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Cheating wives and GF's
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buttlover35: storm lake iowa milds come message me and we will fuck till we pass out i encourage cheating wives i have a cock that needs a moms love ;)
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retiredolman500: Looking for wives that want something different
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Jackyourbody · M 30 · United Kingdom · Ranked 670
Jackyourbody: Any hot girls or wives in london?
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Retneeman: New to cheating
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Katie555 · F 21 · United Kingdom · Ranked 13
Katie555: Im such a dirty cheating little whore lolz x
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largedick0913: Looking to get back at a cheating gf. Portsmouth, OH
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good man in bad sit: hi ladies i am goin through divorce from cheating wife of 15 yrs need female attention
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left_man: looking for a cheating wife or an open minded middle aged single lady ;)
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longdickbbc · M 37 · United States of America · Ranked 121,905
longdickbbc: New to Indianapolis for work. But looking for some fun over the next 3 months. Ladies, house wives only...husband can watch. ateincheslong@rockmail.com
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ronn2012: boxing is a jealous sport,you've got to be totally devoted to it. if you're not. its like cheating on your wife.....by. lewkowikz.
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cannon2669: Lookin for casual sexual meets. Looking for classy women and responsible . Seually active no relationships for now. If your cheating that's ok with me
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crazyy52: hi..myself Omar...looking for horny wives of vashi..navi mumbai...for fun and b horny with me
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subchief · M 61 · United States of America · Ranked 15,622
subchief: subchief Milford CT : The alure of an affair Hello I am...a professional, considerate, handsome, articulate, charming, fit, slim, All-American next-door-type available Singles, Couples, and/or wives with the allure of an affair. I will take you to lunch an/and dinner. Shower you with alluring massage she cant resist. I will do my level best to make you feel a very sexy fulfilled woman and all your needed met. I'll emails you or IM and/or use US mail, talk about your day and most important make you feel greatly desired. I am a good listener. I'll be the boyfriend on the side you want to have. subchief at att dot net OK there are jerks on here and please do not pay attention to a few that do not have manners. I enjoy all the post on here but some more than others. Please don't be discouraged. There are more than a fair share of gracious people that blend into the background. subchief@att.net
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OldPeteLuvzWomn: It may interest some of you to know how I stumbled over the usc. Well, I first stumbled over www.experienceproject.com - The Experience Project or EP which is free and brilliant ! There, there are accounts of cuckolding, so I tried googling, "cuckolding wives near Lydney" and here I am :-) I have editted this a bit for usc, but I love words and literature, just take from it what interests or excites you. I shall have to edit it again, but I was so excited to find this site, that I wanted to get this out asap. I love women but, from a sexual point of view, especially younger women who love much older men :-) xx I have a lovely wife, but no sex, and I miss IT very, very much. For me, sex between 2 lovers can and should be one of the most beautiful things. I am always hoping that I can find an attractive woman, who would value me as a friend and lover. She might be young, or not, but she should be sexually attractive ! Whilst I go on growing older, I hope we can have some beautiful experiences that we shall never forget :-) A large age difference just adds to the magic. But, my lover should be very, very discreet, as I should hate to hurt my wife. As I have said, I am seeking a local gf and lover I am 76, fit, can be naughty and want to be with the right women, for I really do not feel a call to be celibate. On the other hand, I love my wife. She is a very special person and I would never leave her, and I certainly don't want to hurt her. It is hard. My mistress/lover/gf would be a wonderful, sexual lady, who could cover a huge age range, who understands the difficulties of me being in a VERY CLOSED marriage. May be she is in the same situation ! I fully understand that, on here, you are probably not single, but you may be much, much younger. Whatever, or not, she may want to move on. But, I hope that, whilst we are "together", I could give her something that enriches her life. Peter x
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