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Aaronsburg Personal Ads PA USA

The Prude The Prude · Erotic Couplings · The Question It all started out with a question‚ admittedly an incredibly personal one‚ but a question nevertheless. Laurie was no more than a casual acquaintance I’d met her at the school where I dropped off my two grandkids that I babysit during the day while my daughter and her husband are at work. Laurie on the other hand was a stay at home mum‚ with a child in kindergarten‚ which to start with shows the age disparity between the two of us. Anyway after the usual chit-chat‚ such as nice day‚ lousy weather‚ can you believe what the damn government is up to now and the such‚ she absolutely floored my one day by coming out with the most outlandish question I think anyone has ever asked me. As usual after dropping off our respective wards‚ we sauntered back to our vehicles talking about nothing in particular. As we walked‚ Laurie glanced around then said. “Gerry‚ can I ask you something on a rather personal level?” “Sure‚” I said‚ expecting her to ask me something about my personal life‚ or what my opinion was about some particular issue‚ man how wrong could I have been. Stopping‚ she glanced around‚ and then said. “Gerry does your penis hang past your testicles?” She asked‚ her face turning bright red as she blurted out her question. “You what‚” I asked almost spluttering in shock at the odd question. “I’m sorry‚” Laurie‚ said when she saw how stunned I was‚ “I should never have asked such a personal question‚ please forgive me and forget I ever asked you for such an intimate piece of information.” “It’s ok‚” I said‚ “I don’t mind‚ I was just taken aback for a moment‚” I continued trying to sooth her embarrassment. “As for an answer‚ yes it does hang below the level of my testicles probably by about three inches which means that it hangs to about here‚” I added allowing my hand to rest against my leg adjacent to where the tip of my cock hung when I was naked. “Oh my‚” she said‚ glancing down at the point where my hand rested against my trousers. “Can I ask why you’re so curious about how well hung I am?” I asked somewhat crudely just to see where it would lead. “Jack and I‚ that’s my husband‚ have been together since we were teens‚ in fact he’s the only man I’ve ever been intimate with‚ and not only that‚ he’s the only man I’ve ever seen without any cloths on. I know it sounds ridicules‚ what with the internet and porn‚ but when it comes to technology and stuff like computers‚ I’m a complete Luddite and don’t have a clue how to even switch one on. Jack claims he’s well endowed‚ but to be honest‚ I have problems keeping him inside of me his penis is so short‚ that is when we have sex‚ which believe me is pretty infrequently. So just from a curiosity point of view‚ I thought I’d ask you seeing as we’ve become quite friendly over the last little while‚ and besides that‚ I’ve no one else to confide in‚ so I really appreciate you answering my question as personal as it was.” “You’re welcome I said‚ If there’s anything else I can help you with‚ you only have to ask‚” I ended‚ hoping that I could get her to open up even more about what appeared to be an unhappy sex life. “Thanks‚” she said‚ then bid me farewell and we both went our separate ways. It couldn’t have been much more than a week later that we were walking back to our vehicles when for a second time she glanced around to make sure no one could hear her when she said. “Gerry‚ can I ask you another personal question?” “Sure I said‚” not knowing what to expect after that last session‚ but glad that she hadn’t dropped the subject completely. “Are you circumcised?” She asked a tinge of red showing in her face. “Actually I’m not‚” I answered. “During the time period when I was born‚ circumcision wasn’t particularly common‚ that is unless you’re Jewish‚ which of course I’m not.” “Jack’s been snipped‚” she said‚ so I’ve never seen a penis with the foreskin still attached‚” For a moment I considered asking her if she would like me to whip my dick out and let her have a look at it‚ but decided against it‚ preferring to wait and see what her next move would be. Well I didn’t have to wait long. A few days later‚ a steady downpour fell from the heavens in such a torrent even during the short walk from the parking lot to where the kids entered the school I got somewhat damp‚ when I caught sight of Laurie‚ she was not just damp‚ but soaked through to the skin. “What happened?” I asked‚ “How come you’re so wet?” “My car broke down‚ so I had to walk to get the kids to school‚ luckily they had their rain gear on‚ but when I ran back into the house I couldn’t find either an umbrella or my raincoat so I just had to get them here and damn the rain. Once I get home‚ I’ll get dried off‚ so it’s no great deal.” “Come on let me run you home‚ at least that way you’ll be able to get out of those wet clothes and get dried a lot quicker than if you have to walk.” Giving me direction I was soon pulling into her driveway‚ as she climbed out of the car‚ she turned to me and said. “Would you like a cup coffee Gerry‚ it’s fresh; I put on a pot just before I left to take the kids to school. Accepting her offer‚ she led me through the house and into the kitchen. “There’s cream in the fridge‚ the sugar is in a bowl over there beside the microwave‚ and the mugs are in that cupboard‚” she ended pointing at one of the doors just to the left of the Stove. After pouring myself a coffee‚ I dropped into one of the chairs beside the kitchen table‚ and sipped at my drink and waited for Laurie to reappear. When she did‚ I was somewhat surprised that she had changed her sodden clothes for a loose fitting housecoat‚ and from what I could tell‚ from the way her breasts moved under the material‚ she didn’t appear to have anything on underneath. I can honestly say that my offer to run her home had absolutely nothing to do with any ulterior motive‚ that is until I saw how her tits‚ which I must admit to having ogled a time or two‚ bounced provocatively within the confines of her garment. After pouring herself a coffee‚ Laurie walked over to the table and placed her cup next to mine‚ after a moment’s pause‚ she said. “Gerry‚ I can’t let this opportunity pass‚ since asking you about your penis‚ I’ve become obsessed with seeing it‚ please take it out so I can look at it‚” she ended‚ sounding on the one hand extremely embarrassed but on the other‚ determined to get her way. Seeing an opportunity to fulfil a desire of my own‚ I stood up‚ pulled my zip down‚ and then said. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. So the deal is‚ if you get to look at my cock‚ then in exchange I want to see your tits‚ then you can look at it for as long as you want.” “Well I guess fairs fair‚” Laurie said smiling‚ then taking hold of the top portion of her housecoat she pulled it open revealing two beautiful boobs just slightly past their prime‚ but then who am I to complain considering I’m way past my prime. “Like them?” she asked causing them to sway back and forth evocatively. “There beautiful‚” I said‚ determined to fondle them before I left‚ and with luck wrap my mouth around those magnificent pink areola and nibble on her nipples that protruded at least a third of an inch from her tits. “Well I guess you’ve lived up to your end of the bargain‚” I said reaching into my fly and tacking out my cock that was already starting to harden at the thought of sucking on her tits‚ but not to the point where my foreskin had pulled back. “Can I see the head?” Laurie asked a hint of anticipation in her voice. “Why don’t you get hold of it and pull my foreskin back yourself‚” I suggested‚ “that way you’ll get to see the head of my dick plus get to know how it feels.” “You don’t mind me touching it‚” she said sounding somewhat surprised‚ “Jack absolutely refuses to let me touch his‚” for a moment Laurie paused and then said‚ “cock‚ there I said it‚” she went on‚ a hint of pride in her voice as though she had accomplished something monumental. “That’s strange‚” I commented‚ “most men‚ including me love to have a woman caress their cocks. So go ahead and take as much time as you want fondling it.” Tentatively reaching forward‚ Laurie at first just brushed the back of her fingers along the length of my dick‚ sending waves of pleasure rippling along the shaft. After a few seconds‚ she wrapped her fingers around my cock and slowly drew back my foreskin exposing the now very swollen head of my prick. “Can I watch you cum?” Laurie asked‚ gently running her hand up and down the shaft. “Absolutely‚” I said‚ “But not before I make you cum.” No‚ we can’t have sex‚” She said‚ a hint of panic sounding in her voice. “As much as I’d love to have your cock inside of me‚ I can’t be unfaithful to Jack. This has already gone way beyond what I set out to achieve‚ but I’m not willing to take that final step.” “As the old saying goes‚ there’s more than one way to skin a cat‚” I said “here‚ jump up on the table and lie back.” “What are you going to do? She asked somewhat apprehensively. “I’m going to lick your clit and make you cum all over the end of my tongue‚” “But isn’t that dirty?” she asked. “No more than a woman sucking on a man’s cock‚” I went on‚ finding it hard to believe that this beautiful young woman could be so naive‚ but on the other hand finding that very fact extremely erotic. Easing her onto her back‚ I undid the belt holding her housecoat closed and spread it out on either side of her‚ then gently spread her legs apart. “I’m so embarrassed.” She said‚ covering her face with the crook of her arms. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about‚” I said.” people do this all the time. “Is this the first time anyone has done this for you?” I asked‚ “Yes‚” she said‚ her voice slightly muffled by her arms. I always thought that oral sex was when a man put his cock into a woman’s mouth and sucked him‚ I didn’t realise that a man could do the same for a woman. “So Jack never did this for you?” I asked. “No‚ but on the rare occasion when he did want sex‚ he would have me kneel on the floor with my hands behind my back and slide his tiny cock in and out of my mouth until he came‚ after that he just climb into bed and go to sleep‚ leaving me to clean myself up.” “Well I’m not like that‚” I assured her‚ “To me satisfying my partner is as important as blowing my own load. So‚ I promise that you’re going to enjoy this immensely‚ if for some reason you don’t find having your clit licked absolutely mind blowing‚ I’ll stop immediately. Leaning forward‚ I gently parted her lips and to my delight discovered that Laurie had a huge clit that glistened with pussy juice. Placing my tongue in her wet juicy hole‚ I drove it in as far as it would go‚ and then slowly worked my way up to her clit. The instant‚ the slightly rough texture of my tongue rasped across her engorged hood‚ I could feel her body tense and then within seconds‚ she had grabbed the hair on the back of my head and drove her muff into my face. Seconds after that her body convulsed and then with a massif spasm that shook her entire body‚ she let out a groan that seemed to come from the very depths of her soul and then fluid gushed out of her hole as she came all over my face. For a moment‚ I stood there‚ Laurie’s pussy juice dripping off my face‚ allowing her to luxuriate in the aftermath of probably the first real orgasm she’d ever experience. As the ripples of pleasure slowly subsided‚ I asked. “How was it‚ as good as I promised?” “Better‚” she said. I wish I could experience it again‚ but I’m sure you want to climax yourself.” “If that’s what you want‚” I said‚ “then your wish is my command‚” I ended‚ spreading her lips again and this time taking that beautiful huge clit between my teeth and gently biting on it. As I did that‚ I reached up and grabbed her nipples between my thumb and finger‚ and began to squeeze them. Gently at fist but as I alternated between nibbling her clit and lashing it with my tongue I increased the pressure‚ as I did‚ I could feel her climax building within her as her hips began to convulse and then with a massive spasm‚ a second orgasm wracked her body. This time though I didn’t stop‚ but instead waited until she started to come down from the peak of pleasure I’d driven her to‚ then again started to lash her clit until a third orgasm ripped through her body‚ then a fourth and finally a fifth. “Enough‚” Laurie finally said‚ a mixture of exhaustion and pleasure sounding in her voice. “That‚” she went on‚ “was something else‚ I never knew that an orgasm could be so intense‚ not that I’ve ever been taken to such heights by Jack‚ that’s for sure‚ or that each subsequent orgasm could be more intense than the last.” After a moment’s silence‚ she went on. “Your turn‚ I intend to suck your cock like it’s never been sucked before.” To begin with‚ Laurie’s technique was at best crude‚ with her teeth raking up and down the length of my dick. She was an amazingly quick learner though and after listening to a few pointers‚ she was sucking my cock ling a seasoned pro‚ until unable to hold back any more I dumped a massive wad of hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. After she had drained every drop of cum out of my dick‚ she sat back on her ankles and said. “Gerry will you do something for me‚ it would mean a great deal to me? “What’s that‚” I asked‚ willing to grant her just about anything. “I realize that for you this probably has meant nothing other than the opportunity to screw some lonely broad‚ but I’d love you to give me a cuddle.” “Is that it?” I asked helping her to her feet and then scooping her into my arms. “Now then where’s the bedroom‚” After giving me directions‚ I carried her over to the bed and gently set her down and peeled of her housecoat‚ after stripping off my clothes‚ I climbed up beside her and taking her in my arms‚ I said. “Believe me Laurie when I say this was anything but a slam bam thank you mam. Although we didn’t actually make love‚ that was among the most pleasant sexual experiences of my life. Your husband has to be a complete idiot for not realizing what he has‚” I ended contentedly drawing her warm naked body against mine‚ and after cupping one of her breasts in my right hand‚ we both drifted off to sleep. From that point on‚ after we had dropped off the kids Laurie would come over to my place so nothing could get back to Jack about some guy visiting her several times a week. As soon as my door closed‚ we would strip naked and go at each other like a pair of horny teenagers‚ although she still refused to let me fuck her‚ there were still plenty of other erotic pass-times to while away the time. One of her favourites was to press my dick down onto my belly plant her clit on it than slide back and for until with a gush of pussy juice she’d orgasm and then suck my cock with a gusto that was hard to believe considering her inexperience when our relationship began. But for a chance occurrence things could have gone on that way indefinitely‚ that is until one day she turned up at school and the instant I saw her I knew something was different.” “You look happy‚” I said seeing the smile on her face. “You could say that‚” she said‚ smiling mischievously. “Well are you going to tell me what’s got you smiling like the Cheshire cat?” I asked. “Wait until we’re in the car‚” she said. The moment the car doors slammed shut‚ I said. “Well are you going to put me out of my misery or what?” “I guess I’ve teased you long enough‚” she said giving me her sweetest little girl smile. “I found out something quite interesting about Jack last night.” “What’s that‚” I asked. “That he’s having an affair.” “Who is she‚ someone he works with?” I asked. Not quite‚ as you’re aware Jack spends about three weeks out of four on the road‚ so his love interest is as you surmised someone he works with and interesting enough travels with‚ but it’s not a woman‚ it’s a man.” “How do you know that?” I asked curious as to how Laurie had gleaned that particular morsel. “Jack was working in his study‚ which is upstairs‚ so he shouted down for me to get something out of his briefcase. When I opened it‚ lying right on the top was a magazine that he must have forgot was there. On the cover was a picture of an almost naked guy‚ when I picked it up a letter fell out of it. I know I probably shouldn’t have read it‚ but I just couldn’t resist. It started out by saying how much this individual loved Jack to suck his cock and swallow his cum and how he hated it when they weren’t on the road together. At first‚ I was going to slip them back in Jack’s case and pretend that I hadn’t seen them‚ until it occurred to me what a golden opportunity this was.” “So what did you do?” I asked. “I confronted him with it.” “And?” I asked “He admitted to the fact that he’s gay‚ that and more besides‚ I mean what else could he do?” “This gets more intriguing by the minute‚” I said. “What else did he admit to?” “That he only married me to cover up the fact that he’s gay. You see Jack’s father is two things‚ firstly he’s incredibly rich‚ and secondly he’s an incredible bigot. If he ever found out that Jack is gay he would cut him out of the will in a heartbeat‚ and I’m talking millions of dollars. The other thing I discovered is Jack’s dick isn’t quite as small as I thought‚ it’s just that while having sex with me‚ which he claims he only did as a last resort when he couldn’t meet with his lover‚ that he couldn’t get an erection.” “So what came out of this little heart to heart you and Jack had?” “Actually it ended quite amicably. I’ve agreed to allow Jack to bring his lover over to the house so they can be together as much as they want‚ and not just when Jack is on the road‚ “ “And what do you get out of this little deal?” I asked. Smiling she said. “You; which is what makes this deal so perfect; Jack has no interest in me sexually but needs me as a front‚ so his old man won’t suspect his sexual orientation. And now that his love interest can come by any time‚ he is willing to turn a blind eye to our little tryst.” “So he knows about me?” I asked. “Yes‚” she answered. “I thought it best to be up front with him so that he could see that agreeing to my offer bought us both something.” “So that means‚” I began until Laurie cut me off. “Yep‚ when we get to your place I'm going to fuck your brains out’ True to her word‚ the moment the door closed Laurie dragged me up to the bedroom stripped me naked and pushed me back onto the bed. After removing her cloths‚ she climbed on top of me and slowly let my dick slide into her incredibly tight pussy and rode me until‚ for the first time since this incredible adventure began‚ I pumped wads of hot cum into her willing hole. For a moment‚ I lay there‚ luxuriating in the fact that Laurie and I had fully consummated our love for each other. Once I’d recovered sufficiently‚ I pushed her onto her back‚ spread her legs apart‚ and gave her cum sodden clit a good tongue-lashing‚ until with a fountain of pussy juice she came all over my face. After that we snuggled up together both of us about as content as it’s possible to be. All I can say is that I’m glad that Laurie’s husband has no use for her other than a way to feather his nest when his old man croaks. Which to be truthful I find rather sad‚ because as bigoted as he is‚ I’m sure that once the truth came out‚ he would still find it in his heart to love him as I did when it turned out that my son was gay.
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Swinging or M F M threesome? General Discussions · Swinging or M F M threesome? · When we started swinging we were in a nudist club where their was a lot of swinging and swapping going on‚ when the wife went with another guy for the first time‚ even though I was not present her first time I had set her up with a friend that I knew she was keen on and had been flirting with for a while (he knew my feelings on it all) hoping it would happen‚ my wife knew she had my full permission to play if she so wanted to‚ “remember it was her first time ever with another guy” a very big step for a 35 year old Catholic woman to take. When it did finally happen we were welcomed into a well established swinging scene with open arms “and legs”‚ Search Light and Ribald which were our local sex contact sex papers were just about our bible at the time where we also met other swingers “and our swinging neighbors through” (another story). After about 5 years swinging with our swinging friends from the nudist club and others we met through the sex papers we had a major personal upset with family that caused us to leave the nudist club and the swinging scene all together‚ “it had nothing to do with sex or swinging at all”. Some 5 years further on things had settled down with our family life and we started dabbling with the thought of playing around again‚ we were older and things had changed from the old days‚ rejoining the nudist club was not an option at the time because of children’s ages and other personal reasons. We started looking at Search Light and Ribald again (things had also changed health wise as far as swinging and casual sex went) all our sex was and still is bare back sex so we were wary as to what sort of people we were meeting which also put a damper on it a lot for us. We had a few total wipe out’s meeting couples which was very frustrating for all concerned‚ and even when we did find a couple we got on OK with it never seemed to last after the initial lust had worn off where the four of us got along long term‚ it had us really thinking was it all worth it? Then we got talking about M F M threesomes‚ which we had a few of when we were swinging the first time around‚ I got off on seeing her going with other guys “and so did she” lol and I just love going silky seconds‚ we had some replies from single guys who had answered our ad’s for swingers trying their luck wanting to meet us so we went through them and picked out some guys that the wife thought she might find a turn on and we started meeting them‚ it was a lot easier meeting just guys I can tell you‚ the wife also surprised me by saying that we were just meeting for sex not a life time commitment (yes just sex not friendship) we decided that as long as she found the guy reasonably attractive and he could hold a conversation why not go ahead with it! We worked a formula out where we would arrange to meet at a local hotel‚ it has a nice quite area (at the time we were meeting guys) where we would meet the guy‚ after some small talk the wife would give me the signal if it was a go or no‚ “they were not many no’s I can tell you as we had vetted them out pretty well before arranging the meeting”‚ and if it was a “YES” then we would invite him back to our place to do the deed‚ if it was all OK then we would invite him back again‚ and if we really hit it off again‚ and again‚ one guy was a regular for over three years. One funny time that comes to mind‚ we had arranged to meet this guy at the usual place‚ he was travelling some distance to meet us‚ just as we were ready to walk out the door our daughter who still lived at home arrived home‚ she had a job where she slept over through the night and did not arrive home until late morning‚ this night she had taken sick and had been sent home. It was too late to contact the guy (this was before mobile phones) so after making sure the daughter was OK we decided to go and meet him‚ explain what had happened‚ and if he was OK to us (and us to him) the next meeting would be at our place. We met him and after the wife had given me the nod that he was OK we explained the situation to him‚ he was disappointed but it could not be helped‚ I went off for a round of drinks and when I returned he was sitting next to my wife very close and I could see his arm was around the wife and his hand was under her top (we were lucky we had the bar to ourselves) I wondered off on some pretext to leave them alone for a couple of minutes and when I returned he had made big steps forward and my wife had her hand under the table and on his lap‚ when it was time to go I left the wife to say good bye to him while I got our car‚ by the time I arrived with the car they were just about doing it in the car park and the wife said they wanted to go some place where the three of us could be alone‚ I knew of a parking place not too far away so we went to it‚ we had a station wagon at the time and they were already going for it by the time I got the seat down‚ the three of us had a good session in the back of the wagon before we were disturbed by another car arriving for the same reason we were there so it was time for us to go‚ he became a long time lover of the wife. I gather this is not your cup of tea kind of sex but it takes all kinds! I really get off on seeing the wife going with other guys (specially the first time) and joining in‚ I have done all the time ever since we first started playing‚ and would still do today if she was still into it‚ the best we do now is going into a chat room where she will come on cam now and then‚ but I guess I cannot complain after almost 50 years being married and playing on and off for 30 of them‚ I know there are a lot of guys out there that wish their wife would play.
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