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StrangerInNorway: Just arrived in Bergen(Norway), looking for chicks who wants to have fun
4 Years Ago


john Bergen Male · Canada. This is the member profile for john Bergen
Post by StrangerInNorway Just arrived in Bergen(Norway), looking for chicks who wants to have fun
Jeremy0366 Female · Bergen, Norway. This is the member profile for Jeremy0366
villaiv Male · North Bergen, United Arab Emirates. This is the member profile for villaiv
mikeyyz92 Male · North Bergen, United States of America. This is the member profile for mikeyyz92
bondage sex in New Jersey Hard Core Sex · bondage sex in New Jersey · <font color equals "#000000" face equals "Times New Roman" size equals "3"> </font><p style equals "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"><font color equals "#000000" face equals "Calibri" size equals "3">So the doorbell rings and you run to answer it. When you open the door, you don't see anyone there, so you step out onto your patio and look around. Still not seeing anyone you turn around and go back in. As you close the door, I grab you from behind and I put one hand over your mouth so you won’t scream. Your heart starts pumping but you hear a familiar voice saying "I am your master, do you agree to obey me and play my game?" You being a little scared and excited at the same time answer "yes" in a trembling voice. I start pushing you towards your bedroom as you feel my heart racing and something warm, and hard pushing against your back. As we move towards the bedroom, you can feel yourself getting turned on. As we enter the bedroom, I put a blindfold over your eyes and say "before I let you go, will you obey all my commands?" You answer "yes master, your wish is my command." I say," now slowly take off all your clothes" You nervously obey. Once you are completely naked, I grab you by the hand and lead you to the bed where I lie you down on your back. You’re getting turned on and wet as you don't know what's next. As you lie down it feels like there are soft lips kissing you from your neck down to your feet, as you think about what it could be, you realize you are lying on a bed of rose petals. You love the way they feel all over your body. Then you feel your arms and legs being pulled and tied to your bed. You now feel almost helpless yet SAFE and EXCITED. I ask "do you want master to touch you?" You say "Yes" I reply "yes what?" You say "yes please master" You smell my sweet and musky cologne and scented candles burning. I start by kissing your neck and slowly moving up to your ears and earlobes. You begin to get a tingle down your spine, which is only enhanced by the rose petals touching you all over. You love the way I kiss you gently and flick my tongue back and forth up and down your neck. Then I lick down the side of your neck, across the front of your neck and down towards your breasts. I lick around the outside of your breasts and gently suck and then bite your nipples. You gasp and quiver in Ecstasy. You feel your nipples getting harder and harder as you begin to get dripping wet. Then I lick down your stomach, closer and closer. You feel your heartbeat get faster in anticipation. Just as my tongue gets close, I lick around and down the inside of your thigh, slowly down to your ankle and then I start going up the other leg from the ankle. Your throbbing wet now, itching for me to satisfy your craving and want me inside of you. You say" Master, please fuck me right now!!" I say "when I am ready." As I lick up your other leg, getting closer and closer, you grab the bedpost in anticipation, hoping that I will put my tongue and cock where you want it.</font></p><p style equals "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"><font color equals "#000000" face equals "Calibri" size equals "3"><br></font></p><p style equals "margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"><font color equals "#000000" face equals "Calibri" size equals "3">If this turns you on and you would love to experience it, e-mail me at <a href equals ""></a>.&nbsp; Please be in the Bergen County area in New Jersey.&nbsp; Please be willing to meet after a few e-mails / phone conversations.&nbsp; Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.</font></p><font color equals "#000000" face equals "Times New Roman" size equals "3"> </font><br>