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Iowa‚ Illinois‚ Wisconsin tri-state area

Iowa‚ Illinois‚ Wisconsin tri-state area

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Hey‚ everyone. If there are any ladies in the vicinity of where Iowa borders Illinois and Wisconsin‚ I would be interested in hearing from you. I won't say I don't want to get you in the sack‚ but I would want to make sure we click first. We can trade e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers before we meet in person if you prefer. I'm looking for someone I'm comfortable with and who is also comfortable with me for either a friends with benefits (emphasis on friends) or a fuck buddy type relationship. I'm open to something more serious but that's not what I'm looking for right now.
Posted: 6 Years Ago
3 Posts
Hey‚ r u a orgy? What do u do? 515-204-5841.
Posted: 6 Months Ago