Wife gangbang at work

Wife gangbang at work

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My wife (S) was working for a small business that shared the building with a construction company . The owner would go to Florida in the winter . During one of these time the construction workers started to flirt with S. She reciprocated there advance with her own flirting . They started bring in X rated movies and approved her with having sex she of course excepted the advancement these went on for a time with two of them. When the Idea that they should have a gangbang with her she thought that it sound like fun and agreed with them to have it . The first time there were five guys and they had her set in a chair as they took off her clothes then they had her suck there cocks as they swivel the chair around she was setting on taking turns sucking there cocks. She then had them move the party to the back room in case someone came in. There was not very many people that came in to this business usually only to pay there monthly bill . The gangbangs continued on about every other week sometimes anywhere from 1- 4+ time a month. They also grew to 12 men at one time .During the 12 men she would fuck around 5-6 and blow the rest. She said that she enjoyed it but found it exhausting at times. She left the job we believe because she did not fuck the boss he had been having sex parties on the side. But they were work on a house and she stopped in to see them and blew and fuck them in the cab of there truck.
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