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Pattyperu: I've just come back from the USA the women are so dirty I want some welsh sla
7 Years Ago
peterboy: hey I'm in Nixa MO‚ USA‚ and am a virgin :) Hit me up for an energetic young guy! I'm athletic‚ so I can most likely keep up with you girls ;) I'm straight. And I'm 5'6" and I'm a gentleman
6 Years Ago
mah90e: hey im in truo form usa want to hook up
6 Years Ago
maher50: im an egyptian live in ill usa
6 Years Ago
Fun_Funner: Looking for you in Silom Springs‚ Ark‚ USA
6 Years Ago
williewonka01: seeking female company in portland usa
5 Years Ago
Delsex4u: Im from USA Looking for hot sex overseas
49 Years Ago
austin.mbair: I need a gay guy‚ or female down for dick‚ near donegal Pennsylvania‚ USA!!!
4 Years Ago
leeguy: Man 41 searching for no strings sex duscreet in orl fla. Usa want details hmu ;-)
4 Years Ago
truckinjay: Any usa ladies wana sext or text... 336-803-6555
4 Years Ago

Delaplaine Online Dating AR USA

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frook Male · AIN DEFLA;MILIANA, Algeria. i am a boy and i search for a girl online for sex or a girl in Algeria‚ain defla‚miliana for a dating...
daninekid Male · Cincinnati, United States of America. I'm interested in having a relationship with a nice girl. Moved recently to Cincinnati so I haven't met a lot of people. Also‚ I'm new to online dating. I like traveling to new places (have visited 10 countries so far)‚ watching movies and swimming. I'm a bit of an amateur photographer. Turn-ons: A good sense of humor‚ dancing and a woman who can hold her liquor. Bonus: I'm a pretty good cook (Indian and European Cuisines)‚ so you should expect to be pampered with a lot of delicious food.
Seeing who's who Polls and Questions · Seeing who's who · Set up a profile some time ago. Heard i have to try online dating‚ well not to impressed to this point. This site seems to be real and focused at what it claims. So could you folks and help me out and just say hi or give an experience to do with this or other sites? Good‚ bad or otherwise. Please and Thank you.
LiamBx Male · Wigan, United Kingdom. hey! my name is Liam‚ I'm 26 and love sex. I will literally do anything you want. I love to be teased and I love covering you with my cum. I'm looking for a girl to have some online fun with - webcam‚ pics‚ chatting etc‚ even texting. If you live near to me then I will be interested in meeting for sex once I get to know you online. Looking for a sexy fuck buddy with no strings attached (for now‚ maybe a chance for a relationship in the future if everything works out good). I'm friendly‚ nice‚ caring and well mannered. I guess you could say I'm the perfect gent in public but a freak in the bedroom :p feel free to message me‚ WOMEN ONLY‚ any ages‚ size‚ race etc.... Male · India. This is the member profile for
online Male · United Arab Emirates. This is the member profile for online
Backwards Sex General Sex Advice · Backwards Sex · Last Year my email was becoming a big can of hypnotherapy spam. After receiving 500 or so offer's to become a certified hypnotherapist I decided why not. I paid the $395.00 and I received a password and access to all the online books etc etc. Breezing over the course outline I spotted the section concerning sex modification and I thought okay this will be the be all or end all to my curiosity about hypnosis. How to make her cum in 90 seconds 101a. This method does not require a induction script and is very effective when the female orgasm is very hard to achieve. Step 1. Assume her favorite sexual position doggie style‚ missionary‚ etc. Step 2. Instruct her to begin counting from 100 down to 0. Beginning the count as you are withdrawing your penis 100 . push in‚ 99 pulling out‚ pushing in‚ 98 pulling out she will begin to stumble on her countdown so help her when she does. You will notice that as she nears the 70 count she is making real bad mistakes on her numbers when that happens 1 or 2 deep thrusts will cause her to lose it. In the meantime it has yourself in control like you have never been previously. As soon as she begins to recover switch to another position and then have her start the countdown once again. She will lose it around 79 or 80 this time and you are the man. This cycle will without a bit of exaggeration let you stick it in and out 1‚000 time easily before your decide it is time to blaster off. Enjoy and if you have any type sexual dysfunctions hit me up and chances are I can walk the both if you thru the hang up online by the way those ads bragging about how you can hypnotize any woman or man into submission is bullshit...
Must READ LADIES-Looking for the Super Unreal San Francisco Bay Area, CA (USA) · Men Seeking Women · I don't think I'm asking too much‚ nor am I too "bold" or‚ Mr. "go about it the wrong way". Communication through two people ought to be more than texting‚ a lot more. So much is lost in the translation.There is no more talking‚ understanding‚ empathy nor LISTENING. And that is sad‚ because that means a whole lot of no intimacy. I am just a man‚ I aint no superman. I am not looking for the perfect lady. Just a friend that would like to be more than "will you help me with my car"?‚ or "my washer is making a terrible noise". Or‚ here is the worst one‚ " I met a guy and he makes me feel so"‚ blah blah blah! It's BULLSHIT! And then a‚ "thank you‚ see ya later"‚ "you are such a great friend". "I got to get home to my BF who treats me like shit and beats me...". I am SO SICK AND TIRED of being in the "FRIENDZONE". I've been patient‚ I'm not greedy‚ not perverted‚ not even sexually suggestive. Maybe I should be... I have a lot of respect for women. I APPRECIATE what they do‚ what they go through‚ and what they put up with. I was a single Dad. Not an easy job. No‚ especially with needing hip surgery and having a dislocated foot. It was tough. I don't care if you smoke. I don't care if you drink. I don't care if you like to get high. As long as it doesn't control your life‚ takes you away from your responsibilities‚ or makes you a thief‚ a liar‚ and most of all A CHEATER. Just be honest and up front and real. Can you do that? CAN ANY WOMAN DO THAT? I am looking for 35-55 range. I realize those of you in the 35-40 range may have trouble with those kinds of expectations but‚ I know there are some out there‚ and I haven't found any real ones on any dating web site either. And can you be cute? Nice body‚ pretty hair‚ great hygiene‚ love to shave your body hair‚ have a nice smile? And can I tell you I like tight butts‚ nice asses‚? cuz I do. If that offends you‚ well‚ tell me so and I will try not to offend you again. And can you appreciate a man that treats you nice? Enjoy being naked and making love all night? Can you stick around for breakfast‚ then give me a kiss and go about your own day and I go about mine‚ without being jealous‚ or having to check in or up on me? Can you trust a man? Can you trust that the man‚ whom you just slept with‚ will have a great day‚ knowing he just had a awesome night with a pretty lady‚ (you)‚ whom he likes a lot‚ and trusts‚ because you give him no reasons not to? Touch base with each other now and then‚ and accept that he thinks the world of you but does not want to be 24/7 with you? And that does NOT mean he is screwing other women! OR CHEATING ON YOU! And what if‚ that friendship were to blossom into something more.... What if? I am 51. I have not been in a relationship for nearly 5 years. I am good looking DDF still in good shape‚ I have all of my hair and teeth. I'm not wealthy‚ I don't drive a fancy car. I like to drink‚ BBQ‚ go out with friends occasionally and I am an artist. I love to paint. Work on cars‚ build audio systems‚ wood work is another hobby. These hands can do alot. So I do love my time‚ and you should love yours. If any of this sparks an interest and you think you qualify‚ I will immediately respond to you. Please send a couple pictures. Face and body‚ or butt‚ or all will work. I will return the favor. No nudity is necessary‚ that will happen in time‚ but a little is OK. No picture no response. Does this sound unreal?
trying something new Florence, SC (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Looking to find a woman who is interested n dating/ whatever
Stuck in Ft Stockton Southwest TX, TX (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Divorced and tired of dating
for sex Yakima, WA (USA) · Casual Sex · Ive got a 7 inch long dick 3 inches around and dont injoy dating these days
Fucking daily College Station, TX (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Im a zimbabwean staying in malawi looking 4 a lady anywhere in the world any age to fuck ‚dating‚ friendship my email im hot and gud at bed im ready anytime you need
No time for games. Reno/Tahoe, NV (USA) · Casual Sex · I'm looking for casual sex‚ intellectual dating and escorts. Message me if you think you qualify.
contrabando Houston, TX (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Looking for beautiful woman for open relationship or casual dating.
It's been a while Other Areas, AZ (USA) · Casual Sex · It's been a while. I lost my love a while back. I've started dating again but haven't met the one with tasty passion. You know when a kiss satisfies the body and driving need to live the skin on skin untamed. Ladies‚ kissing is needed. Will a lady kiss me with passion?
Position available: FUCK BUDDY p/t - m4w Des Moines, IA (USA) · Casual Sex · Postion Open: Fuck Buddy Start Date: Immediately About The Employer: handsome SWM. 52 y.o. avg build Due to the inconsistency and frustrating nature of the Des Moines dating scene‚ the position of FUCK BUDDY is now open. All interested female applicants are encouraged to copy and paste the questionaire below and submit their answers via email. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!!! Compensation: Paid in orgasms and other related fulfillment. The more you work‚ the more you can earn! Other Benefits: Cuddles‚ laughs‚ ice water ***************begin questionaire***************************************** Age: Ethnicity: Location: Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color: Please list your Fuck Buddy experience(s) below: Please describe your genital grooming habits: What is your availability (ie.. 1x per week‚ 2x per week...etc): Please answer the following questions regarding ORAL SEX: Do you enjoy performing fellatio? Please describe your fellatio skills‚ on a scale of 1 to 10: Please complete the following % question: When performing fellatio‚ I employ __% mouth ‚ __% tongue ‚ __% hand(s) Are you 'ball friendly'? Do you enjoy receiving cunnilingus?: Do you enjoy mutual fellatio/cunnilingus‚ otherwise referred to as '69'? Please answer the following questions regarding VAGINAL SEX: Please list the following positions in order of preference: 1) missionary 2) girl on top 3) doggie style 4) reverse cowgirl 5) spoon (feel free to supplement this list with unlisted positions) What is your preferred method/location of receiving male ejaculate? : Please answer the following questions regarding ANAL SEX: Do you partake in activities in and around your anus?: (If yes‚ please list these activities) What is the desired frequency of these activites (ie..twice per month...etc): What is your preferred position when engaged in anal intercourse (if applicable): Please answer the following with TRUE or FALSE: 1) I do not consider an 8" cock to constitute a hostile work environment: 2) I do not bring boyfriends‚ stalking ex-boyfriends or other assorted dramas to my place of employment: 3) I do not have any sexually transmitted diseases: (must answer true) 4) I do not object to the use of condoms: (must answer true) 5) I understand that every effort will be made to induce orgasm(s) for my enjoyment‚ but do not expect a guarantee of one (or more) if I am having a stressfull day or experiencing any other complication that would inhibit said orgasm: 6) I understand that my 'fuck buddy' will continue to date in the traditional manner‚ and is free to engage is sexual activity with due notice‚ but most likely will not during my time of 'employment': 7) I understand that while words such as 'employment' have been used in this questionaire that there is absolutely no financial compensation for this position: 8) I believe that the only thing better than a handsome fuck buddy is a handsome fuck buddy with a sense of humor: 9) I understand that interviews for qualified candidates will begin on Friday and that if given an appointment time I may be asked to perform fellatio: 10) I understand that I may say no to the request for fellatio listed above‚ without damaging my prospects for this position: 11) I understand that if contacted‚ a picture will be required: 12) I understand that my answers will be held in the strictest confidence: 13) I understand that this ad is real‚ if not a bit silly and the product of work boredom: **********end questionaire************************************************
Time to saddle up again. Southwest Michigan, MI (USA) · Men Seeking Women · Newly single after being witj same woman for 20 years. Want to do and try so many things! Need help‚ dating is dangerous and nothing like i remember. So could certainly use a little help.
Port Orchard Washington Possible Group Gang Bang? USA Only · Port Orchard Washington Possible Group Gang Bang? · Hey‚ I'm the submissive shy type in real-life but online am outgoing which is why I'm trying to make this happen.Men and women in the area possibly interested‚ someone book a room or host as I can't but we can make this epic.For more insight on what I'm kinda hoping for just follow the link to my craigslist ad
Howdy College Station, TX (USA) · Casual Sex · I want to fuck a slut that I met online