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dodger1111 · M 21 · United Kingdom · Ranked 832
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Added: 2 Years Ago
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My mate and I were sat in my living room watching some shit on t.v, then he started to jack himself off right on my sofa, so I said to him "what do you think your doing?" So he replied, "wanking on your sofa?" Then he took his trousers off and I saw his massive cock; I felt the urge to go up to it a suck it, a minute later I was deep throating his huge cock, 10 minutes later after he just gizzed in my mouth, he pulled my trousers down bent me over and started to fuck me, god it was so hard I stated screaming at him...his cock must've been at least 9"... Then I grabbed his hair and dragged him to my dick and I said to him, to repay me, then he started sucking my cock, wow, I had never seen so much cum drip out of a mouth as it did then....
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