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buttlover35: storm lake iowa milds come message me and we will fuck till we pass out i encourage cheating wives i have a cock that needs a moms love ;)
3 Years Ago
scottyboy1221: Looking for a great time in okeechobee, any takers, plenty of money
3 Years Ago
fisherman888: Wandering FL looking for fun... Ideas? ... Currently, lake Okeechobee
1 Year Ago
longdickbbc: New to Indianapolis for work. But looking for some fun over the next 3 months. Ladies, house wives only...husband can watch.
5 Years Ago
Retneeman: New to cheating
5 Years Ago
left_man: looking for a cheating wife or an open minded middle aged single lady ;)
5 Years Ago
retiredolman500: Looking for wives that want something different
5 Years Ago
cannon2669: Lookin for casual sexual meets. Looking for classy women and responsible . Seually active no relationships for now. If your cheating that's ok with me
5 Years Ago
ronn2012: boxing is a jealous sport,you've got to be totally devoted to it. if you're not. its like cheating on your lewkowikz.
5 Years Ago
swadr: Fiancé just left me for another man she was cheating on me with
4 Years Ago


Cheating wives and GF's General Discussions · Cheating wives and GF's · So we all know that guys get a bad rep for not being loyal and having a wandering eye etc. Apparently girls are just as horny as guys?<div>I would love to know if there are actually any attached girls out there that are seeking a little on the side and if they have acted on it? &nbsp;In some ways, it makes it feel a whole lot better and more exciting when both sides of the fling are attached......</div><div><br></div><div>I would love to hear some of the stories from the women out there that have been a little naughty and how it came about.....&nbsp;</div>
horny wives and single women Hi I'm looking to find a woman to have ongoing discreet fun with in the southern highlands area - horny wives and single women
youngcutelatino Male · Amarillo, United States of America. I'm 18. Love to eat pussy! Also love to have sex all ways(; always willing to try something new! Biggest fantasies: have sex with bbw,thick beautiful girls, single moms, lonely house wives, divorced wives, milf, cougar,etc.(;
Arcata sex club Younger who wants to have sex with cheating wives - Arcata sex club
CentralPACock Male · Altoona, United States of America. My wife cheated, we divorced, ever since I've been fucking cheating wives mouths and pussys. My dick gets so fucking hard and really blows out some loads
Post by buttlover35 storm lake iowa milds come message me and we will fuck till we pass out i encourage cheating wives i have a cock that needs a moms love ;)
cheating man Male · aberdeen, United Kingdom. This is the member profile for cheating man
havenfun Male · okeechobee, United States of America. This is the member profile for havenfun
spanxalot15 Male · Okeechobee, United States of America. This is the member profile for spanxalot15
Post by scottyboy1221 Looking for a great time in okeechobee, any takers, plenty of money
Post by fisherman888 Wandering FL looking for fun... Ideas? ... Currently, lake Okeechobee
Honestly carnal. Las Vegas, NV (USA) · Casual Sex · Want to meet ladies that want to have fun. Who have no need to have others make them happy. Ladies who want to have a good time because it's fun. Ladies who are attracted to the good qualities in other, as I am. Left my wife 04/04/14. All she does is Lie, Cheat, and Steal. If she had been honest about the Cheating, and not taken it into her pretty little head that she could take what she wants, I would be with her now.I am jealous... for the truth. I love her still, and allways shall. Now it will be only be from afar. And she can lie to someone else. Seeking FWB, DTF, RP, Experimentation, Parties. Hit me up get to know me.
Must READ LADIES-Looking for the Super Unreal San Francisco Bay Area, CA (USA) · Men Seeking Women · I don't think I'm asking too much, nor am I too "bold" or, Mr. "go about it the wrong way". Communication through two people ought to be more than texting, a lot more. So much is lost in the translation.There is no more talking, understanding, empathy nor LISTENING. And that is sad, because that means a whole lot of no intimacy. I am just a man, I aint no superman. I am not looking for the perfect lady. Just a friend that would like to be more than "will you help me with my car"?, or "my washer is making a terrible noise". Or, here is the worst one, " I met a guy and he makes me feel so", blah blah blah! It's BULLSHIT! And then a, "thank you, see ya later", "you are such a great friend". "I got to get home to my BF who treats me like shit and beats me...". I am SO SICK AND TIRED of being in the "FRIENDZONE". I've been patient, I'm not greedy, not perverted, not even sexually suggestive. Maybe I should be... I have a lot of respect for women. I APPRECIATE what they do, what they go through, and what they put up with. I was a single Dad. Not an easy job. No, especially with needing hip surgery and having a dislocated foot. It was tough. I don't care if you smoke. I don't care if you drink. I don't care if you like to get high. As long as it doesn't control your life, takes you away from your responsibilities, or makes you a thief, a liar, and most of all A CHEATER. Just be honest and up front and real. Can you do that? CAN ANY WOMAN DO THAT? I am looking for 35-55 range. I realize those of you in the 35-40 range may have trouble with those kinds of expectations but, I know there are some out there, and I haven't found any real ones on any dating web site either. And can you be cute? Nice body, pretty hair, great hygiene, love to shave your body hair, have a nice smile? And can I tell you I like tight butts, nice asses,? cuz I do. If that offends you, well, tell me so and I will try not to offend you again. And can you appreciate a man that treats you nice? Enjoy being naked and making love all night? Can you stick around for breakfast, then give me a kiss and go about your own day and I go about mine, without being jealous, or having to check in or up on me? Can you trust a man? Can you trust that the man, whom you just slept with, will have a great day, knowing he just had a awesome night with a pretty lady, (you), whom he likes a lot, and trusts, because you give him no reasons not to? Touch base with each other now and then, and accept that he thinks the world of you but does not want to be 24/7 with you? And that does NOT mean he is screwing other women! OR CHEATING ON YOU! And what if, that friendship were to blossom into something more.... What if? I am 51. I have not been in a relationship for nearly 5 years. I am good looking DDF still in good shape, I have all of my hair and teeth. I'm not wealthy, I don't drive a fancy car. I like to drink, BBQ, go out with friends occasionally and I am an artist. I love to paint. Work on cars, build audio systems, wood work is another hobby. These hands can do alot. So I do love my time, and you should love yours. If any of this sparks an interest and you think you qualify, I will immediately respond to you. Please send a couple pictures. Face and body, or butt, or all will work. I will return the favor. No nudity is necessary, that will happen in time, but a little is OK. No picture no response. Does this sound unreal?
horny need pussy Gadsden-Anniston, AL (USA) · Men Seeking Women · im game for white asian or latina if u live close to albertville hit me up goin through divorce from cheating wife need female attention in the nude
lets get nasty Toledo, OH (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Hey I'm in Bryan Ohio no car and I live at parents looking for a female teacher I have never had sex before and I want to know how to pleasure my special lady. I am single now so I'm not cheating on anyone msg me on here or txt me 419 519 2812 again women only thanks.
Married woman cheating Salt Lake City, UT (USA) · Women Seeking Men · I'm married but enjoy meeting other men for discreet sexual encounters. Key word discreet! I'm willing to travel for the right man for weekends but it must be planned and to a nice place. :)
Young 20yrd bbc Greenville/Upstate, SC (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Just divorced my wife for cheating on me.. Looking for some love
DUBAI & GULF SEX CLUB : HIREME4SEX.COM Hi, Meet Local wives who are sick of their husbands and willing to have quick and anonymous sex at . Visit HIREME4SEX.COM and meet Beautiful , Well educated , Broadminded and Unsatisfied rich women looking for Casual Sexual Encounter in your area . REAL PEOPLE REAL SEX . JOIN FOR FREE and GET A CHANCE TO LAID TONIGHT WITH BEAUTIFUL and HORNY FEMALES IN YOUR AREA . Thank You . - DUBAI & GULF SEX CLUB : HIREME4SEX.COM
Good or bad Good or bad · Wives · Ok so I was baby sitting these two kids at there house and the mom was a total milf before she left with her husband I saw her in her room naked getting dressed in this little dress with a lot of clevage and with these tall ass heels. Nowby this time I was as hard as a diamond and she turned around and saw me looking at her she told me to come in her room and sit on the bed. Her husband said he had to run to the bank to get money so she turned towards me and asked me how I looked and I told her honestly u r hot as hell and I would take ur clothes off and do u. At first she seemed shocked that I said that but then she walked over to me and shhe lifted her dress and but one leg on the bed I knew what to do so we laid back on the bed and we took each others clothes off we knew we had to be quick but it was ok I took both my hands and ran them and massaged her huge breast and her nipples at a nice point. We kissed for a good time with our tongues down each oters mouths and then I knew she wanted more so I rolled over and I put her on top she took my dick and played with it and then put it in her she started slow but we went faster my cock was so far up her and she started to moan her eyes rolled back and we were just fucking so hard that she didn't care if she of caught then wen she was good she wanted to fuck on her kids bed no joke so we did reverse cowgirl and 69 by the time we were done her husband was pulling in so we grabbed our clothes got dressed but we diane leave the bedroom until she blew me we went down stairs and they left with her husband not thinking anything was wrong we have fucked a total of three times she has called me wen her husband goes away on buisness and I really don't care she is in her 30's with huge tits a nice pussy she can please me and I don't care about her husand so do u think it's ok if I fucked a milf even though her kids or husband cud find out?
nieghbor's wife gets banged nieghbor's wife gets banged · Wives · The nieghbor's was layn on the yard and started masturbating i heard some moaning i was wandering where it was coming from there she was masturbating i walked over and ask need some help she grabed me riped my cloths off and started sucking cock and was eatting pussy she could a golf ball out of a hose then i stared to fuck her she moaned louder just before she squirted all over my cock that pussy looked like niagra falls as we stood up for the rocking chair postion


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