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Started: 7 Years Ago
Category: Location
Slogan: Looking for fun in OK stop here and chat
I just wanted to start a group for the people like me that have a hard time finding NSA fun in OK like I do. Join if your down

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pbird: any woman in n‚e‚ ok dtf ?
3 Years Ago
sissy&larry: Getting a hotel room Saturday in Atoka we party and fuck suck and link what we won't to. We are not ken and barbie just normal people
4 Years Ago
sissy&larry: Looking for a bisexual man to join us and our partner also a bi man a curious wife or gf would be welcome to join also
4 Years Ago
MistressRed: What kind of fun?
5 Years Ago
eviltizzy: This group needs more women lol
6 Years Ago
guns812: cool
6 Years Ago
hollywood002: I am a younger man‚ only 28 and looking to set up some fun in OK.
7 Years Ago