, mmmmm they're so hard and sexy, my mouth closes around them and start sucking them real good, u feel so good in my mouth, and the feel of ur soft bum on my hands is heavenly erotic, ur hands r on my back, caressing it hard I feel u going up and down pressing ur fingers on it...... I lift my hand from ur breast and caressing ur upper chest in ur mouth and let u lick it good, u suck it so nice and ur warm wet tongue between my fingers feel so good, I remove it from ur sexy mouth, and I spread it on ur face, then I let my mouth kiss and lick it, I let it slip down on your tits, I play again with ur nipples pulling and pinching them, then it slips further down.... I start massaging ur clit over ur sexy panties while my other hand grab ur hair and pull ur head gently backwards..... U moan in pleasure, I can feel ur pussy getting even more soaked...mmmmm baby feel my finger moving aside ur panties and sliding inside u, while my thumb circle and plays with ur clit.... My finger is soaked by ur nectar, I can't resist and I take it in my mouth, mmm it taste divine... I spread it on my mouth, I c ur mouth getting closer to mine, ur tongue wet ur lips, mmm and u start snogging me deep down my throat... My cock is so pushing on ur bum, but u take my head and push it against ur breasts making me start licking then again....I would spend hours worshipping those tits... My finger keeps on fucking u deep and in a steady rhythm, feel how the move inside u, I feel ur juice running down my thighs on to the sofa...mmm it's so warm and sexy I let my finger slip out ur drenched pussy, shove it in ur mouth, ur lips r sucking so good baby I want them on my cock... I grab ur bum with both hands and spread it, I start massaging ur asshole now, I want to get it relaxed real good baby, feel my fingers how they move around ur hole, and tapping firmly with my finger tip I start opening it slowly...... U r so wet that I use ur sap to lube it, mmm it's so sexy feeling ur ass wrapping and letting my finger inside u, my other hand spanks ur cheek while my tongue is still on those hard nipples, I hear u moaning and ur breathe is heavy and full of lust.... I'm inside u on both holes fingers simultaneously get in and out ur soaked body, I'm fingering u harder and deeper at every thrust. I grab ur hair again and pull ur head back and on the side....U r lost, and bouncing on my lap, ur boobs r all over the place slapping my face...mmmmm that's so sexy..... I put u on all four on the floor, kiss and lick ur bum, and I let my tongue get inside u from behind pushing and twisting on ur little hole.. I spread ur pussy lips with my hands, the sight of ur open pinky tight pussy send me the shivers down my spine, I lick ur outer lips from ur clit up to ur ass, first the left one and I shove 2 fingers inside u, fingering u again for a good minute, then I lick ur right outer lip the same way, lick and suck it pulling it in my mouth, and playing with my tongue...... Now I lie on the floor with my head between ur legs, I spit on ur soaked pussy and grabbing u by ur hips I pull u on my face....'mmmmm I so love those black panties baby..... I let my tongue circling inside ur pussy, while my nose is pushing against ur asshole, my hands r caressing and rubbing ur belly and ur pelvis from below, u feel so sexy baby, ur shaking is pure pleasure for me, u push ur bum against my face, u want me to eat u all, I spank u again, I want that ass red, I spank it repeatedly 6, 7!times, I feel the heat from it, makes makes me so horny... Now u turn around facing my cock, u grab it and with one hand u get all my skin down, I feel ur saliva drooling from ur mouth falling on my cock head, u get it with ur hand and spread it all over my shaft....ur other hand grips on my balls and squeeze them until almost explode... I c u leaning down toward my shaft, mmmmmmm ur mouth wrapping around my wet tip feels so warm and sexy, I feel ur mouth working on my cock....God that's amazing baby....u sucking it as a suction pump... I feel my balks sting, and it's a pleasurable feeling, ur mouth is now getting it all in as much as u can, I feel ur tongue on my cock head twirling around, mmmm that's so good baby, u go up and down slowly making me feel all ur mouth on me, ur hand follow ur movement...u r simply Great........ All in a sudden I turn u in a semi sitting position on the floor, ur back against the sofa, I lift ur legs, spread them and put them on my shoulders. U look wonderful....I let my cock penetrate ur pussy, with a firm movement I'm all deep inside u, my hands hold ur ankles above my shoulders, I'm pounding u real good feel my balls slapping on ur bum while at every movement ur boobs bounce on ur's a divine view.... I throb u hard and deep, I want u so bad, my hands r clamped on ur ankles and my mouth is sucking on ur toes, licking every inch of them, I love ur toes in my mouth and my tongue between them is getting ur lovely feet so wet while u play with ur hard nipples.... U moan and pant, ur face is all sweaty and red, ur eyes r lost, u r on another dimension... Ur drenched pussy is so warm and dripping on my balls mmmmmm I love the sound of them slapping on u...u keep telling to pound u harder, and I please at ur request, ur head is now bent on the sofa pillows behind u, u r getting pleased my baby, the shakes of ur hips r speaking by themselves, u r coming, ur hips buck, ur shakes and contractions feels so good on my cock inside ur pussy I feel ur legs clamping on my neck hard, ur nipples r so hard.......U r so beautiful baby........ U pleading me to stop, u r shaking baby, u keep on cuming and my cock still inside u feels them all..... Ur orgasms r making me cum too baby, ur hands holding my legs bounding us together, u slowly start moving ur hips around, mmm that feels so good baby, keep doing it. U pull my cock out then push it back again making me feel all ur pussy and ur juice, I r so wet mmmmm In out in out in out I'm coming baby keep fucking that cock slowly, u grab my balls and squeeze them hard, I'm releasing all myself on u baby, I slip my cock out a c finally u stroke it till I ooze all my nectar on ur clit, my legs r stricken by pleasure and my shakes make me throb repeatedly until the last drop is dripping between ur legs, I let myself inside u again and fall in ur arms exhausted in pleasure, kissing u deep and caressing ur head......
My secret Oral Buddy My secret Oral Buddy · Romance · This was one of those "eye contact" moments that keep escalating into more eye contact. And for her age(46) this women was hot. Imma just keep it real, she was crushing most younger women. She liked younger man(her husband 25 at the time)but I diddnt wanna assume she was flirting because some ppl are just friendly like that. Her husband was cheating on her and I knew it, but thats none of my concern. Anyway, he starts staying out later and later, and Im like "Im finna make a move on this woman". I was taking the trash out one day, and she steps outside and was like, "Can I talk to you for a minute?".....Could this be my shot? I looked back at her and was like "You gone get in trouble"....,She looked at me with a serious look and replied with, "Boy Im grown. And plus we just finna talk".......Instantly I felt kind of dumb.....,.Maybe she was just being friendly.....I walked closer to her and gently reached toward her face and gently pulled her silky black her while rubbing her cheek with the backside of my hand. "Dont be touching all on me outhere. Thats how lies get started", she said in a demanding tone....."My fault baby, You just so fucking fine"....,Was my response as I licked my lips and examined what I could of her body, because she always wore dresses down to her ankles with a loose blouse......"Mmhmmmm" was her response as we somehow made it into her house. We walk to the living room in an akward silence before she popped the question......."Am I ugly?" She asked as she dropped her head in shame.....I couldnt believe what she just asked me. I felt as if self esteem issues were her big problems........"Come to the bathroom and let me show you something", I said as I took her hand and led her to an open door in the hallway that I assumed was the bathroom. I was right, it was the bathroom. Gently I pull her in the bathroom,and she looking scared....,,,"I dont wanna cheat on him" she said as she started to cry...,,,"Baby Im trying to show you something", I said as I bit my bottom lip and released the grip on her hand to loose so she can have control over the situation. "Then why you cant show me out here?"...,,,,She stepped in the bathroom with me and looked me deep into my eyes......,"Because you have to see this".....,I said while spinning her around so she could look in the bathroom mirror..."Look at that fine ass woman in that picture"....,I said as I cuddled her from behind and pulled her hair back to let her see her pretty mocha model toned face...."Thats me in the mirror....,so what" she said and started to drop her head...I decides to risk everything and I softly kissed her on the back of her neck, and reached over her shoulder with my right hand, and gently placed my index finger on her chin and lifted her head back up to look in the mirror....."Are you fucking kidding me bae", I said as I made her refocuse on herself in the mirror, and slowly moved closer to her pressing my 7 and a half inch two inch wide dick on her. I kissed her neck again, and her knees buckled a little and her hand reaches back to examine my throbbing wide dick thru my 501 jeans.....She squeezed it and let it go and was like, "So Im pretty?"....."Who told you different?" I asked as I grab around her waist and pull her closer.......Man did she have an ass In that long ass dress.....,"My husband said Im to old, and that dont nobody wont my old ass"...,,,,I mean she wasnt young, but this lady was sexy af, I couldnt believe this nigga had ruined this womans self esteem like this...."He just cant handle all the woman that you are", I said in a low tone as I moved my hands up to her belly, and man she had a six pack like she ran track.....I move my hands up to cup her tiddies and boy did I have a handful.......She wasnt wearing a bra under her sophisticated shirt, and they was standing perky like she had on a expensive push up bra...."She whipped her hair to one side real sexy and shit and looks back in the mirror......."I pay all the bills and this nigga dont do shit" she said that In a whisper and a dove in to kiss her neck again midway thru her hair whip....."Its gone be all good lil mama", I said after sucking on her neck like dracula........I guess she couldnt take no more as she slowly turned to face me, and half that ass was on the sink because she had so much wagon that she was dragging....She submitted lady like as she wrapped her arms around my neck......We gaze at each other hunger in both our eyes as we move in for the kiss.......She was a real good kisser and knew when to let me take the lead, and when to kiss back with a lil force.....She looked at me deep in my eyes as the kiss ended......I start to kiss on her neck again and she leans her head back to give me better access....,,I slowly run my hands up her shirt from the back and move up slowly as my hands travel to the front of her shirt....I have both my hands up her shirt now cupping her heavy, warm, soft breast in each lucky hand........Slowly she reaches down and grabs her shirt at the bottom and rolls it up her sexy body. The stomach was flat, and she had skin smoother than a silk sheet. She had to work a little harder to get the shirt to go over her breast, and as she did that I repositioned my hands to fully grasp her jugs evenly to see how much I could fit in my hands. Her waist was small, and her body was rare for any woman let alone a woman her age.....Its like I was trying to grab two over sized cantaloupes from the produce section her breast was so big....I let go of her left tiddy and kisses it at the top by her chest......"Ummmm" she said as I kisses circles around that tiddy and licked around the ariola and slowly licked her nipple......"I been wanted to suck that dick" she said as I licked between the split of her breast...,,"Is that right?" I asked her as I took a break from sucking her tiddy to look in her eyes..."yup...I be looking at yo sexy ass everyday like..,,,damn I wanna suck his dick", she said as she began to unbutton my limited edition levis(all my Levi heads know those are some cold jeans lol)She was moving to fast I guess because she forgot to unbuckle my belt......I stepped back from her, and let her undo my pants properly...My dick had been telling me to holler at her so you know I was ready......She pulled my pants to my thighs and saw how fat my dick was thru my boxers......."Mmm" She said as she ran her hand up the front of my shirt and ran her hand across my abs......She slowly came out of my shirt and kind of pulled the elastic on my boxers towards her and peeked down in my boxers.....I guess the girth of my penis was suprising..."Damn you got a pretty dick" she said as she let go off my boxer draws waist line and looked at my dick try desperately try to break free from cloths....I never heard a woman say my dick pretty so she kind of blew my mind..."Damn bae, you gotta me all hard and shit".....I said as she stood in the bathroom topless with those perfect 38 D'z..."You horny baby", she said as she pulled my dick out of my boxers and jacked it off just by the head area....."Yes".....I said as the cougar started to come out of her.....She pulls me closer to her by my dick and kisses me. 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