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anylyn · F 37 · Germany · Ranked 4,715
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iceforest · M 37 · Australia · Ranked 120,339
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dreamonme6969 · M 24 · United States of America · Ranked 121,878
24 Male · Straight
I am 23 and enjoy giving girls anything they want sexually and in dating. Lets chat and find out more about each other. ...
loverboy49058 · M 34 · United States of America · Ranked 1,472
34 Male · Straight
Father of four, as well as a widower. Looking to pass the time, have recently had some interesting twists to the dating scene. Went to my first gang bang, very unique experience. People were frien ...
fredymac · M 26 · United States of America · Ranked 131,927
26 Male · Straight
hey ladies im fredy, 26yrs old, bald lightskinned latino, few tattoos, 5'6.. 160lbs in shape... i work too much, so i barely have any time for dating.. so im lookin for a nsa partner.. anybody is welc ...

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gatorzs1: Been to long I want to start dating again
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gatorzs1: Been to long I want to start dating again
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snkumar: i m new to this site i m looking for dating and sex around chennai
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comfortzone: Looking for a lady between 25 and 45 for LTR, or casual dating.
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Ben1: Looking for a Women, Aged 18-23. For Dating and Fun!
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indi: Wanna get dating in tunis, any one contac me
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mrxp2013: Loooing for dating egyptian girl for making love
▲ 0   ▼ 0
jussi: i m very cute guy with good tool and medium body. i like to meet girls. i m bit shy. i want dating and ready to pay everything
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scatodoe · M 25 · Ghana · Ranked 734
scatodoe: hi to all freinds am luk for a lady serious relationship dating if interested contact my mail and lets chat.
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Maumeethreeway: Looking just to have fun...3 way would b nice but not necessary.....clean/excellent health/only 10 pounds over H.S. weight...never in single but looking...tired of up tight women on dating sites.....
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seas n palm: am looking for that someone who likes to have a v romantic time , dating ..eating in nice places...maybe near the beach and be happy and loves travelling a day ortwo...
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trey: I've never done anyone lol...not yet. i need practice before i start dating. i had a late start lol
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dpwrugger: how do i get rid of the adds for other dating sites or is that all this is is a site to find other sites cause if thats the case this site is pretty gay
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devante_76 · M 33 · United States of America · Ranked 7,476
devante_76: Why fling? I like meeting interesting people. Rated GS (Grown & Sexy): Welcome to the VIP. I am completely nonjudgmental regarding most endeavors. I also love fast rides, no breaks, no pedals Hmmmm! What were you thinking about? There you go I was trying to keep this rated G. I do not make many promises; however, if I ever make an indecent proposal rest assured that it would be an entertaining one. My resolution always be creative. Nothing is forbidden we can make the rules. I am not all fun and games. Keep in mind that this is a dating site. Charlotte is practically new to me. If you have time for a new friend, I promise not to waste one precious second. If you need to talk, smile, laugh or cry let me introduce myself. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," don't let my words discourage you. Imagine the possibilities.
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