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Angela ~Chapter 1 of a book Angela ~Chapter 1 of a book · One on One · The Magic Glade By Nicholas Wolf Angela It was still only 9 o’clock, but already the temperature in the cottage was becoming unbearable. The windows were flung wide open, but with little breeze to stir the air this seemed to have little affect. “Well I can’t just sit here melting,” Angela thought to herself, ”perhaps the woods would be a bit cooler. At least there would be fresh air and shade.” Her mind made up, she took her small backpack from the cupboard under the stairs, and went through to the kitchen. Taking two bottles of water from the fridge she dropped them inside. She went back through to the small lounge and looked around, searching. “Ah there it is, I knew I left it here somewhere.” She said to herself, as sun lotion followed the water into her pack. “Can’t be too careful.” She thought. “I know I’ve applied some already, but in this sun...” “Book, book.” She searched around, finally locating it on the table beside her favourite chair. “Can’t go without a book.” It was one of Angela’s pleasures in life to simply sit in a sheltered glade, or beside the small murmuring stream, and let herself be transported to other lands and times, lost in a good book. She took her wide brimmed straw hat from where it hung beside the door, and went outside, pulling the door shut behind her. Not bothering to lock it behind her she started down the garden path, and on reaching the gate turned right, and headed off towards the centre of the village. As she walked past the old church, making her way to the field beyond, a slight breeze caught at the hem of her thin cotton dress. “Aah! Much better.” She thought, and moved along more quickly. The field was lush, thick with grasses and wild flowers. This was the first really hot day, and this coming at the very end of August, she could remember all summer. The preceding weeks had been overcast at best, it seemed to have rained nearly everyday since April. The wild flowers grew in abundance. Red and yellow, white and pick, the field was a veritable kaleidoscope of colour. She bent and picked some blue, now almost faded to lilac, harebells from between the tall blades of grass, which she twirled between her fingers as she walked, getting ever closer to the inviting shade ahead. Suddenly smiling, she placed the flowers in the band of her hat, and skipped the remainder of the way. As she passed from bright sunshine into the shade of the trees, it was just as she had thought, the temperature dropped noticeably. It was cool. She stopped, removed her hat, and mopped the sweat from her brow and neck. Replacing it she headed off along the well-trodden track heading in the direction of the stream. It was a glorious day, and Angela felt good. She smiled at the twittering and chirping of the birds, chaffinch and willow-warblers amongst them. She was lost in the colours, shapes and textures of the trees and shrubs. There was dogwood and brambles. There were Ash, Alder and Oak, but her eyes always lingered on the birch. Of all the trees perhaps the silver birch was her favourite. Not long lived by tree standards, it gave it a kind of mortality. Not only that, she loved its’ silver bark which peeled back and curled in so many ways. She had long ago given up trying to find some kind of pattern, and put the numerous different shapes down to the whim of the tree, the elements and nature. She couldn’t resist pulling a piece back, revealing the brown of the wood beneath. A small shape scurried across the track ahead of her, moving to fast to identify. A shrew, a mouse perhaps? She sipped some water as she slowly walked along, enjoying the peace and solitude, the tranquillity. “Peace and tranquillity?” She thought, hearing the sound of a flute or whistle coming from close by. The sound was melodic and tuneful, the refrain hauntingly familiar, although she couldn’t quite place it. It nagged at the back of her mind, but refused to come forward. She turned in a circle trying to locate the source of the music, and finally drawn by the melody, pushed aside two bushes, and stepped between. She emerged in a sunlit glade, and looked around. Trees and shrubs with various coloured flowers surrounded a circle of soft lush grass, which seemed to cushion her feet as she stepped upon it. The scent of the sweet briar filled the air. The grass was cut short, which she found surprising, but what she found even more surprising was what she saw in the centre. Sitting on a long thick trunk of a tree was the musician behind the music. It was perhaps the smallest man she had ever seen, and he was staring straight at her. He lowered his flute from his mouth. “Top o’ tha mornin to ya, and how be you this fine sunny day?” “What?” She said. “I said Top o’ tha mornin..” “No, no I heard what you said, it’s just that you’re ..” Being no more that three feet tall, dressed in mainly green and brown, red hair, a matching coloured long bushy beard, and speaking in a broad Irish brogue, well he had to be “a leprechaun.” “Well is that what I be girlie, and am I not to your liking then?” “It’s just the shock, your accent, the speed you talk” She stopped, not sure how to continue. The small figure seemed to shimmer before her eyes, and was then surrounded in a bright white light. She lowered her eyes to the grass, shielding them against the sudden glare. As she noticed the light fade she raised her head. Her jaw dropped slightly, her lips forming an almost perfect ‘O’, and her eyes opened wide. “Well dear lady, is this more to your liking?” Angela looked quickly around the glade. “Where?...How?....Magic?..” “ Perhaps it seems magic to you my dear, but for myself, well. It’s just natural.” He started to explain before disappearing in white light, to be replaced by an Elf, with his distinguishing pointed ears and upward slanting eyebrows. Again the light flared, a giant fully 10 feet tall, and once more a glare caused her to avert her eyes. As the light faded a huge black wolf sat staring up at her with dark brown eyes, its long pink tongue hanging between sharp pointed fangs from its snout. Tilting its head back it let out a deafening howl, before itself being consumed by white light, which cleared leaving once more the well spoken man sitting on the log. Angela took a half step backward and just stood staring, to shocked and surprised to speak. “I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my intention to startle or scare you, I just aimed to demonstrate that what you referred to as magic, is in fact quite natural to me.” He apologised. “What? Oh that’s fine, startled not scared. Just give me a minute.” As she tried to gather her thoughts she focused on the man in front of her. Well spoken definitely, and from the accent and manners, certainly English. He was not young, but neither was he old. He was slim, but fit looking, she could see little sign of fat, his hair was dark, showing silver at the temples. He was dressed in a short sleeved shirt and shorts, and wore sandals on his feet, which rested on the ground. His shirt was unbuttoned down to his stomach, and she could see a hint of hair on his chest. As to his height, well perhaps two or three inches taller than she was. She stared into his light blue eyes. “The leprechaun, are you some kind of fairy?” She asked. “Excuse me!!” “Fairy, you know, magical folk.” “Would you mind spelling that for me please, fairy that is?” he asked, his eyebrows slightly raised. “F-a-i-r-y.” she answered matter-of-factly. “Hmm. Pronounced the same,” he mused, “and yes I am a member of the ancient races, but we spell it F-a-e-r-i-e. I believe the term fairy when applied to a man has a whole different connotation now days.” Angela giggled, a tinkling, happy sound, and she raised her hand to cover her mouth, stifling a laugh. Having composed herself she lowered her hand. “Why yes I guess it does. She continued, now unable to contain her laughter, as she smiled at him. “I didn’t mean to imply...” “No, no don’t apologise, it is of no matter.” Her smiled back at her. “Where are my manners, won’t you sit down. May I offer you refreshment?” She waved the bottle she still held in her hand. “Yes I see you have water, but perhaps some cold juice, wine perhaps?” “Juice sounds good thank you.” “And to eat? Choose anything your heart desires.” He offered. “Well I am rather partial to cherries.” “Then cherries you will have. Please, do sit.” He gestured behind her to her right, and she turned her head. Where before there had just been grass, there was now a large coloured woollen blanket, with juice and a bowl of cherries at the centre. She moved to the blanket, and as he had offered, she sat. The blanket was incredibly soft, possibly the softest wool she had felt. She ran her hand up and down, enjoying the soft, almost sensual feel on her skin. She took a deep red cherry from the bowl, and sucked it into her mouth. Her teeth bit into the soft fruit and it burst, succulent juices covering her tongue. Mmm, she moaned quietly and let the juice slide down her throat, before chewing and swallowing the fruit. As she reached for a second she turned her head and noticed him moving towards her, his fingers undoing the remaining buttons on his shirt. He removed it, and dropped it to the blanket. Angela lent away from him. “Excuse me?” She asked. “Oh. I can assure you there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that I won’t molest you in anyway....unless you would like me to of course.” He smiled, and she thought she saw a twinkle in his eye. “I was merely going to sunbathe. I do so enjoy the sensation of the suns warmth on my naked flesh. He undid his shorts and let them drop to the ground, before stepping out of them. Angela coughed. He stood in front of her totally naked. She ran her eyes down his chest, his stomach. Beneath soft curly black hair, his manhood hung thick and limp between his legs. She licked her dry lips, before placing another cherry in her mouth. He lowered himself to lay face down, his head resting on his arms, the juice and cherries between them on the blanket. She removed her hat before, smoothing her dress, she too lay face down, her arms cradling her head. After about ten minutes he turned his head towards her. “Do you not sunbathe?” He asked. She turned her head to look at him. “Well not really, and well..” Her eyes seemed to scan around the glade. “Oh you don’t have to worry about that my dear, we really are quite secluded, and people seldom come here. In fact you’re the first in, Oh let’s just say a very long time. Do you not like to feel the heat of the suns rays on your naked body, it really can be quite invigorating, quite sensual.” “It’s just that, “she looked down at her dress,” I’m not wearing much under here, and with you lying there,” she looked down his back to his firm buttocks, “naked, well...” “Rest assured you are safe here with me, we’ll just share in the pleasure the sun gives us.” Not knowing why she even considered the idea, she sat, her arms going behind her back to the zip on her dress, and undoing it. As the straps began to slip down her arms, she looked him in the eye. “Well?” “Oh, please excuse me.” He turned his head and resting it again on his arms, looked away. She let the top of the dress drop down, then lay back to remove it completely, before folding it and placing it beside her on the rug. Then, like him she lay face down to enjoy the sun. He turned his head to face her. The sun did indeed feel nice on her skin. It’s warmth seeming to seep into her. The occasional breeze would stroke sensuously over her naked back, as if an invisible mouth were blowing softly. She looked across. The man’s eyes were shut, his breathing shallow, he looked so calm and peaceful. She felt an urge to stroke his cheek, and her hand reached towards him. She stopped. “Just what are you thinking?” She shook her head admonishing herself. “Cherries, think of the cherries.” As she lent up on her elbows to reach towards the bowl, she felt her nipples rub gently against the blanket beneath her, The softness of the woollen fibres seemed to stroke as soft as a feather, gently at the tips. She sighed softly. All thought of cherries slipped away, as lowering herself, she repeated the action, making her nipples stiffen slightly, to protrude from her breasts. “Mmm nice.” She thought, as once more she rubbed her chest backwards, and then forwards as she arched her back She stopped, now leaning on her elbows. She reached to take another cherry from the bowl, and moved it towards her parted lips. Tilted her head back she sucked this third cherry into her mouth. Sweet juices burst in her mouth as she bit down hard, and again she let them flow slowly down her throat. She looked at the glass on the rug beside her. “Who needs that?” She thought. After all, the cherries did both ease her hunger and sate her thirst. His eyes had been slightly open as she moved her hand towards him, and he had sensed the indecision in her. She wanted to touch him, but felt cheapened by the thought. He smiled, and his eyes moved down from his study of her face, to fix on the curves of her white breast, a merest hint of it’s dark pink nipple showing, its tip being cushioned by soft wool. Mmmm. His tongue slipped out between his dry lips, circling to moisten them. He tilted his head, returning his gaze to her face. He opened his eyes fully. “Would you like me to apply some lotion to your back? You are after all pale of skin, and the sun’s rays are quite powerful.” She reached a hand back over her shoulder, and touched her back. It did already feel a bit hot and slightly tender to the touch. “Well if you wouldn’t mind.” She reached for her pack, and pulled out the sun lotion. Placing it between them on the blanket she averted her eyes as he started to rise, turning so to kneel beside her. “Oohh!!” She shivered and a tiny squeal escaped between her lips. “Cold?” He asked her. “Just a bit. More the shock I think. Carry on.” He had drawn a line down her spine with the creamy lotion, and now began to massage it into the soft skin of her back. His hands moved in circling motions, moving slowly, his fingers stroking, up and down. He reached across her back, stroking down her side. The tips of his fingers softly brushed the side of her breast. She turned her head, once again resting it on her arms, and looked at him, her eyes barely open. On his face was a look of intense concentration as he stroked her, his fingers pushing at her skin as he massaged her back, and up over her shoulders. Again he rubbed over her side, this time his fingers lingering slightly, pushing gently at the softly yielding flesh beneath. She looked down, his member was slightly larger now, thicker, longer, and seemed to be growing before her eyes. Her mouth felt dry, as she moaned softly to herself, her passion beginning to rise. Smoothing the lotion onto her skin his hands moved lower, the tips of his fingers sliding inside the waist of her white panties. Her eyes opened wider as he looked down at her face, his eyebrows raised in question. She nodded slightly and felt his fingers once more stroke and caress her lower back. Her nerve ends were fired, tingling, as he expertly stroked and caressed her. Her imagination took wing, and carnal images vied for position in her head. She moaned softly as she saw him move down her body, and out of her line of sight. She felt her legs eased slightly apart, and felt the hot skin of his legs on the inside of her calves. He ran lines of lotion down the back of her legs. With strong fingers he stoked upwards as if easing the tightness from her muscles. He stroked down the outside of her thighs, her calves, before again rubbing upwards, his thumbs this time stroking up the inside of her legs. Higher and higher, stopping just short of her panties, to stroke softly back down. She felt a tingle exciting her body, felt her nipples stiffen against the soft wool, felt heat build between her legs, as he again stroked firmly up her legs, her inner thighs. “Would you prefer an all over tan do you think?” She was started back to reality by the unexpected sound of his voice, and turned her head to look at him. She nodded as she slowly raised her hips from the ground. He leant forward and slid his hands under the waistband before sliding her panties over her hips and easing them down her legs. He moved to kneel beside her as he slipped them over her feet, and placed them on her dress. He looked up at the curves of her firm cheeks. Round, firm succulent, like a peach he was eager to bite and taste. He ran his still lotion-coated hands over them, stroking, squeezing, kneading them, as she tensed her muscles. Angela could only moan, as her body trembled with suppressed emotion. She raised her self on one elbow, and looked back at him. She could see the tension in his face, the inner tension that had grown as he had massaged and stroked her back, as he had caressed her legs and her cheeks. His member had continued to swell and grow. It was harder now, not hanging, but rather its tip pointing sideways at his hip. She rolled to her back. He stared down longingly, taking in the roundness of her firm white breasts, with their dark pink nipples jutting proudly from their centres. His eyes moved down, taking in the flatness of her stomach, her slim waist and small rounded hips, finally resting on the dark delta between her legs. He swallowed hard, his mouth felt dry, and again he circled his lips with his tongue. He looked back to her face. She was wearing a mischievous smile, as she picked up the bottle of lotion from where he had left it. He gave a small cough. “The front my dear?” His voice sounding husky. “Hmm.” She lent slightly forward, and poured some lotion into her left hand. She slowly raised it moving it up to first cup, and then close it around her right breast. She squeezed, and he saw the creamy liquid ooze between her fingers, and run slowly down her stomach. She held the bottle towards him, her eyes now fixed on the wide girth and the long length of his cock, which stood fully erect in front of him, throbbing. Sighing, she moistened her lips. “Legs perhaps.” He took the proffered bottle from her hand, and poured the thick lotion onto his palm. Dropping the bottle, he rubbed his hands together. Her hand squeezed and rubbed at her breast, slowly circling. Her fingers squeezed at the firm nipple, pulling, leaving it glistening in the sunlight. She stroked across to her left breast and caressed and squeezed, tweaking her nipple, pulling then releasing. Backwards and forwards, stroking, caressing, pinching, twirling her stiff nipples. Her right hand moved lower to trace circles and stroke her stomach, the tips of her fingers briefly touching her soft pubic hair, before once more returning to the blanket at her side.. He stroked up the front of her legs, leaning towards her, watching as she gently writhed, and softly murmured, her tongue licking her lips, as she lost herself in her pleasure. Down the outside quickly, his needs building inside him. He stroked up the inside of her thighs, Angela moaned louder as his fingers reached the top, fingers stroking outward, circling, to meet, to twist and tease her hair. She raised her hips as his fingers retraced their route back around her pussy, and then down her legs. Again she felt his hands stoke her thighs, and again they parted at the top to toy with her soft hair. Once more he gently stroked, her sense of anticipation, her frustration, building as she yearned to feel his touch between her legs. She stroked and squeezed harder at her breasts thinking, “please... please.....” She raised her hips higher, thrusting towards him, as she felt his hands on her legs, stroking ever nearer to the heat between her thighs. “Oooh!! Aaah!!” She moaned, as she felt not his finger, but the tip of a soft velvety tongue lick slowly up her lips. She looked down to see him looking up at her, the bottom of his face hidden between her legs. He lowered his head, and she sighed as again his tongue licked slowly up her pussy. Slowly, gently, sensuously he used his tongue to tease and please, licking up her now swelling lips. Up, his tongue easing them slightly apart, pushing slightly harder. She was hot and wet, and her juices started to flow slowly between her lips. “Mmmm.” He licked, savouring her taste on his tongue. His tongue moved faster now as he licked, up and down. It pushed harder, probing. He buried his face deep between her legs, pushing his tongue fully out, to slide it into her. Again he moaned at the taste of juices on his tongue, her heat surrounding it. Angela was moaning softly as she lowered her hands to grip the back of his head as she felt his tongue swirl inside her. Squeezing her thighs in his strong fingers he moved his tongue slowly in and out of her. In and out, licking her juices into his mouth to savour their taste, before letting them slide down his throat. He stopped, and she felt his head push back against her hands, and reluctantly she let go. She leant forward as he sat back to kneel between her knees. She sighed at the sight of his member, which stood proudly throbbing, its’ purple tip shining in the bright sunlight. She reached out and stroked the tips of her fingers down its’ hard length. He closed his eyes, sighing at her touch. “Perhaps that would be a little easier.” He nodded back over his shoulder directing her gaze behind him. The trunk was now draped with woollen fleeces, which covered the top, hanging down over the sides. She nodded, and taking her hands in his, he helped her to her feet. Hand in hand they walked naked across the glade. Taking her waist, he lifted her to the broad trunk, lowering her gently onto the fleece-covered top. He eased her slightly back before kneeling between her legs. Stroking his hands up the backs, he raised them and placed them over his shoulders. She lay her head back, and raised her hips, longing to feel his tongue once more buried deep inside her. He bent forward, and again started to lick his velvet tongue up and down her wet and eager pussy. His blood more fired his licking became my urgent, as his hands stroked up and down, and around on her stomach. His tongue stabbed out pushing hard and fast between her lips, and into her sweet tasting hole. In and out, in and out, Angela moaned and her muscles tensed, her legs gripping the sides of the head between them. In and out, in and out, the tongue felt wider, longer, felt rougher as it now darted in and out of her, harder and faster. Her pussy lips parted further as the tongue seemed to grow, pushing them wider to take its’ size, and licking deeper and deeper inside her. Angela saw an image of a black wolf with shining eyes, a long rough tongue hanging from its’ snout between pointed fangs. She looked down, it was a man not a wolf, but still she couldn’t shake the image from her mind. “Aaah!!” She groaned, the tongue seemed to fill her, as it continued to slide in and out, twirling, licking, burying itself deep. In and out, in and out, the tingling between her legs grew, spreading through her pussy, and out across her stomach and chest tingling her hard jutting nipples. His hands squeezed her breasts. Every nerve end in her body was stimulated, excited, and she writhed moaning as he continued to lick her inner walls. The tongue slid out to lick hard up over her clit, his mouth sucked hard. “Yeeeess!!” She screamed out, as wave upon wave of electrical energy seemed to shoot outwards. Her back arched, her muscles contracted as she shook and shivered, her orgasm electrified and heightened her senses. Her clit and nipples tingled and throbbed. As her orgasm subsided she sat up to see him now standing between her legs. “Mmmm Thank you?” she told him. “The pleasure was mine, I can assure you.” She watched his mouth as he spoke. His tongue was quite normal. “I must have been lost in the moment, in the intense sensations.” She thought shaking her head slightly. She lowered her eyes to look at the length of hard flesh protruding upwards from his loins. She slipped down from the trunk, and extended her hand to wrap her fingers slowly around it, and squeeze firmly. “More mine I think, but let’s see shall we.” She slowly pulled down, exposing his tip. Up, then down. She bent, her tongue slipped out between her lips. Up then down she stroked before she gently licked the very tip of her tongue along the slit on the end, tasting his seeping juice. His eyes were closed as he moaned softly. She took him into her mouth, licking around his hard flesh, as she gently sucked. Slowly, rhythmically she moved her head up and down, sliding him between her lips as her hand stroked up and down his cock. He gently gripped her arm and pulled her hand away. She looked up in surprise. “Not that way.” He said, and holding her shoulders, he turned her and bent her over the tree trunk, laying her on a soft woollen fleece. His fingers slid between her legs, and started to stroke forwards and backwards. Forwards and backwards he gently stroked her pussy, as her juices started to moisten his fingers. Forwards and backwards, she felt the heat build, her juices begin to flow. He slipped a finger slowly inside her. “Mmmm.” And she moaned. In and out his finger probed, as she grew hotter and wetter. He inserted another finger. In and out in and out he pushed and stroked. He moved forwards towards her, his hand wrapped around his length, lowering it and sliding it between her legs. She reached back between her legs, her thumb and forefinger circling his hard cock. She stroked it up and down her slit, lubricating the tip, before guiding him inside her. Holding firmly on her hips, he bent his back, easing his own hips forward to slowly push himself deep inside her. She felt his stomach push against her cheeks. “Aah.” He groaned. He just stood, his cock fully inside her, lost in the sensation of her wetness and her heat surrounding it. Pulling back his hips he slid almost out, before once again sliding slowly back inside her. In and out, in and out, a slow, easy rhythm. As Angela moved started to mirror his movements he withdrew his length until just the tip was inside her. “Hmm?” Slightly frustrated she looked back over her shoulder. He drove his cock in hard. “Aaah!!” She moaned as she was forced forward, Her hands gripped tightly on the fleece. Again he pulled almost out and stopped, teasing her once more, before driving hard back into her. Out, and he stopped, sliding slightly in and out, savouring her growing sense of frustration, as she squirmed, pushing her pussy back towards him. She felt his hands grip over her shoulders, and he forced his hips quickly forward to bury his cock hard and deep. “Ooh Yess!!” Angels raised her head, words and sounds coming unbidden from her lips. As he pumped backwards and forwards, his actions more urgent, harder, she was forced forwards, just the tips of her toes now touching the lush grass. In and out, his arms beneath hers, his hands clutching her shoulders and pulling back in time to his action. “Ooh ! Aah!” They moaned as one, as she felt him, move faster and faster. His cock seemed to swell more, becoming thicker and longer. “Aahh!!” She moaned as it buried deep inside before sliding out. In, and his hands moved to the top of her shoulders. Out, his hips moved back. In, and she felt nails, yet not nails, dig into her flesh. No not nails, they felt more pointed, harder, perhaps more like claws. He racked them down her back as he again powered his now huge cock into her. She moaned, and groaned, pain mixed with passion, with lust. He filled her, and she could feel her juices seeping round his hard flesh to run down her inner thighs. As he drew his length back he grabbed her shoulders. As he powered back into her willing yielding flesh, his nails or claws scratched down her back. In and out, in and out, his rhythm now regular and hard. Angela looked back over her shoulder, not certain what she would see. His cock had swollen and grown, longer, thicker, like nothing she had experienced before, as he now fucked her hot pussy harder and faster. His face seemed unaltered, his eyes closed, mouth open and moaning as he rode her. However his chest seemed broader, his arms seemed larger, more hairy. His hand on the back of her head pushed her face down. His action slowed, his thrusts becoming longer, harder as his passion grew yet higher, more intense. He lay on her back, and she felt his hot breath on her neck. “Oow!, Aah!” She let out a groan of pain mixed with pleasure, as his teeth bit hard on her neck, his teeth feeling sharp and pointed. He raised his head and howled as his cock jerked inside her, his hot seed bursting against her inner walls. Angela’s breathing became short, as she panted, sighing and moaning. Shocks again ripped through her body, her swollen clit seemed to spark. Her pussy muscles contracted around his length as he jerked again sending more of his cum spurting into her already full pussy. Every muscle in her body contracted and she writhed, as electricity seemed to play over her, her nipples so hard now that they ached. He held her hips burying his still jerking cock deep inside her as his lust spent itself, and his orgasm subsided. Dressed now in his shirt and shorts, he zipped Angela’s dress. When she had finally been able to raise herself from the fleece blanketed trunk, Angela had seen no visible evidence that he had ever been other than she had first seen him as a man. He was no bigger and no hairier, his member was surely that of a ‘healthy’ man. So why couldn’t she shake the image of the wolf from her mind. Wolf-man, Man-wolf, no surely not. But then hadn’t he been able to change his appearance? “Did you....did you... well sort of change?” She hesitantly asked him. “Change, in what way? My passion definitely rose to great heights, and my senses, well you all but rid me of those, but change? No I don’t think so. I’m still just a man.” “Hmm?” Angela was not so sure. Taking her by the hand he walked her back to the spot where she had entered. “Well my dear, I can only thank you for what has been a truly memorable, and thoroughly enjoyable day, but night draws on and I’m sure you would not wish to be walking these woods in the dark. I would see you safely home, but I am afraid that is quite impossible.” Angela looked around, and for the first time noticed that the sun was indeed low down above the tops of the trees. “Dusk already?” She thought, it didn’t seem as if she had been here that long. “EIGHT HOURS?” She thought with surprise. She couldn’t believe it, but judging from the position of the sun it must have been about that long. “No, I mean yes. Yes I guess I must be going, and thank you, I’ll be fine.” It was certainly not what she was thinking, but all she was about to say. “Will I see you again? I didn’t even know this glade was here.” “Perhaps my dear, for anything is possible. As for the glade, well it is always here, but can not always be seen. So as I say, perhaps, and should you want to enough, you may find your way back.” He turned her towards the gap in the undergrowth, and she stepped through. Turning back to say good-bye, all she saw were bushes and wild flowers where just moments before had been a beautiful glade. She shook her head, turned and began the walk home. Perhaps it hadn’t turned out to be such a bad summer after all.
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Hunter Hunter · General · Sunshine warms your face as your eyes slowly open. You stretch feeling your heart still racing from the half remembered dream. Stretching in the sensual comfort of the bed you listening to the day you grasp at the wisps of the dream you don't want to get away, but the harder you try the more elusive the dream becomes. Now listening to the sounds of morning throughout the house and beyond, this day seems different. There's something that you can't quite put your finger on. Oh well, you have the whole day off and so much planned to do around here, is seems there is never enough time, yet today still seems different. All morning it has been with you that feeling that today is different. Your morning has gone by so fast, all those chores, duties and responsibilities completed in record time. It is only a little after noon and you have accomplished so much, you deserve a break. A walk on this beautiful day would be a perfect break from the routine. There is an energy in the air, a tension that makes your nerve endings tingle. Maybe a storm is building, you close the door and check the sky seeing wispy clouds and wide expances of blue. Time to go to that special place, the beautiful clearing in the woods where you can enjoy the day and forget the reality of duties and responsibilities. As you walk the day is pulling you on with that strange energy a power and tension is building and it is having a very interesting effect on you. Everything seems brighter and clearer than just another day. Its warm and the clothes you have on are light and you know that you look good, but you aren't going to meet someone so you wonder why exactly you just thought about that. In fact where you were going you would not see anyone, your sure that someone else might know the clearing with its luxurious grasses and wild flowers, its butterflies and the song birds; yet you had never seen anyone there. Everyone is too busy. As you walk, taking your time, you can feel the days energy intensify. You become accutly aware you your body, it seems like every nerve is standing at attention. You can feel the movement of the soft fabric against your skin, the sensuous feeling it gives you brings color to your cheeks. you can feel goose bumps and yet it is a warm day with a light breeze. You are walking quickly, not knowing why but wanting more than anything to get there. You feel the movement of you clothes now on your breasts and your nipples are erect soldiers standing at attention, which of course makes the feeling of your top and bra that much more exciting. You stroke your hands up your arms feeling the goosebumps and brushing over your breasts you gasp as your arms crossing your chest slide over those tiny soldiers and send, what feels like, and electric shock of pure sensual animal pleasure all through your body. Now you know this is silly. You enjoy some self love as much as the next person, but now you are hurrying through the woods as if you had a date. You could enjoy your time in the playing lights and shadows and maybe you could get your body to calm down until you could go home and release some of this pent up feeling, it had been too long. You are just going to have a relaxing walk in the woods and enjoy your special place away from everyone and everything that seems to be intent on pulling you in different directions all day long. The energy of the day continues to climb, now along with your nipples sending deliciously sexual feeling of pleasure through your body, like waves on a beach, the shorts you are waring are putting pressure on a place that is stimulating even more pleasure with each step. The smile on your face brightens the day further and your rebellious body continues its waves of sensual/ sexual pleasure, those waves were becoming stronger as if a storm was nearing. By the time you reach the clearing your having to hold back a giggle and gasps of pure pleasure. You'll just sit down in the dappled shade and wait for your overheated body to calm down. The feeling is delicious though, energizing, pleasure flowing through your whole being, not just your body now, images in your mind, scenes from that dream from early this morning. The dream of bliss, excitement, heat and passion. Some glimpses of bits and peaces as tantalizing as your body was and needing just as badly to be touched. You give in and sitting there in the grasses all alone stroking first your arms and your face remembering from your dream that faceless man who had driven you wild with desire. His touch burned and his kisses set you ablaze. Now they were his hands not yours, those first tentative touches, the the stroking, and caressing that your whole existence needed right now. The world drops away now and there is only the dream. The days heat, energy and tension had led you to this spot at this time just for this. Now your hands moving over your body crave the touch of skin on skin and sliding your top up and pulling up your bra is too confining, too uncomfortable. Slipping them off enhanced the excitement and the pure pleasure of this. The passion flowing through you now is pure animal sex, your body craves release from the bonds of normality, craves excitement and the most passionate embrace. Gasps and moans escape as you explore yourself and the mounting sensations are crowding out all thought. It had not been enough to take off your top now you are naked and the grasses prickely touch is making you even more aroused. A sound nearby , a shadow, a man is standing there. The sun through the leaves cast light in your eyes and you know it is just the dream. You reach to him and he comes to you, whispering his awe at your beauty. But his words are replaced by a more animal sound as his hands lips and body press against yours. He knows you! His touch just right, the caress just perfect, each move increasing the pleasure until you are riding on the surf, you can hear the waves crashing on the shore. His lips on yours, his hands exploring searching finding each pleasure that your body needs to have released. He moves down your body and knows just what you need him to do. There is no hurry to him no rush to get it over and go. He is delving into your mind and letting all of your passions flow forth uninhibited by human concerns, only animal passions. Yes, yes,...yes... yess... OH YESSSSSssss, Fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!! Your fingers curled in his hair as your hips press you against his face, tongue, lips. The purity of the ecstasy overwhelms you and sweeps you away as the waves of orgasms crash over you. You pull him up over you first noticing how handsome he is, you crush your lips to his and guide him into you. This is your dream and he is yours to do with as you wish, and right now you wish to have him deep inside you. His movements, and rhythm come from you. Your bodies wants, needs, desire,and lust driving you wild. After you have peeked several times and several more intense than you imagined possible you feel him explode in you and you tremble at the pleasure. You need to have more and you roll him on his back, like a beast on its prey and no prey ever moaned so passionately as you move down to his cock. Stroking, kissing, teasing until it is a shaft of power you straddle him and take him inside again. You set the rhythm again, rocking your hips and pressing just the right way to give yourself the greatest pleasure. He is fully enjoying this too. His eyes burn with passion and lust for you, just you. The light plays across his face making it seem you have seen him before, but your needs are all your mind and body will think about now and as you ride him you pull first his hands and then his face to your breasts. Sometimes he is gentle, and sometimes rough as his sucking draws your nipples between his teeth. Each different nuance simply puts you in orbit. You have never been so consumed, nor wanted to consume someone in this way. As you collapse on him as he erupts again, you are drained and soooo satisfied. You wake with the light in your eyes, stretching and feeling the scratchy grass against your skin. You are dressed you see, but you would be, it had only been a dream. You, especially you, would never strip naked and have wild passionate anmial sex outside in the woods. You'd die of embarrassment. Yet the satisfied feeling lingers. The places where the tenderness, after heavy sex, can be felt were tender. You feel the drying sweat and more on your body and you smile and think, what if? You walk home more content than a cat on a warm sunny day and your whole being sings with satisfied pleasure. The few people you pass look at you and smile, some wave, they all seem as happy as you are. As you get home and head for the shower you stop to look in the mirror, you can see why all the people were smiling, you are radiant, your whole body gives of a glow of health, happiness and satisfied lust. Well, maybe the last only she could see. It had been a dream after all, all of it. Yet the feelings she has of satisfaction and the tenderness of places that... oh that's silly, you would never let yourself give in to the passions. As you undress for the shower you find a wild flower tucked in your bra and a leaf that must have accidentally gotten in your panties, but it had to have been a dream... Hope you liked it,
The teasing slut got it hard. The teasing slut got it hard. · BDSM · I had just moved to Belfast(northern Ireland)and noticed my new neighbour was very sexy and had huge tit's and a slim body,but was married. Knock knock on my door i opened it and to my surprise it was my new neighbours who are kerry and pete. I didnt catch pete's name at first as kerry was wearin an unreal tight top with no bra on and on the bottom half she wore a pencil skirt wit a spilt upto her waist and i just caught a glimps of a tiny black g string and stockings,i instantly got hard. They opened a bottle of wine and started to drink(i dont drink)hours went by and the craic was great all laughin and jokin but kerry kept lookin at me and i pretended i hadnt noticed. I wanted to tip her g string off and fuck het ass so much and she knew it the teasing lil slut. Pete was full of jpkes and never realised his wife sitting infront of me wit her legs opened teasing me. Pete went to the bathroom and kerry sitting about 5foot away from me she opened her legs and put her hand on her pussy pulled her very g string to the side and i was gobsmacked i didnt know were to look. Hrr pussy was smooth anf bald hmmm i thought. With that pete came back and the craic continued till they decided to go home. Next day i seen kerry but just had a quick chat and off she went. I noticed her 4or5 hours later in her garden doing the grass and flowers i thought it strange ss she was wearin a white mini skirt and boobtube i can tell u she had a white crotchless g string on because she bent over as i walked up my drive. Teasing fucking whore i thought to myself. I got my camera and started taking sneaky pics........i was so horny i just walked over and asked kerry could i borrow a pint of problem so off she went into her house and i quickly followed i walked in and before she knew it i had her face first against the kitchen door wit my hand squeezing her nipple she screamed get the fuck off me you creepy bastard. It turned me more.....i bent her down pulled her head back and shouted u fucking live it you naughty lil teading my shock she said pete was on his way home..... I pulled her skirt up and started spanking her she started to groan and moan i was shocked she wanted and like it i pulled my zip down and she started begging me not rape her pussy.....SHUT UP YOU TEASING WHORE i shouted i got on my knee's pulled her ass cheeks apart and started eating her ass while sliding my finger inside her already wet pussy.....she groaned so loud and shout STOP STOP PLEASE STOP PETE IS NEARLY HOMEi got up i ripped her panties off and rammed them in her mouth i started hitting my rock hard cock off her ass and pussy.. I hear pete pull up so i ram my cock inside her waiting pussy i whisper in her ear....take it u slut u know u want it hard.....she said yes rape ne harder master hurry pete is here. I pulled my cock outta her pussy and firce it inside her ass i cud see tears comin dwn her face but infact she was enjoying it more then mevthe door handle went but d door was locked.....i took my cock out if her ass and put it deep inside her pussy im gonna cum i whispered....kerry shouted no no no no im not on the pill....pete was out the back i cud see cumming take it all u naughty lil whore.....she whispered yes master i will tske ur cum i pullef my zip up and kerrys skirt down as pete was coming dwn the hall......hey pete how are you?he replyed wat are you doin here?. Kerry asked me over to lift the lawnmoer for her......T.B.C
Gal's in the Tri-state area, CA, NV, AZ Trying to find girls for NSA, or other bennie's in this area, Kingman, Bullhead, Ft. Mohave, Mohave Valley, Golden Valley, Needles, Lake Havasu, It's time for adult fun, what are you saving it for, old age, get it on now! - Gal's in the Tri-state area, CA, NV, AZ
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Rio Grande Valley USA Only · Rio Grande Valley · Women where you at here in this region??
fredymac Male · perris, mead valley, moreno valley, United States of America. hey ladies im fredy, 26yrs old, bald lightskinned latino, few tattoos, 5'6.. 160lbs in shape... i work too much, so i barely have any time for dating.. so im lookin for a nsa partner.. anybody is welcome!! just be clean and drama free please.. drinkin and 420 friendly.. let me know ladies!!
AndyAsh89 Female · 818 San Fernando Valley, United States of America. 26 Mexican bi chick. 24 Mexican Salvadoran guy with a very nice thick juicy fat cock. I love cumming non-stop on his dick and eating pussy. Finger fuck my pussy lick suck on my clit. Let all fuck and cum. 4²o friendly Latino couple in the valley. We play safe don't b.s and waste time. We like to have fun in and out of the bedroom. Must be clean. I will voice verify I'm not sending my nudes to a man. Only my man can touch lick fuck my body. Ladies lets have some fun
CoreyOHara Male · Spokane Valley, United States of America. Looking for extremely discreet encounter in Spokane Valley
skullie89 Male · hope valley ri, United States of America. This is the member profile for skullie89
harddart Male · vancouver, Canada. horny and wanting sex love giving oral live in fraser valley bc canada dart51076 at
taurean2011 Male · Swan Valley, Australia. just an average easy on the eye sort of guy looking for intimacy of total discresion


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