The First Time I Got Head

The First Time I Got Head

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Well it started as a normal day..I was skating around my town and went to meet up with a my best friend and his current girlfriend..Shit was boring for about 3 hours until we went and meet up with his girlfriends friend..i wont say her name kuz i think its fucked up.. But thats besides the point. After chilling with her for a while i started flirtin wit her tlkin her up and stuff..and then my friend and his girl had left and we were pretty much alone in her house aside from her baby brother..so we watched a movie and i started inching my way closer and closer to her and then i gently kissed her neck she turned around and said "what are you doing"? I gave the simplist answer i could think of which was "what do you think im doing" and i smiled and kissed her again..we hooked up for a few and SHE asked me if i wanted to have "a little fun" i didnt care considering i was a 14 year old boy..so she pulled my pants and boxers down and went to work...NOW word of advise dont put the music on full blast when ur in a girls house alone ..kuz when her parents come home you wont know..and i had to find that out the hard way..its about 15 min into the BJ and her dad walks in the door.. I got shook..and he yelled "WAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY DAUGHTER"?!! Me being a dick head..i said "NO its wat the fuck is your daughter doing to me"! And then he tried to lunge at me i pretty much ran out the door jumped out the bathroom window and stole some little kids scooter and jeted home..all with my pants still undone
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onehungwaylo: Something straight out of a comic book xD Happens to the best of us
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