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just a good story just a good story · General · So I'm in Minnesota at a hotel hanging out with my co workers at the pool just relaxing when all of a sudden out of nowhere this gorgeous petite redhead appears out of the corner of my eye she is wearing a white t-shirt and some cut off jeans by the time she made it to the pool any conversation my co-workers and I were having was over I remember she walked up to the edge of the pool and dropped her shorts!!!! I couldn't believe it she was wearing some tight black boy shorts style underwear then she jumped in I thought to my self I wonder if she knew we could see her tits??? So me being the outgoing guy I am I swim up and introduce myself we really hit it off we went and sat in the hot tub together by this time my co-workers started creeping hard so I whispered in her ear I'm going up to my room and changing and going to the bar if you want to have a more serious conversation meet me at the bar later she then whispered in my ear you wish.......:-( I was disappointed so I continued with my plan and went to the bar as usual my co-workers followed me there I ended up drinking way too much and thought she is never going to come down to the bar so I'm about to call it a night and go to sleep so I'm walking out the bar with my co-workers and I see her in the back corner of the bar sitting by herself sipping on a wine none of my co-workers stemmed to notice her either so I just slipped away and made my way over to her she saw me coming and had the cutest smile on her face I walk right past her and started hitting on another girl right next to her I could see she was just getting hotter and hornier in till she walked up to me and she grabbed my waist and said softly in my ear I had a good time in the pool earlier want to go back and get wet ?? I didn't say a word I played for one last round a glass of wine and a bourbon and coke and I grabbed her we walked out the bar and went strait to the hot tub I didn't even hesitate I got completely naked and jumped In she said nice gave me a wink and said I need to change I said ok so for ten mins I sat in the hot tub by myself enjoying my bourbon completely naked so then I see her coming and she is wearing a little black dress she walked up to the edge of the hot tub and with her ass towards me she bends over and removes her panties then jumps on me so at this point I think I'm getting lucky I start kissing her and she starts breathing really heavy even moaning at times then she stops me and says I have a boyfriend ......... end of the story right ? Not so much I ask her where is he? She said he is at the strip club I tell her he is all hugged up on some other girl getting his dick stroked why don't you treat yourself at this point I'm the hardest I've been since I hit puberty she goes well your dick is bigger and I'm horny then she started playing with my balls and kissing me hard I kiss her back and try to stick two fingers in her pussy and I can't can she be this tight I think to myself and after I got her off once she hopped up and took off with my clothes I chase her and I catch her on the third floor she puts up a little play fighting then she grabs my dick and places it her vagina sooo fucking tight I almost came immediately but the I held it together and I gently started pumping after about five mins she says to me FUCK ME NOW HARD so I gave it to her hard to the point it was really starting to hurt my pelvis I don't last much longer I tell her I'm going to cum and she gets on her knees and starts sucking my dick I blew the biggest loads of my life in her mouth she had to swallow halfway through and then spit the rest after we came down from that I put my clothes on and I brought her to her room she gave me the same cute smile and said goodbye I was so stunned that all this happened I was at a loss for words I didn't say anything and I wish I would have if there is one regret I have in life it's not saying goodbye to the woman I had a great time with
Wife gangbang at work Wife gangbang at work · Group Sex · My wife (S) was working for a small business that shared the building with a construction company . The owner would go to Florida in the winter . During one of these time the construction workers started to flirt with S. She reciprocated there advance with her own flirting . They started bring in X rated movies and approved her with having sex she of course excepted the advancement these went on for a time with two of them. When the Idea that they should have a gangbang with her she thought that it sound like fun and agreed with them to have it . The first time there were five guys and they had her set in a chair as they took off her clothes then they had her suck there cocks as they swivel the chair around she was setting on taking turns sucking there cocks. She then had them move the party to the back room in case someone came in. There was not very many people that came in to this business usually only to pay there monthly bill . The gangbangs continued on about every other week sometimes anywhere from 1- 4+ time a month. They also grew to 12 men at one time .During the 12 men she would fuck around 5-6 and blow the rest. She said that she enjoyed it but found it exhausting at times. She left the job we believe because she did not fuck the boss he had been having sex parties on the side. But they were work on a house and she stopped in to see them and blew and fuck them in the cab of there truck.
brianjackson Male · Houston, United States of America. My life can probably be summarized by saying I'm an entrepreneur. I have always been one with a million business ideas (all of which pertain to the IT field). I have self-taught myself everything that I know (that is, no formal education in college). Starting in IT many years ago, I am regarded as an expert and mentor, regardless of my age. I literally work 70+ hour weeks. I may have to live a very professional lifestyle but I am still playful and take advantage of my age and health whenever I have the opportunity (volleyball and football, for instance). I don't have very much time these days so I rarely play video games like I used to (but I do love all kinds of games). Modern metal and various, random dubstep is my music of choice when I'm working because they have hardly any distinguishable lyrics that will distract me. I'm very conservative with my money. I live far below my means so that I can continue to be the main supporter of a small charity group I am partnered with. I'm probably one of the hardest workers (at anything) you're ever going to meet. My desire to work comes from the tiny bright faces that I have supported and occasionally get the privilege to see. I choose to drive cars until they die and feel that a cheaper car is worth the trade off of being able to give more. Hotels are my "happy place". They allow me to get away from my otherwise-busy life and relax in comfort and carefreeness. I have this ideal night envisioned of taking a professional-type woman out for dinner or coffee and taking our time through the evening. I live a very busy, stressful life and hardly ever have time to enjoy myself so it is easy for me to cherish a simple, carefree night with a lady. I just desire to put my cares aside while enjoying your company- a beautiful diversion, if I may call you that. I discovered that I have this genuine interest in getting to know someone new and exploring the mysteries of their life and desires. Even if your life is "typical", I just enjoy learning the personality of a beautiful woman. Also, I enjoy an element of mystery during encounters and all I want is your first name- just so that I have something to address you by. Who I'm looking for: I am looking for someone... "clean" (in all aspects of the word: not a tramp, drug-free, STD-free, good hygiene, etc.). I do like professional, older women because I appreciate mental maturity. I'm looking for someone who takes care of her body, only drinks on fine occasions/socially, is not a "prostie"/escort, and all around is just not trashy. I want a woman who can conceal her lust in public, but in private will turn into a freak in the sheets. I am only looking for a lady that will be attracted to me for my intellect, work ethic, thoughtfulness, tenderness, and looks (I at least hope this is one of the elements of attraction :) haha). No, I am not looking to be someone's so-called "sugar daddy", lol. Please note, I will not meet with just anyone. Physical attraction is a big element to me, so if you want to meet then I need pictures (just something of you dressed up nicely).