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The Marble-Bar sex club is a local sex community that brings people together who are interested in sex.
This is a free club, but all members must respect other members. We do not tolerate negativity or offensive behavior.
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Lapeerj: What AI would really like t do is set it up for us to meet with someone in a bar that my wife did not know about have him start making passes at her and then when she is really horny take her some where and we fuck her silly and it might even be that instead on one guy there be 2 or 3 guys th flirt with her and we all get to have her.
7 Years Ago
Grazybad: just sitting here after gettiing home from the bar
7 Years Ago
Imguilty2: Bar hopping in cape girardeau tonight
7 Years Ago
freakman1976: How likes a Chocolate bar from time to time... hit me up..
6 Years Ago
loub3lou: I'm thinking of getting a nipple peircing but do I get one or both done? Also which is best ring or bar?
6 Years Ago
69bhukar: Vacancy in my Shots 4 a True Women Eligibility: Young n Dynamic. Duty: Fucking n licking hardcore Age: 24 to 35 Experience: No Bar Salary: Never Ending Sex Joining: ASAP‚ Interested girl plz contact if any girl interested plz forward me your no.‚ application last date: same day
49 Years Ago
69bhukar: Vacancy in my Shots 4 a True Women Eligibility: Young n Dynamic. Duty: Fucking n licking hardcore Age: 24 to 35 Experience: No Bar Salary: Never Ending Sex Joining: ASAP‚ Interested girl plz contact if any girl interested plz forward me your no.‚ application last date: same day
49 Years Ago
Auswolf: Where are all the fun girls these days? Offer to pay for a drink at the bar cause theyre taking too long to count change and your called a sleaze :/
4 Years Ago

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just a good story just a good story · General · So I'm in Minnesota at a hotel hanging out with my co workers at the pool just relaxing when all of a sudden out of nowhere this gorgeous petite redhead appears out of the corner of my eye she is wearing a white t-shirt and some cut off jeans by the time she made it to the pool any conversation my co-workers and I were having was over I remember she walked up to the edge of the pool and dropped her shorts!!!! I couldn't believe it she was wearing some tight black boy shorts style underwear then she jumped in I thought to my self I wonder if she knew we could see her tits??? So me being the outgoing guy I am I swim up and introduce myself we really hit it off we went and sat in the hot tub together by this time my co-workers started creeping hard so I whispered in her ear I'm going up to my room and changing and going to the bar if you want to have a more serious conversation meet me at the bar later she then whispered in my ear you wish.......:-( I was disappointed so I continued with my plan and went to the bar as usual my co-workers followed me there I ended up drinking way too much and thought she is never going to come down to the bar so I'm about to call it a night and go to sleep so I'm walking out the bar with my co-workers and I see her in the back corner of the bar sitting by herself sipping on a wine none of my co-workers stemmed to notice her either so I just slipped away and made my way over to her she saw me coming and had the cutest smile on her face I walk right past her and started hitting on another girl right next to her I could see she was just getting hotter and hornier in till she walked up to me and she grabbed my waist and said softly in my ear I had a good time in the pool earlier want to go back and get wet ?? I didn't say a word I played for one last round a glass of wine and a bourbon and coke and I grabbed her we walked out the bar and went strait to the hot tub I didn't even hesitate I got completely naked and jumped In she said nice gave me a wink and said I need to change I said ok so for ten mins I sat in the hot tub by myself enjoying my bourbon completely naked so then I see her coming and she is wearing a little black dress she walked up to the edge of the hot tub and with her ass towards me she bends over and removes her panties then jumps on me so at this point I think I'm getting lucky I start kissing her and she starts breathing really heavy even moaning at times then she stops me and says I have a boyfriend ......... end of the story right ? Not so much I ask her where is he? She said he is at the strip club I tell her he is all hugged up on some other girl getting his dick stroked why don't you treat yourself at this point I'm the hardest I've been since I hit puberty she goes well your dick is bigger and I'm horny then she started playing with my balls and kissing me hard I kiss her back and try to stick two fingers in her pussy and I can't can she be this tight I think to myself and after I got her off once she hopped up and took off with my clothes I chase her and I catch her on the third floor she puts up a little play fighting then she grabs my dick and places it her vagina sooo fucking tight I almost came immediately but the I held it together and I gently started pumping after about five mins she says to me FUCK ME NOW HARD so I gave it to her hard to the point it was really starting to hurt my pelvis I don't last much longer I tell her I'm going to cum and she gets on her knees and starts sucking my dick I blew the biggest loads of my life in her mouth she had to swallow halfway through and then spit the rest after we came down from that I put my clothes on and I brought her to her room she gave me the same cute smile and said goodbye I was so stunned that all this happened I was at a loss for words I didn't say anything and I wish I would have if there is one regret I have in life it's not saying goodbye to the woman I had a great time with
Meet me in a bar‚ Marietta GA Looking for guys‚ with a personality‚ to meet me at a bar occassionally‚ act like a complete stranger and seductively hit on me in front of my fiance. If the chemistry is right‚ maybe he gets to watch me get fucked. - Meet me in a bar‚ Marietta GA
A night in With Miss J A night in With Miss J · Erotic Couplings · We sitting outside next to the pool sipping on our favourite wine‚ the sun is going down and the view is bringing a romantic atmospher among us. I ask u how was ur day‚ u said it was fun to catch up with ur friends but u missed me a lot..I smile‚ hearing that it makes me feel important‚ I replay that I've missed u too... Baby I say‚ with the lust in my eyes‚ I want u to dress for me tonight‚ I want u in ur lacy panties‚ a see through shirt and stocking I whisper in in ear licking and blowing ur ear‚ I run my fingers through ur hair and pull them sensually‚ and I want u to tie ur hair in a ponytail....and wear that pearl necklace........ I got something for u tonight........ And I smack a deep kiss on ur mouth‚ sucking ur tongue while my hand caress ur right shoulder and the other one hold ur chin...daddy needs to take care of u good tonight‚ call me when u r ready and wait for me standing next to the mirror in the bedroom. I was expecting u to call me baby‚ but I couldn't resist anymore so I've been spying u Miss J u r really‚ really hot. I say holding u from behind. Now I want u not to look at me‚ just look outside the window‚ I hv a surprise for u sexy baby... I walk out the bedroom removing my shirt‚ I'm left just in my jeans‚ the light blue ones that u like so much‚ baby I say‚ don't forget to wear ur see through shirt...I'll be back soon‚ and I close the door behind me. I want u standing in front of me‚ wearing those sexy lacy black tiny panties‚ hold ups and black heels and nothing else‚ ur arms r straight down on ur hips‚ ur scent is filling the room‚ and I'm there just in my jeans looking at u‚ my eyes r on fire‚ they looking u deep. I'm holding a red rope on my left hand‚ I make it swing near ur legs‚ ur breathe is deep and ur mouth is drop open.... U know where we r going tonite...........on my right hand I hold a silk blindfold‚ I take a step towards u‚ I blow a sensual kiss on ur mouth‚ and I let the rope fall on ur feet. I start rubbing ur boobs playing with ur nipples‚ and I spank ur ass with the blindfold 3 times.... My hands running and gliding on ur body feel ur pleasure arising‚ u look so sexy Baby Girl and I kiss u right above ur breasts....I lift my hands towards ur face‚ caressing ur cheek I whisper‚ u can't c a thing tonite‚ I will make u completely mine tonite Miss J. I grab the blindfold and I put it on ur eyes‚ u can't see a thing‚ ur senses expand trying to understand what is coming to u next.... Ur mouth is so sexy and wet by ur tongue mmmmmm I love the way u lick ur lips.... I push u down on the floor‚ I make I sit grabbing ur arms and putting them behind ur back‚ I tie ur wrist with the red rope‚ then I start kissing ur lobes‚ sucking and licking them‚ ur voice is saying please please.......mmmmm that sound sexy‚ I let my hands rubbing ur legs they're so soft and smooth‚ I want to kiss them now.. My mouth is now on ur hips‚ kissing and licking softly‚ my hands r all over them‚ I keep on going down spreading ur legs apart‚ feel my tongue how is wanting u... It's all over ur thigh‚ my hands caressing it hard yet sensually u feel how much I want u‚ u keep on lifting and lowering ur legs‚ tending to close them u so like it‚ u r so aroused....I better keep them spread with a bar tying ur ankles... Now so tied I will lift ur legs and start licking and kissing u right on the back ur's so sensitive ur hips r moving but I hold u still with my strength and keep on licking there‚ ur moans fill the room‚ I'm so turned on to c u like this. Ur tiny panties looks so sexy with ur legs wide open‚ I c a little stream coming out from there....Miss J u r so soaked of pleasure.... My hands r now massaging ur feet‚ my thumb is pressing against under them while my fingers rub between ur toes‚ they're so soft and smooth....mmmm I feel like kissing them now....I remove ur stockings slowly they're gliding away from ur soft legs. My mouth keep kissing ur calf while my tongue leaves a trail of saliva on it...finally I reach ur left foot my kisses become more passionate and deep‚ u feel so good in my warm mouth......I let my tongue run through ur toes‚ u jump as it tickles but u love it‚ feel how my tongue is licking u deep‚ it pushes apart ur toes and u spread them even more....i blow on ur wet feet and u shake and pant‚ God!!!! U r so beautiful... I'm kissing ur legs‚ every inch of ur sensual skin‚ I won't leave a single bit untouched by my mouth‚ my hands now r going behind ur neck‚ lift ur head baby I softly say‚ I remove ur pearl necklace and I kiss u repeatedly on ur mouth‚ I caress ur face and kiss u again‚ this time I let my tongue sink inside ur mouth‚ I want to feel u deep‚ while my other hand slide right inside ur tiny black panties getting all soaked by ur pleasure....Baby‚ God!!! U r so in a lake....I love that I say kissing u and while my mouth leaves urs u pull ur head up trying not to let me go....Ah Baby! I say‚ daddy is taking care of u good enough? I ask... U almost sobbing in pleasure while feeling my fingers penetrating ur juicy pussy‚ say "daddy please please I want u so bad inside me........ I untie ur wrists from ur back and kiss them gently‚ u hv light marks on them but I just tie em again over ur head on to the bed rail‚ I take ur pearls and make u suck and lick them leaving them in ur mouth....I lift ur legs still tied on the bar and kneeing in front of u I put them on my shoulders‚ then I let myself lying towards ur spree legs with my head and pull ur panties down to the hips‚ my chin is keeping them away from ur drenched pussy and with my fingers I scored her wide‚ u feel my tongue rattling hard on ur swollen clit‚ my lips closes around it and suck it hard ur body is moving sideways‚ but I hold u down‚ u squeal in ecstasy letting ur necklace drop from ur mouth....Miss J I say....this has to be kept somewhere‚ I grab it and slowly I insert it inside ur wet swollen pussy with my tongue....feel how it's getting inside u‚ my big tongue pushing in every single pearl until all of them r inside u I let my tongue lick again real good ur clit‚ then down till I reach ur ass and slowly circling and twisting it on ur hole......u contracting and moaning ....please daddy please make me cum u say.....i start slowly but continuously pulling the pearls out from ur pussy‚ I let my mouth get close again to ur pussy‚ take those wet pearls in my mouth and start pulling them out... Don't worry baby I say‚ u've been good‚ very very good and u deserve a good reward.... My erection has been pushing in my jeans for too long now I can't take it anymore... With my mouth soaked by ur nectar I get close to ur mouth and greedily I kiss u deep holding ur face in my hands. Taste how good u r my little Baby Girl‚ feel what daddy made to u I tell u with a firm and so turned on voice... Oh daddy!!!!! We taste so good u reply. I want to hv u like this baby‚ still restrained and blindfolded‚ I want to make u feel between ur legs what u did for and to daddy....I unbutton my jeans‚ and make u feel my hard pulsing cock on ur face‚ I c ur mouth looking for it‚ and finally when it's on ur lips u wrap around it and take it inside ur warm lusty mouth... I hold ur head and in a pull push movement I make u eat my shaft‚ feels so nice to touch the back of ur throat with it‚ u suck it deep sticking ur tongue out trying to lick my balls.... I love when u push ur head towards me taking in all as much as u can‚ ur head is being moved by me I control ur movement‚ ur moans r so sexy. I let u suck just the tip of my cock now‚ ur mouth around it looks so hot....u tongue feels so good licking on to the hole.... I turn u on all four‚ ur panties r stretching down to ur knees‚ ur beautiful ass is pointing upwards whilst ur face on the pillow‚ I start caressing it‚ my hands feel it all under them.... I glide them on ur back touching it all up till ur shoulders‚ then back down again‚ I caress ur plump ass‚ mmmmm round and round until.......SMACK!!!! I hit ir right cheek with a straight slap‚ ouch u moan‚ I told u baby that this ass needs some colour‚ snapping ur left one‚ u jump a little but u love it‚ then again I slap both cheeks another 4 times each...mmmm Miss J now it's getting the colour daddy likes it‚ I bend and kiss it letting my tongue feel the warmth of it.... I kiss it again and lick it all over the shanked area‚ I caress it‚ I feel u throb‚ u know u can get more‚ but u relax‚ u love daddy touch don't u? SMACK again!!! Three times this time in both of them‚ I move in front of u and kiss u softly‚ baby tell daddy who u belong to I say....I'm ur daddy all urs u say with throbbing voice...please please let me feel u inside me I beg u daddy please....kiss me first Baby and I let my lips next to urs.....ur kisses r so hot‚ u almost caring as u can't be no longer without cock inside u......I lift ur chin and lick ur u r fantastic I say. I get behind u kiss ur sore bum and lick it again....I love the bright pulsing red colour u hv now‚ I grab by ur hips and finally fill u with my cock......ahhhhhhhhh u scream in pleasure My Miss J‚ finally we r one thing..... Me and u connected by our lust and ur pussy is so wet and warm‚ I love the sound of it when my cock goes in and out fro u‚ I keep inside u all the time‚ my hands r fm sinking in ur hips‚ my thrusts r so hard and deep‚ I want u all always Baby I moan... Yes take me whenever u like daddy I'm all urs u reply‚ I grab by ur hair with one hand and pull ur head backwards while my cock keep on sinking inside ur dripping pussy...... I'm sliding in and out in out in out from u‚ feel me slapping my body in urs every time I get deep in u‚ I love the sound of it‚ it's so sexy....I grab ur shirt by the neckline‚ and with both hands I rip it open letting ur boobs falling out.... Mmmm I keep thrusting u hard‚ u quiver‚ and moan loud and louder....I pull ur head backward again and pound u hard‚ yes baby girl tell daddy how much u like being fucked like this shameless and senseless‚ SMACK‚ I hit u again then again on both cheek at the same time....feel how daddy is fucking u hard u dirty girl..... Ur boobs r slapping on to each other....such a lovely sound‚ u bite the pillow and hold it in ur mouth biting it‚ ur moans get so loud now‚ u r all sweaty and sexy my Baby‚ while my cock keeps fucking u deep and deeper all in a sudden u give a push back against me with ur bum then u start shaking pulsing and throbbing hard‚ I feel ur contracting pussy on my cock‚ my hips get soaked by ur squirt and its dripping now between us‚ u keep shaking as a deep orgasm hits u making ur belly jump and ur mouth release a scream full of pleasure I wrap my arms around ur belly and feel u throbbing‚ I love that‚ when my dirty girl comes so hard and loud... I kiss ur back and ur sore bum gently‚ until the shakes end‚ then leaning on u I get close to ur face with mine‚ and say‚ now Baby tell daddy where u want his warm nectar‚ yes baby u've been real good I let u decide how and where daddy can come... Exhausted u ask me‚ please can I be untied now? Please please please u beg....Yes baby‚ I will untie u now‚ I finally release ur legs‚ massaging and kissing ur ankles then ur wrist‚ doing the same thing‚ massaging and kissin u on ur marks‚ our marks I say smiling‚ then finally and turning the light lower I get the blind fold away from your eyes‚ they're so narrow and lost‚ but they look happy when they lock with mine....I kiss them both gently and looking at u I say:"Miss J u were great"and I kiss ur mouth‚ the I take a look at u‚ with ur panties still on ur knee and that shirt ripped I really look fucking hot!!!!!!!! I am a lucky man I think smirking at u while I lay on my back in the bed...... The blind fold falls‚ U look at me and say "hi daddy there you are" as our eyes connect.. I lay back hands folded behind my head‚ my words whisper daddys all yours baby.. As u crawl up towards me u stare into my eyes‚ u don't want to be anywhere else but into my eyes.. Gently u grab my balls and lean over and kiss on the head of my cock‚ ask me if I'm ready‚ I nod and say yes Miss J daddys ready.. U stroke my cock with ur hand as u slowly take me all in ur mouth watching at me the whole time watching the look of esctasy over come my face... "Oh your cock is so good‚ I love having it in my mouth" u say... I feel your tongue rattling while ur lips suck me hard‚ I begin to contract and my body start to quiver... U suck harder‚ my body is throbbing and is telling u that I'm there.... you are making me cum u sunk all of it in ur mouth... I'm pNting and moaning‚ my breath is heavy and deep‚ I'm exploding Miss J‚ I'm coming in ur mouth.......U taste the drops of my warm sap beginning to drop in ur mouth... I moan and whisper out yes baby yes ... U crawl and lie on my body kissing me while my arms wrap around u holding u very close to me.............
Seeking Couples and Men to surprise wife Sacramento, CA (USA) · Couples Seeking Couples · Hello everyone‚ I have decided to take a chance and try this out. Wife and I have had fantasies and done some VERY LIMITED things (her flirting‚ dancing‚ etc...). We have also discussed an open relationship but are warming up to her playing for now until we both feel more comfortable. I have been interested in actively seeking people out for a while but hadn't because of the realities of assholes and dirtbags. I am looking for "normal" people. No assholes‚ no extremely type A's and definitely have to have self control. Do not have to be Playboy/Playgirl material but fairly fit and attractive is preferable. Between 25-50 years old. If you're 18-24 ONLY contact us if you meet the first sentence below. We will have no issues in stopping the activities should anyone turn out to be fake. Northen Cali (Fresno to Sacramento and San Jose to Alameda in the Bay) area would be fine. My main thing is‚ respectful‚ mature and polite. The goal is going to be talk over email for a while‚ feel comfortable about each other and go more in detail about things. Since this is going to be a surprise for her (there is no timeline)‚ I will be doing all the coordinating. If things workout well‚ I wouldn't be opposed to repeat adventures. The goal is to find 1-3 guys and a couple that we can arrange to meet at some bar or club and have one of those...."we met someone at the bar danced and it led to making out and groping in the parking lot" adventures. The possibility of sex would be there but I'd rather take it slow and maybe just do hand job/fingering at first. With a couple‚ I'd love for the wife play a bit as well. She is not bi‚ BUT fairly receptive to having fun without being labeled and enjoys the attention of both men and women. About us: We are both hispanic‚ prior military and have two children which is another reason this will happen slowly more than likely. We both like to work out but it's been slow in that department do to work and college workload. I am 6'0 about 190lbs‚ have a slender/athletic build and would say I'm normally attractive. She is 5'6‚ 150lbs‚ big boobs and great legs and great fit body. If things go well‚ I'll share some none identifying pics and hope you do the same.
Age No Bar Pun intended Photo gallery: Age No Bar Pun intended · Down South
mr.unlimited Male · Santa Rosa, United States of America. rockstar/.......pure and simple..5'11" 154 lbs white marble statue that you have got to see excited.
mcatl45 Male · Marble, United States of America. This is the member profile for mcatl45
george420 Male · altoona, United States of America. Good guy looking for fun dont have time for the bar thing
Quick Story about a Quicky Quick Story about a Quicky · One on One · I am not going to drag out this story‚ because its not the details that make this story‚ just the general gist. I met a girl in a pub‚ swapped names‚ then swapped saliva. Before too long‚ we were in the mens toilets‚ and she was sucking hard. I then bent her over‚ and came very quickly. Then I headed back into the bar‚ and didn't see her again for the rest of the night... It was fantastic!!
Gym lesson Gym lesson · Non Consent · I used to work at a company that had their own squash courts on campus and I regularly used to play against colleagues‚ male and female. One week I asked a particularly delicious tall blonde girl called Sarah to play me and I beat her convincingly and much to my embarrassment now‚ I spent the following week rubbing in the scale of my victory. The following week she challenged me to a rematch but after I had changed for the game she was nowhere to be found. I knocked on the door of the female changing room and opened the door slightly to see if she was in there. Before I knew what had happened I was pushed to the floor face down and dragged into the changing room‚ blindfolded and gagged. My hands were tied above my head and my legs were spread apart with a bar. I could hear Sarah's voice and a lot of giggling going on but I was in no position to resist. "Now we'll give you a gym lesson you'll never forget she said‚ and remember this will all be recorded on video. She took a pair of scissors to my shorts leaving me completely naked and started rubbing my balls. "My friends have come to see how well you perform" sha said and started stroking my now rock hard prick. She must have given the nod for everybody to get involved because all of a sudden there were dozens of hands all over my body‚ fingers in my mouth and up my backside‚ pulling at my balls and stroking my legs along with a huge amount of giggling and taunting. "I bet he can't come" said one‚ "this isn't big enough‚ can't we make it bigger" said another. Eventually my body couldn't take it anymore and my prick erupted in wave after wave of cum to a huge round of applause and laughter. Then just for good measure I was slapt across the face a few times and left there. I tried to shout for someone to help me but the gag was too tight and I was there for a couple of hours before a rather shocked cleaner came to let me go. Needless to say I never teased Sarah about her squash after that‚ I think the video might have been on the internal website if I hadn't behaved myself.
Violet Wand Virgin Violet Wand Virgin · First Time · It was only a casual conversation in the pub‚ the lads drinking at the bar with the girls seated at a table behind chatting and giggling away. As the girls chatter got racier‚ we found we were all turning our heads slightly to listen in on the juicy chat‚ that was how I heard Julie's comment about how she'd rarely had a full-blown climax with anyone. As we mingled with the girls later at a night-club‚ I found myself chatting to the lovely Julie and carefully managed to turn the conversation around to my favourite subject; sex ! Now I could ask her if she had tried any Electrosex/ESM therapy‚ to which she looked suprised and admitted she had never heard of it. I explained as best I could‚ not sure she was all that interested‚ but ended up saying 'well its just one of those things you have to try and see if its for you'! Our chat changed topic then and I guessed that was that! (I could hardly say 'Look if you want a great climax‚ try my Electrosex machine‚ could I' !?) However‚ the seed had been sown and about an hour later Julie sought me out to whisper 'Could you just give me a demo of your Electrosex methods‚ it sounds a wierd fetish‚ but I'm just so curious'? A short taxi ride and we were back at my place‚ Julies eyes widened as I layed out the equipment....The Violet wand‚ the ESM device and a Cattle prod!. Now she admitted it was probably the drinks that had given her the nerve to try this‚ but I could reassure her it was very safe and for all the pleasure/pain‚ she could expect nothing more than a slight reddening of the skin at most. After another drink‚ Julie was raring to try this and she quickly stripped and laid on the bed‚ Julie wanted the works so I blindfolded her and tied her arms and legs to the bed‚ she needed to trust me and I reassured her we would stop when she uttered the 'safe word'‚ tonight it was "Mushroom". I started with the Violet wand on a low setting‚ Julie could hear the crackling volts as I waved the wand close to her ear‚ then away and back near her ear‚ teasing and raising her trepidation.... She shrieked in suprise as the first dancing sparks touched her skin‚ then relaxed and smiled as I moved the probe over her body paying special attention to her sensitive areas‚ nipples‚ ears‚ tongue..... even briefly touching her clitoris which made her groan and shudder with pain/pleasure....oh what a fine line between the two!! Now she was ready for more and I turned up the volts‚ touching her body from head to toe‚ now her initial spasms were mixed with her groans of pleasure as she became more excited. With a swift change of wand‚ I turned down the volts and inserted this 'virginal wand' into her pussy‚ slowly easing it in all the way‚ before turning up the volts again - this was the 'reverse method'. At this point Julie felt little sensations as her whole body was charged with high volts with no means of discharging‚ I soon changed that! Now I could touch her sensitive areas with any part of me and she would discharge through my body!.. I started with a finger over her nipple‚ a brief crackling and a spark left her nipple‚ accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from Julies pretty lips. I considered connecting her a different way that would allow us to make sweet/shocking love‚ by using my penis as the discharge path‚ but decided to save that method for another time!! Now Julie was VERY aroused and with me touching and shocking her all over‚ her back arched as she had the noisiest orgasm I ever heard! For good measure (and to keep the noise down ;-)) I shoved my cock in her mouth as she orgasmed again‚ both of us feeling the spark discharge‚ and she writhed on the bed again and again...pulling at her bonds as her climax took complete control. 'That was Fantastic'! she finally said as we lay together‚ 'Wow... all those orgasms and I never knew a climax could be like that!!' The next morning‚ we were enjoying the sex together‚ but I felt she was missing 'that spark' I was nearing orgasm‚ I grabbed the Violet wand and waved the high-volts over her nipples‚ she shuddered‚ sighed and then climaxed with me! What a result!....Julie was now a convert and couldn't get enough! My other shock ESM-device and cattle-prod were to be used another time....I'll write them up soon!
Here is a real sex story....On the farm Here is a real sex story....On the farm · Romance · You are alone at the farm now‚ you have sent IT packing and I get to visit. I am very happy that you have invited me to spend a few days with you‚ knowing full well this is just a physical thing. But that is no reason for me not to make you feel as good as possible. You had offered to pick me up in town and get me to the farm‚ but I would rather surprise you. I arrive in town and am able to get directions to your place and am just beside myself as I drive to your place. It is fall‚ and the weather has gotten cold. Even though the temperature is getting cold‚ I am feeling very warm as I approach your farm. I drive up to your house and am just amazed this is the kind of place I have always dreamed of. But to be honest I am not sure I could handle all the work here unless I was to become a full time farmer. I walked up on the porch and knocked on the door. It is getting to be mid afternoon so I really am not expecting you to be in the house. This is fine because I would love to surprise you out in the barn and it seems that I may get my way. After a while of standing and knocking‚ there is no answer so I try the door. It opens and I call out for you just in case. I do not want to scare you‚ just surprise you. With no answer to my calls‚ I manage to find the kitchen and drop my bags out of the way. But I cannot help but stop and admire this fine house and in some cases wonder how some of my own antiques may fit in here. But‚ I finally get to the back door and can see the stables. I am thinking to my self that I hope you are out there tending to your horses. I walk toward the stables and am spotted by your dog‚ who does not know what to make of me just yet. I offer him a treat in the hopes he will come to me and not give me away just yet. He barks at me but not very loudly and I am glad that it seems you have not heard his barks or have chosen to ignore him for some reason. He finally calms down and takes the treat from my hand‚ deciding I am not a threat. I pat him on the head and pet him for a moment as I continue to make my way to the stables. I am able to approach the stables without being found out and am just to the left of the doorway sneaking peeks to see if I can determine where you are or if you are in there at all. I can hear you talking to the horse you are grooming and have also been able to determine the stall you are in. Part of me wants to sneak up behind you‚ slide my arms around your waist and kiss you on the neck. But I am sure the surprise of someone coming up behind you like that may frighten you or cause some other reaction that may result with me being in severe pain. I walk up slowly toward the stall. I am also glad that my presence is not spooking the horses. I am being careful to just be out of your usual field of view and yet hope you will catch a glimpse of me as I approach. I still may startle you‚ but it will not be as bad as me sneaking up behind you. I could not have planned it any better‚ just as I reach the stall doorway‚ you turn and see me. That beautiful smile tells me that you recognize me and are happy to see me. You set down your brush and come over to greet me‚ hugging my neck tightly. I wrap my arms around you and pick you up and at the same time you wrap your legs around me squeezing tight. After a few minutes of hugging and exchanging a few simple kisses and other pleasant greetings I let you down and you stand next to me. You explain the work that you still have to complete. I ask if I may help you complete your chores. It has been a long time but I think I remember how to groom‚ feed‚ and otherwise take care of a horse. Even though it would be quicker to move on to another horse‚ I would rather stay next to you and groom the horses together. I am very happy when you let me stick by you as I play a little game of being slightly naïve of just how to complete the tasks. While being careful to actually complete the job and keep you happy‚ I do go out of my way to get next to you as often as possible. I brush against you‚ stopping to kiss you on the cheek or neck as I pass by‚ and giving little hugs at every opportunity. The time goes quickly and I am happy to have been able to help you finish your chores and am so happy to be walking back to the house with my arm around your waist. Of course just as I have been doing since I first saw you today‚ I was sneaking looks at your ass and the rest of you as well just taking it all in. We’re dirty and truth be told neither of us smell like a bed of roses. As we approach the house‚ I explain finally how I got to your place and that I let myself in to put my bags on the floor. Once we are inside the back door and as we remove our coats I grab you pulling you in close and plant a long deep kiss on those sweet lips. As our lips part ways‚ you nuzzle into my chest and I was able t see you smile. It is a great feeling with you standing in front of me with your arms pulled in tight to your chest and you nuzzle in taking in the warmth and safety of my embrace. After a while‚ you tell me that you had not prepared anything for dinner and that you were not sure what to do. While I would love to watch and help you create something in the kitchen. It has been a long day and I think it would be nice to take this beautiful woman out to dinner and if she wishes we can go raise a little hell at the bar too. So‚ I suggest that we go to town for dinner and possibly more. You are agreeable to this and I think a little relieved that you do not have to do anything other then shower and get ready for a night out. Since I do not know anything about the restaurants‚ bars‚ or anything like that in your area I am completely at your mercy as to where we may go and how well dressed we will need to be. You help me take my bags to the bedroom and I am very pleased that you have led me straight to your room and not to some guest room. Once in the room‚ my first instinct is to grab you‚ tear your clothes off and just have nasty sweaty sex with you. But I really want this to be special. Besides there will be enough opportunities for just sweaty sex. So I start asking you about where we shall go in town and how I should dress‚ etc. Once all of that is settled‚ I get some clean clothes out of my suit case and lay them on the bed. Then as I turn again thinking where exactly is the bathroom so that I can shower‚ hopefully with you. Suddenly there you are standing in front of me really close wearing nothing but a towel. Holding the top of the towel in place with one hand you reach up with the free hand and grasp my neck as I lean in to kiss you deeply and passionately. Our lips part and I get to stare for a moment into those brown eyes. You give me that little smile as you take my hand and lead me to the bathroom. I close the door behind me as we enter the bathroom. Anticipating what is to come I am already rock hard and a little kiddy with the anticipation. I turn you around to face me quickly and you lose your grip on the towel. It falls to the floor and I pull you in close‚ so I can feel you close to me. We kiss again‚ and as we part lips this time you step back a little so that you can turn on the shower. I want to just strip down and pull you in there. But that will mean I cannot watch and take in the vision of your body there in front of me. You turn your attention to me and help me remove my clothes. First my shirt‚ and then my pants‚ it is no surprise to you that I have a hard on that is just aching to break free. I step out of my underwear and move over to you just before you step into the shower. You take a hold of my cock and after looking down for a moment you look up into my eyes and give that sweet grin of yours. We then slip into the shower together into the warm water. Your back is to the shower head and the water is running over your body as I hug you close and kiss your neck you lean back letting the water wet your hair. It seems a little like you ignore me for that moment‚ so I move you behind me as I bend forward slightly to wet my hair as well. All of it done playfully‚ you then smack me on the ass as I stand there slightly bent forward. This causes me to stand up and look at you slightly over one shoulder. Now is play time‚ getting the soap I start to massage and soap your body. You keep trying to get the soap from me‚ but I am having way too much fun exploring your body and kiss the parts that are not covered in soap. I stop long enough to lather up my chest and a couple of other spots so that you can let your hands do some wondering as well. It is not long until you have found your way to my cock‚ massaging it and my balls. I get so distracted by what you are doing I stop putting soap on you for a moment. But that ends‚ when you start telling me what you like and want. Oh how I love a woman who can tell me what and how she wants it. That means that I can spend more time actually giving her pleasure rather then trying to figure what she likes and possibly not pleasure at all. We take turns soaping and rinsing each other and as parts of our bodies are cleaned off. They are immediately given some much deserved attention. I position you under the water and slowly work my way down your body with my tongue and fingers. I stop to pay attention to your nipples‚ taking one in my mouth as I lightly pinch the other. I come back up just long enough for a kiss and then continue my journey. As I reach my knees‚ I first explore your pussy with my fingers as I kiss your stomach and hips. I can feel you getting wet and lose and now I am able to work two fingers into you. I glance up to see that you are enjoying the experience as you part your legs and throw one leg over my shoulder. Now‚ as the water cascades over you I am able to use my tongue on the lips of you pussy. You hips move in and out almost begging me to do more. I am not about to stop now‚ and begin parting those lips with my tongue wanting to get to your clit. I can tell immediately that I have hit a good spot as you back arches and grasping the back of my head you pull my mouth hard into your pussy. I have no idea what you are hanging onto‚ but you have managed to put both legs over my shoulders giving me better access to that sweet pink pussy. I continue to work you over with my tongue and fingers. It is not long before I am rewarded with the taste of your cum. You then remove your legs from around my neck and shoulders as I rise up to greet you. Eager to taste yourself on my lips you grab me and pull me in for a long kiss while stroking my cock once again. You manage to bring me to the edge of release only to stop just before I do. Oh‚ what a tease and I love it! Then you work your way down my body and in no time have my cock in your mouth‚ working it over. Again‚ just before I explode you stop. Damn! How do you know just when to stop? You start again this time working your finger between my legs and are massaging my anus. Oh‚ I am sure this time there will be no stopping me. I relax enough for you to work you finger just slightly into me while expertly working over my cock with your mouth and tongue. This time I have built up what I am sure will be a load that will not remain inside of me no matter what. All of sudden you stop and stand up in front of me and I am a little disappointed but at the same time exhilarated because I have never been teased so well. I pull you close kissing you again‚ long and hard‚ breathing like I have just ran a marathon. You wrap your legs around my waist‚ while also wrapping your arms around my neck as you hop up into my arms. I lower you down onto my cock‚ as I push you against the wall of the shower. It takes a few moments but I work my cock deep inside you as you begin to move up and down. Again I am denied my release as you hop off at the last moment. Shit! Are you psychic or something?! You turn and bend over offering you pussy to me again. Although I am seriously considering hitting that ass as I slap your ass checks repeatedly getting them nice and pink. I grab your hips and pull you in hard‚ plunging my cock into again. I am determined to cum this time and am not letting go till I do. As you begin to finger your clit as I plunge in and out of your pussy I am thinking‚ that I will achieve my goal. I can feel you getting ready to cum and want to pull out and deny you just as you have denied me‚ but I cannot. All at once you cum and I am determined to cum too‚ but you decide to cut your own pleasure short to deny me once again. What do I have to do to be able to cum? Damn! Suddenly we are rinsing off again and you are out of the shower. I am a little stunned‚ what is going to happen now? Am I supposed to finish my self off or what? I exit the shower with a hard on that is damn near painful now. You quickly towel off although not completely drying yourself. You throw a towel at me and tell me to hurry up as you exit the bathroom and move into the bedroom. If I could I would have just shook the water off like a dog so I could follow you quicker. But I can’t so I towel off while in hot pursuit of that ass I see hurrying toward the bed. You throw my clothes that were lying on the bed to the floor as you get between the sheets. I follow close behind you and slide up next to you as I look deeply into those eyes and even though I am so focused on your eyes I can see that sweet smile reflected in them. I pull your legs apart and slide between them and once again am buried in your pussy. I start slow‚ varying speed and angle‚ every so often thrusting hard and holding it in place for a slight moment. Then without withdrawing‚ I roll over onto my back pulling you on top of me. I must have hit the right spot as you begin to wildly thrust and ride my cock. You change positions often from lying on my chest to sitting straight up and arching your back. Then you sit hard down as far as you can onto my cock‚ thrusting your hips back and forth‚ you back arches again and you are about to explode. I am pushing in harder and matching your enthusiasm and speed while holding onto your hips again. There is NO way I am stopping this time. All at once we cum at the same time and I feel a rush of your juices washing over my cock and between my legs. You fall down next to me in bed smiling and caressing my chest as I hold you next to me. I cannot believe the feeling I have from being denied so many times only to finish like this. But before I can say anything else‚ apparently you have some unfinished business and you disappear below the sheets and begin to lick my cock and balls clean. I am once again hard and ready for action. This time you simply take my cock in your mouth and reward me by letting me cum again‚ swallowing the entire load. I reach down and bring you up so that I may kiss you tasting myself too. Now‚ I am truly speechless as you again lay next to me on the bed. Nothing is said for a few moments as we lay there snuggled up together just enjoying the warmth of our bodies next to one another. After a little while we finally start to talk again and are planning the rest of the night. We exit the bed and begin to dress. But I cannot help myself‚ I must caress you‚ kiss you‚ and other wise touch you. There is a lot more to this night. But that will have to come in part 2 of this story.
Wink Wink · General · The light dances across the room making the glistening sweat on our bodies look as if a damn sex faerie sprinkled pixie dust all over. Our bodies are limp and sated‚ pleased beyond comprehension. The sheets are tangled and damp from our passionate fucking‚ partly laying on the floor when our desire raged an inferno within‚ taking over like a crazed‚ possessed demon and we left the comfort of our overly luxurious and comfortable bed in a mess of limbs and lust and landed with a loud thud on the floor‚ never breaking the embrace. Just 20 minutes earlier our clothes were still in place and yours were in one piece. The build up of the night came at a head as we stared each other down‚ daring the other to make the first move. The sexual tension in the room gathering‚ my senses heightened even more. Oh‚ how you make me want to do naughty things to you.... The way you look at me‚ those adoring‚ big‚ blue eyes‚ so sweet and innocent in front of my face‚ but giving a flash of cold-calculated‚ deviant plans in works and making my mind wander to XXX rated images. The bar was crowded tonight‚ and my anticipation of your sexy plan was causing my mind to go into meltdown. My blood traveling south and making my cock so hard my teeth were clenched. I noticed some nervous habits of yours‚ indecision of going through with your plan waving across your face. I lifted my hand in a gesture to a younger gentleman helping himself in viewing your long legs‚ accentuated even more by your fuck-me pumps‚ the short dress stopping mid thigh and clinging in all the right places. The dress dipping low on your back‚ allowing me the pleasure of your slender spine‚ miles of skin begging to be licked and kissed. Clearing those thoughts from my head‚ i excused us from the leering young man and in the process of dropping my hand back down to my side‚ i grazed your right tit‚ a just barely there touch. A reminder of us‚ just you and i. I could see the sexy smirk lift your lips before you straightened your shoulders and grabbed onto my hand tightly. You led us through the crowd with determination‚ right into the mens restroom. The action seemed spur of the moment‚ like you were deviating from an already set plan because you needed me right then and my cock jumped‚ making my jeans press tight into my pants. You pushed me into a stall‚ unguarded against the push‚ my back hit the wall and you flipped the lock and prowled towards me‚ your eyes swirling with so many emotions but mostly want and desire was shining through. Wasting no time‚ you held my gaze as you flicked the top button of my jeans and unzipped me‚ pulling my cock free. Holding my gaze‚ you dropped to the ground and sucked me hard. Your hot little mouth wrapping me tight‚ your tongue pressing down hard on the underside of my cock as you devoured more and more. Your hands come up to the sides of my hips and you hold on so tight I'm fairly positive i will have small indented bruises from your fingers. You take this opportunity to start pushing and pulling my hips‚ to you and away‚ your mouth is suckling and guiding my body into fucking your face. You suck and take me so deep into your throat that for a brief moment I'm almost concerned of hurting you‚ and then out of nowhere‚ you take your right hand and start rubbing and teasing my balls‚ my deep breathing and words of encouragement and praise gives you another jolt of lust and motivation‚ and I would think it impossible but you power through with even more. My control is slowly breaking‚ I feel like if i come in your mouth‚ the very power of my orgasm will blow your head off. I try to formulate words in my head but your vacuum grip around my cock gives no room for thought‚ as if sensing something is wrong‚ you look up at me with those big‚ blue doe eyes and wink at me. Fucking winked at me. It blows my control all to hell and i can feel my body about to release‚ so close. instead of the soft caresses against your cheeks and my hands running softly through your hair‚ i grip a handful of your hair in a painful way and cup your jaw harshly to keep it open for me. I unleash everything i have into your sweet‚ hot‚ little mouth and you take it with deep moans that vibrate through my entire body. I watch you‚ trying to find any signs of discomfort but you're taking it‚ giving to me in return‚ a pretty flush has worked over your body‚ showing me your so turned on by this that i could probably flick your clit and make you cum. Thinking of you getting off on the pleasure you give me... Fuck! Sweet‚ sweet release‚ my cock is pulsing out jets of my cum‚ the orgasm is powerful enough to make my vision a little blurry‚ your mouth working out every last treasured drop‚ your nice lips relaxing around me as you draw out the remains of my release‚ knowing i will be sensitive. I notice your mascara running and know your tears are a result of my hard pounding in your mouth‚ regret almost consumes me and I'm worried I've gone too far but you lick your swollen lips and close your eyes‚ savoring the remnants of my taste‚ your beautiful eyes open and immediately meet my gaze‚ a small smile playing at your mouth‚ and you fucking wink at me.
First older women First older women · Mature · First time i was ever with an older women. I was 23 she was 37. I meet her at a bar throught a friend. At the end of the night my.buddy ask me if i needed a ride. Jokingly i said no im going home with her. She said yeah hes coming with me. I was like are u for real ur not playing. She said ur comeing with me thats it. So we get back to her place and start making out‚ ripping eachothers clothes off. She went down i was in heaven she took it all i fell in love. I returned the favor and she was squirming crazy. We fucked had sex and made love all in one night/day/night again. id do anything to get her back or find someone like her.
Swinging or M F M threesome? General Discussions · Swinging or M F M threesome? · When we started swinging we were in a nudist club where their was a lot of swinging and swapping going on‚ when the wife went with another guy for the first time‚ even though I was not present her first time I had set her up with a friend that I knew she was keen on and had been flirting with for a while (he knew my feelings on it all) hoping it would happen‚ my wife knew she had my full permission to play if she so wanted to‚ “remember it was her first time ever with another guy” a very big step for a 35 year old Catholic woman to take. When it did finally happen we were welcomed into a well established swinging scene with open arms “and legs”‚ Search Light and Ribald which were our local sex contact sex papers were just about our bible at the time where we also met other swingers “and our swinging neighbors through” (another story). After about 5 years swinging with our swinging friends from the nudist club and others we met through the sex papers we had a major personal upset with family that caused us to leave the nudist club and the swinging scene all together‚ “it had nothing to do with sex or swinging at all”. Some 5 years further on things had settled down with our family life and we started dabbling with the thought of playing around again‚ we were older and things had changed from the old days‚ rejoining the nudist club was not an option at the time because of children’s ages and other personal reasons. We started looking at Search Light and Ribald again (things had also changed health wise as far as swinging and casual sex went) all our sex was and still is bare back sex so we were wary as to what sort of people we were meeting which also put a damper on it a lot for us. We had a few total wipe out’s meeting couples which was very frustrating for all concerned‚ and even when we did find a couple we got on OK with it never seemed to last after the initial lust had worn off where the four of us got along long term‚ it had us really thinking was it all worth it? Then we got talking about M F M threesomes‚ which we had a few of when we were swinging the first time around‚ I got off on seeing her going with other guys “and so did she” lol and I just love going silky seconds‚ we had some replies from single guys who had answered our ad’s for swingers trying their luck wanting to meet us so we went through them and picked out some guys that the wife thought she might find a turn on and we started meeting them‚ it was a lot easier meeting just guys I can tell you‚ the wife also surprised me by saying that we were just meeting for sex not a life time commitment (yes just sex not friendship) we decided that as long as she found the guy reasonably attractive and he could hold a conversation why not go ahead with it! We worked a formula out where we would arrange to meet at a local hotel‚ it has a nice quite area (at the time we were meeting guys) where we would meet the guy‚ after some small talk the wife would give me the signal if it was a go or no‚ “they were not many no’s I can tell you as we had vetted them out pretty well before arranging the meeting”‚ and if it was a “YES” then we would invite him back to our place to do the deed‚ if it was all OK then we would invite him back again‚ and if we really hit it off again‚ and again‚ one guy was a regular for over three years. One funny time that comes to mind‚ we had arranged to meet this guy at the usual place‚ he was travelling some distance to meet us‚ just as we were ready to walk out the door our daughter who still lived at home arrived home‚ she had a job where she slept over through the night and did not arrive home until late morning‚ this night she had taken sick and had been sent home. It was too late to contact the guy (this was before mobile phones) so after making sure the daughter was OK we decided to go and meet him‚ explain what had happened‚ and if he was OK to us (and us to him) the next meeting would be at our place. We met him and after the wife had given me the nod that he was OK we explained the situation to him‚ he was disappointed but it could not be helped‚ I went off for a round of drinks and when I returned he was sitting next to my wife very close and I could see his arm was around the wife and his hand was under her top (we were lucky we had the bar to ourselves) I wondered off on some pretext to leave them alone for a couple of minutes and when I returned he had made big steps forward and my wife had her hand under the table and on his lap‚ when it was time to go I left the wife to say good bye to him while I got our car‚ by the time I arrived with the car they were just about doing it in the car park and the wife said they wanted to go some place where the three of us could be alone‚ I knew of a parking place not too far away so we went to it‚ we had a station wagon at the time and they were already going for it by the time I got the seat down‚ the three of us had a good session in the back of the wagon before we were disturbed by another car arriving for the same reason we were there so it was time for us to go‚ he became a long time lover of the wife. I gather this is not your cup of tea kind of sex but it takes all kinds! I really get off on seeing the wife going with other guys (specially the first time) and joining in‚ I have done all the time ever since we first started playing‚ and would still do today if she was still into it‚ the best we do now is going into a chat room where she will come on cam now and then‚ but I guess I cannot complain after almost 50 years being married and playing on and off for 30 of them‚ I know there are a lot of guys out there that wish their wife would play.
Lokking for MILF Hard Core Sex · Lokking for MILF · MILF Holiday Inn‚ Schenectady NY 15-17 Sept apply at bar if you like your toes to curl
how to get my wife to try General Sex Advice · how to get my wife to try · I would like some advice to get my wife to bring another women home with her to play with and let me join them if not atleast let me watch. She has told me several times in the past rhat she is bisexual. Just every time i say something or try to get her to bring another female home for her to play with she tells me no. But here a few months ago my wife and i had a chance to go home with a women she knew from the bar my wife was up for it and then when we got to her place then me and my wife walked her to the door and u was willing and so was her friend to go have a threesome and then my wife said lets go home i think my wife chickened out when it came time to play. Any advice from anyone would be helpful i would like to have a threesome someday i just have to wait i guess. Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help her out in this situation.
M42 looking for fun San Angelo, TX (USA) · Casual Sex · I'm looking for a woman to enjoy a few nights a weeks with me by going out to eat‚ movies‚ bar‚ or just kick back‚ let the sexual tension take us wherever!
TGLzBiMOM Female · bismarck, United States of America. i'm a male to FEMALE TG Lz BiMOM; ave. height/slender.don't do drugs;don't smoke;and don't drink alcohol‚ and am not into the bar scene. luv children‚ and want children. am into Family Fun;family get togethers;family nights. luv DOGS and luv riding Horses. luv the outdoors;camping;hiking;and long walks. luv sports.movies‚ in or out. music.writing poetry.reading. am very open-mined; caring; and understanding.

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