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Pattyperu: I've just come back from the USA the women are so dirty I want some welsh sla
6 Years Ago
peterboy: hey I'm in Nixa MO, USA, and am a virgin :) Hit me up for an energetic young guy! I'm athletic, so I can most likely keep up with you girls ;) I'm straight. And I'm 5'6" and I'm a gentleman
5 Years Ago
mah90e: hey im in truo form usa want to hook up
5 Years Ago
maher50: im an egyptian live in ill usa
5 Years Ago
Fun_Funner: Looking for you in Silom Springs, Ark, USA
5 Years Ago
williewonka01: seeking female company in portland usa
4 Years Ago
Delsex4u: Im from USA Looking for hot sex overseas
48 Years Ago
austin.mbair: I need a gay guy, or female down for dick, near donegal Pennsylvania, USA!!!
3 Years Ago
leeguy: Man 41 searching for no strings sex duscreet in orl fla. Usa want details hmu ;-)
3 Years Ago
truckinjay: Any usa ladies wana sext or text... 336-803-6555
3 Years Ago


threeforfun Male · Palo Alto, United States of America. Searching for one woman (bi or bi-curious) to be a couple with me, as we enjoy the company of other women for very sexy and passionate threesomes. I think that sex should be more then just good, it should be a mind blowing experience every time. A threesome with 2 women is the most amazing for everyone, so much more, and better orgasms than just two people. My incredibly hot sexy loved threesomes GF has moved on. I would like to meet a bi/ or bi-curious women to join me for threesomes with other women. You and I will likely lots of have amazing sex together by ourselves, we might hang out, do fun things on the side (piggy back rides, water ballon fights), but will sometimes meet women for drinks and take them to a hotel or my house for absolutely incredible, mind blowing, ever lasting memory creating sexual adventures. This is not happening all the time, maybe 1-2 times a month, and if we meet someone we really like then will see them multiple times. No worries, I will find the women, and you have complete approval rights over who we meet. If you approve them, then you speak to them over the phone or on cam to make sure we are real, and arrange a meeting. This is what our ad on AFF or CL might look like; We are looking for a passionate, bi or bi-curious and sexy woman to join us for an amazing experience. She is bi, loves to play with other women and loves to watch him with others. NO jealousy issues, no drama. She's a very hot, sexy, passionate person, is 43...5'5", with an incredible body. He's straight, attractive, successful, very open minded and fun, 46... 6' 200lbs, firm toned athletic, very well endowed (magnum XL). We're both professional by day. We're very sexually adventurous, experienced, both VERY orally talented and have VERY high stamina, very clean and disease free. Open for one time thing or something on going. We are very respective of your boundaries. Looking for someone fun, fit, open minded, sane, with a naughty side ;) . Lots of pictures to send when we receive yours. You: Good sense of humor with a tinge of sarcasm, witty, honest, very into amazing sex, fit, open minded, sane, with a naughty side ;) Me: I am 46 in a younger body and passionate about my kids, life, sex and my free time. I am 6 feet 200 lbs., do yoga, and work out 3 times a week, clean and disease free. I love the outdoors, have traveled the world, lived overseas, and built a large non-profit from scratch. I speak in full sentences, have lots of stories, yearn to overload your senses and mine, and love to laugh. I am honest, fun, adventurous, and keep my promises. As you can see I have a large sexual appetite, and can't wait to explore my and your limits with you. Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing back soon.....
lovetogodeepinside Male · Corona, United States of America. Start by telling you ladies that I am not here for a LTR. There will be no walking on the beaches, dining out, going to concerts. Also I WILL NOT BE ANYBODY FINANCIAL WINDFALL. .I AM LOOKING TO MEET A WOMEN OR 2 FOR NSA AND BE DISCREET IF POSSIBLE. See I am a very upfront, out spoken person who says what he feel as you will find out when you meet me.I am very athletic and in pretty good for my age. Look I do not have six pack abs but they are good. I am no Bradley Cooper/ Brad Pit. You will like my personality and what I bring to the conversation between us. I like sports like football, baseball and dirt-bike riding. I have never smoked or did drugs and I am definitely a very clean person on top of that. I do practice safe sex and will always respect a women when it comes to wearing a condom. I do not play games so do not play games with me unless it is sexual I have 2 teenagers (19/15) and they will always come first. I will not jump for a quick fuck. If I meet someone and she gets my blood rising then I will always make time to see her. I Do not like to waste a lot of time messaging/texting back and forth here and there. It is good to start out that way but it is also good to hear the voice behind that person and possible meet them and see how the both of you get along. Chemistry/personality are things that go along together. See I am not going to put my cock picture on here for anyone.. I think it is best to get a smile when you open the package.. If you are looking for a man that has a massive cock (10&amp;amp;#039;) or more then go to the next man cause that is not me . What I do have (8&amp;amp;#039;) I use it very well in all right places on a women in which I know you will really enjoy. I love a good juicy pussy sitting on my face so I can go deep and stick my thick tongue in. I like a nice set tits in my mouth so I can suck on those nipples when A women is on top. I also like to do a lot activities with my boys like movies, baseball, golf, pool/BBQ. . . It is all nice to put a picture on here to get attention but make sure it is a updated picture of your face if possible... I like to be surprised when I am undressing a women and see what she has to offer . I like to be totally dominant when in the bedroom. If you like what you read and would like to send a message than go ahead but if you want to contact me and talk then go ahead and send me a message I will get back to ASAP. We are adults here lets have fun and enjoy each others company. I like to be very dominant to a women when having sex. I very much like to take control of the situation and man handle you. in the bedroom or wherever we are.
Swinging or M F M threesome? General Discussions · Swinging or M F M threesome? · When we started swinging we were in a nudist club where their was a lot of swinging and swapping going on, when the wife went with another guy for the first time, even though I was not present her first time I had set her up with a friend that I knew she was keen on and had been flirting with for a while (he knew my feelings on it all) hoping it would happen, my wife knew she had my full permission to play if she so wanted to, “remember it was her first time ever with another guy” a very big step for a 35 year old Catholic woman to take. When it did finally happen we were welcomed into a well established swinging scene with open arms “and legs”, Search Light and Ribald which were our local sex contact sex papers were just about our bible at the time where we also met other swingers “and our swinging neighbors through” (another story). After about 5 years swinging with our swinging friends from the nudist club and others we met through the sex papers we had a major personal upset with family that caused us to leave the nudist club and the swinging scene all together, “it had nothing to do with sex or swinging at all”. Some 5 years further on things had settled down with our family life and we started dabbling with the thought of playing around again, we were older and things had changed from the old days, rejoining the nudist club was not an option at the time because of children’s ages and other personal reasons. We started looking at Search Light and Ribald again (things had also changed health wise as far as swinging and casual sex went) all our sex was and still is bare back sex so we were wary as to what sort of people we were meeting which also put a damper on it a lot for us. We had a few total wipe out’s meeting couples which was very frustrating for all concerned, and even when we did find a couple we got on OK with it never seemed to last after the initial lust had worn off where the four of us got along long term, it had us really thinking was it all worth it? Then we got talking about M F M threesomes, which we had a few of when we were swinging the first time around, I got off on seeing her going with other guys “and so did she” lol and I just love going silky seconds, we had some replies from single guys who had answered our ad’s for swingers trying their luck wanting to meet us so we went through them and picked out some guys that the wife thought she might find a turn on and we started meeting them, it was a lot easier meeting just guys I can tell you, the wife also surprised me by saying that we were just meeting for sex not a life time commitment (yes just sex not friendship) we decided that as long as she found the guy reasonably attractive and he could hold a conversation why not go ahead with it! We worked a formula out where we would arrange to meet at a local hotel, it has a nice quite area (at the time we were meeting guys) where we would meet the guy, after some small talk the wife would give me the signal if it was a go or no, “they were not many no’s I can tell you as we had vetted them out pretty well before arranging the meeting”, and if it was a “YES” then we would invite him back to our place to do the deed, if it was all OK then we would invite him back again, and if we really hit it off again, and again, one guy was a regular for over three years. One funny time that comes to mind, we had arranged to meet this guy at the usual place, he was travelling some distance to meet us, just as we were ready to walk out the door our daughter who still lived at home arrived home, she had a job where she slept over through the night and did not arrive home until late morning, this night she had taken sick and had been sent home. It was too late to contact the guy (this was before mobile phones) so after making sure the daughter was OK we decided to go and meet him, explain what had happened, and if he was OK to us (and us to him) the next meeting would be at our place. We met him and after the wife had given me the nod that he was OK we explained the situation to him, he was disappointed but it could not be helped, I went off for a round of drinks and when I returned he was sitting next to my wife very close and I could see his arm was around the wife and his hand was under her top (we were lucky we had the bar to ourselves) I wondered off on some pretext to leave them alone for a couple of minutes and when I returned he had made big steps forward and my wife had her hand under the table and on his lap, when it was time to go I left the wife to say good bye to him while I got our car, by the time I arrived with the car they were just about doing it in the car park and the wife said they wanted to go some place where the three of us could be alone, I knew of a parking place not too far away so we went to it, we had a station wagon at the time and they were already going for it by the time I got the seat down, the three of us had a good session in the back of the wagon before we were disturbed by another car arriving for the same reason we were there so it was time for us to go, he became a long time lover of the wife. I gather this is not your cup of tea kind of sex but it takes all kinds! I really get off on seeing the wife going with other guys (specially the first time) and joining in, I have done all the time ever since we first started playing, and would still do today if she was still into it, the best we do now is going into a chat room where she will come on cam now and then, but I guess I cannot complain after almost 50 years being married and playing on and off for 30 of them, I know there are a lot of guys out there that wish their wife would play.
secret safe sex women partner0774652889 Women Only · secret safe sex women partner0774652889 · <p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i>Hi,</i></b></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i>I’m Ksun 32 years old .&nbsp;<span style equals "font-size: 10pt; font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;">engaged in a good job in a reputed company in Colombo. I love having secret relationships with girls married/unmarried for pleasure.</span></i></b></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i><span style equals "font-size: 10pt; font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif;">I seek for confidentiality and would prefer if the relationship could be limited only for pleasure and satisfaction. I believe that I am hansom and have the talent of understanding the feeling of the partner and treat accordingly. I am very straight forward. Married but not satisfied with the same.</span>&nbsp;, my no 0774652889</i></b></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i>I need a lady partner secret relationship.<span style equals "font-size: 10pt; font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif; background: rgb(245, 245, 245);">&nbsp;I'm looking for a female or females to have some quality erotic time with.</span></i></b></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><span style equals "font-size: 10pt; font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif; background: rgb(245, 245, 245);"><b><i>I'm clean and very cool, well behaved respectful person. I love going out for dinners and night outs. Hope to meet some lovely women here&nbsp;.</i></b></span></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><span style equals "font-size: 10pt; font-family: Helvetica, sans-serif; background: rgb(245, 245, 245);"><b><i>Like to meet ladies&nbsp; who likes sex in different action. i like to teach others as well as to be taught from them.</i></b></span></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i>I like to keep ladies always happy. Like to treat them lovely in the bed,</i></b></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i>I like lick pussy very much. love to have orgasms. Love to massage ladies body with oil. Love to suck nipples.</i></b></p><p class equals "MsoNormal" style equals "margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34);"><b><i>I want to make haven in ladies bed .my no 0774652889. Talk to me,, i do erotic breast and body massage,, call me</i></b></p>
Any one wana meet up? Philadelphia, PA (USA) · Men Seeking Women · I'll meet up with anyone. Just message me and we can meet. And of course much more!!!
CowBoy43 Male · New York, City, United States of America. I'm Alycium, i like to meet a super friendly mature women, types who like to go out and be themselves,meet for dinner and have a marvelous time. Most people say that i'm the easiest going person'they have ever encountered, even women sharing their most deepest and intimate desires, Elegance & Beauty, at it's finest.. You must be 25-50 ages range only. Face Pictures and verify through online are a must before meet in person. No Drama Non-Smokers, Non-Drinkers, No Diseases, and No Games please. Thanks
Post by CowBoy43 I'm Alycium, i like to meet a super friendly mature women, types who like to go out and be themselves,meet for dinner and have a marvelous time. Most people say that i'm the easiest going person'they have ever encountered, even women sharing their most deepest and intimate desires, Elegance & Beauty, at it's finest.. You must be 25-50 ages range only. Face Pictures and verify through online are a must before meet in person. No Drama Non-Smokers, Non-Drinkers, No Diseases, and No Games please. Thanks
Public sex , spots to meet Australia Only · Public sex , spots to meet · Keen to suck / fuck , get sucked / fucked in public , like the idea of a lookout or something like that... So what's everones thoughts ? Some spots to meet for some action on or around the Central coast nsw ? I'd love to meet someone at Somersby falls it seems like a perfect spot. Let me know what you all think ;)
D/s couple looking for another couple South East Victoria, VIC (AU) · Couples Seeking Couples · W/we are friendly, clean, open to new ideas and adventurous. He is 51 clean shaven, salt n pepper hot look, nice looking cock, loves to be refrained from cumming for a period of time, He has discovered the joys of cock caging. Would love to meet a girl who would love to help me tease my Dom while he has his cock cage on. He would enjoy the pleasures of another awesome chick and his babygirl while he tried barring up. She bi sexual, submissive but Domme with another girl. clean, fun loving, sensitive total babygirl to her DaddyDom. Enjoys many things like white wine and laughing while having an enjoyable time. enjoys being wet and watching my Dom go mental in his latest fetish. would like to meet like minded couple or single female.. **please if you are a single male with no female to join in DO NOT CONTACT ME** i will not answer you. you must be clean, no hung ups. limits for A/all parties respected, no private meet ups, would prefer age to be 30-40(F) and 50-60 (M) or 30-40 (F) if single. will exchange pic for pic and sub phone number if meet up is arranged.
Townsville Qld couples seeking women. This is a group for couples to meet women who are also looking to meet and play with a couple. - Townsville Qld couples seeking women.
Hookup 4 Love in Kingdom of Barotseland Hook up 4 love is all about having a relationship without expectations or commitments. Basically it is about no strings attached (NSA) dating with a lot of sex thrown in. You could be straight out of a relationship, too busy for a full time commitment or just playing the field a bit. Both men and women today find that they want to keep their freedom, not live with or depend on anyone, meet a wide variety of partners with which they can explore their fantasies, both sexual and others. This is an uninhibited site for adults. Adult dating has become part of our culture and is an accepted way to meet guys and girls for some sexy fun. Unlike other “dating” sites, Hook up 4 love specializes in getting people together for NSA encounters. All the members of our site are here for one reason…to have as much casual sex as possible! If you looking for a love with no strings attached , a partner for a bit on the side, a one night stand, to chat or flirt a bit, you are at the right place to meet adults looking for a casual no strings relationships and some sexy fun! Hook up 4 love is a premier uninhibited dating site with thousands of members and contacts in the Kingdom of Barotseland, all looking for some casual sexy fun! We guarantee absolute discretion so your partner/wife will never know about how naughty you are. There are over 300 000 people waiting to have casual love with you. What are you waiting for? Post your details for free now! And remember if you like our site and want to share it with your friends, click the Share buttons on the left hand edge of the page to tell others about us! • Your Name if you wish. • What you are looking in your partner. • Cell Number. • Email. - Hookup 4 Love in Kingdom of Barotseland
brianjackson Male · Houston, United States of America. My life can probably be summarized by saying I'm an entrepreneur. I have always been one with a million business ideas (all of which pertain to the IT field). I have self-taught myself everything that I know (that is, no formal education in college). Starting in IT many years ago, I am regarded as an expert and mentor, regardless of my age. I literally work 70+ hour weeks. I may have to live a very professional lifestyle but I am still playful and take advantage of my age and health whenever I have the opportunity (volleyball and football, for instance). I don't have very much time these days so I rarely play video games like I used to (but I do love all kinds of games). Modern metal and various, random dubstep is my music of choice when I'm working because they have hardly any distinguishable lyrics that will distract me. I'm very conservative with my money. I live far below my means so that I can continue to be the main supporter of a small charity group I am partnered with. I'm probably one of the hardest workers (at anything) you're ever going to meet. My desire to work comes from the tiny bright faces that I have supported and occasionally get the privilege to see. I choose to drive cars until they die and feel that a cheaper car is worth the trade off of being able to give more. Hotels are my "happy place". They allow me to get away from my otherwise-busy life and relax in comfort and carefreeness. I have this ideal night envisioned of taking a professional-type woman out for dinner or coffee and taking our time through the evening. I live a very busy, stressful life and hardly ever have time to enjoy myself so it is easy for me to cherish a simple, carefree night with a lady. I just desire to put my cares aside while enjoying your company- a beautiful diversion, if I may call you that. I discovered that I have this genuine interest in getting to know someone new and exploring the mysteries of their life and desires. Even if your life is "typical", I just enjoy learning the personality of a beautiful woman. Also, I enjoy an element of mystery during encounters and all I want is your first name- just so that I have something to address you by. Who I'm looking for: I am looking for someone... "clean" (in all aspects of the word: not a tramp, drug-free, STD-free, good hygiene, etc.). I do like professional, older women because I appreciate mental maturity. I'm looking for someone who takes care of her body, only drinks on fine occasions/socially, is not a "prostie"/escort, and all around is just not trashy. I want a woman who can conceal her lust in public, but in private will turn into a freak in the sheets. I am only looking for a lady that will be attracted to me for my intellect, work ethic, thoughtfulness, tenderness, and looks (I at least hope this is one of the elements of attraction :) haha). No, I am not looking to be someone's so-called "sugar daddy", lol. Please note, I will not meet with just anyone. Physical attraction is a big element to me, so if you want to meet then I need pictures (just something of you dressed up nicely).
Big Black Cock for Houston Ladies Houston TX!!!! We welcome all women of all races, creeds, and colors, we are an equal opportunity penis provider. Single women, married women, bi women, lesbian couple, lesbian studs, women groups looking to engage in a little reverse gangbang, we welcome all women of all kinds. Text us and lets play!!!! All penis is DISEASE FREE, DRUG FREE, and FREE OF CHARGE! - Big Black Cock for Houston Ladies
porn actresses call girls whores sluts and female strippers can marry me Women Only · porn actresses call girls whores sluts and female strippers can marry me · white porn actresses call girls whores sluts female strippers sex hungry women and girls and lonely women and girls can marry me my name is neil white aka mishra sex hungry sluts lonely dirty and nasty women and girls can marry me sex hungry and slut women and girls looking for a fuckbuddy can marry me sex hungry slut dirty and nasty women and girls can do various types of sex with me if interested in marrying me please send me an email my email<br>
I want to have a lot of sex Other Areas, MO (USA) · Men Seeking Women · I am looking to have a lot of sex with a very attractive women I am 21 but I look younger I only want people who are serious and no males just sexy women my number is 3143680889 if your real text me and we can meet
We want women to fuck trade dirty videos Harrisonburg, VA (USA) · Couples Seeking Women · Any women into couples that want trade hot videos or meet to fuck hit us up
Genuine guy looking for NSA fun Alice Springs, NT (AU) · Men Seeking Women · Im 31 and a local. I don't go out much any more so its hard to meet women. Im genune guy and love to please my partner, Im keen on women all ages over 21. I like a women who knows what she likes and likes to be adventures.
HornyMatt8186 Male · Providence, United States of America. I'm a single, working student who is constantly on the go. I love to fuck but don't have the time to meet many women. I love women. All types of women. White, Black, Asian, Latin mamacitas. I like a woman with curves but petite is very sexy too. I LOVE all women!
Need a new friends to meet. San Francisco Bay Area, CA (USA) · Men Seeking Women · I am looking for someone to meet someone special and let see where this would take us. I like traveling but I can be homely person. I am generous, and always find something to make me laugh. Age doesn't matter as long as it's within my range. Although I have experience many sexual experiences, I am always open to try something new.


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